Fallece Chabelo, el “niño” de 88 años que formó parte de la vida de México

In the 1950s, a high-pitched voiced child in shorts, who was part of the character “Chabelo”, portrayed it for the first time in the lives of Mexicans. The Mexican actor and host Xavier López Rodríguez, who passed away at the age of 88 this Saturday, will be remembered.

Relatives of the actor informed, “due to abdominal complications, Xavier López Chabelo, father, brother, and husband, has suddenly left us. This is a very sad morning.”

The Miranda López family also asked Chabelo, an iconic character, to rest in peace upon his departure, allowing his followers and the Mexican people to pray for him.

They pointed out that our whole family is overwhelmed by the sorrow of their peaceful passing, we ask them to give us the opportunity to rest and pray for them. Many people and many loved ones will feel their departure for many years, knowing and with a torn soul.

His parents lived and met in Chicago, United States, where López was born on February 17, 1935. Although Chabelo grew up and lived most of his life in Mexico.

During the Korean War (1950-1953), he was drafted at the age of 18 by the Army of that country and always maintained his American nationality.

During those days, the conflict ended because he never saw combat action, even though he served for a few months at a military base in San Diego.

He began working as a general assistant in the budding Mexican television by chance and necessity, but he entered university to study medicine after returning to Mexico from his conscription.

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Ramiro Gamboa, also known as “Tío Gamboín,” the announcer and presenter, asked him to tell a joke from a book, knowing his ability to mimic voices, on one occasion.

Despite his imposing height of 1.92 meters, the boy’s voice made Chabelo’s son, who was called Chabelo, read it aloud and his father treated him.

Chabelo was born while the children’s show Carrusel musical was being broadcasted, when Gamboa invited him to share jokes alongside him on the radio.

Inverted Output: The character also started his career in medicine studies, which led him to the world stage.

During several years, López and Gamboa formed a duo that produced television and film productions from the father’s time to that one.

After residing in New York for a period of time, he returned to Mexico and worked in cinema and theater, where he served as a writer for the program “La hora media de Chabelo,” which lasted more than seven years and spawned other comedic shows.

Rodríguez Ismael and Ripstein Arturo, along with Valdés “Tin Tán” Germán, Valdés “Loco” Manuel, Henaine “Capulina” Gaspar, and Moreno “Cantinflas” Mario, collaborated with him on various movie projects.

“En familia con Chabelo,” a family-oriented Sunday game show program, was broadcasted in November 1967, during which he served as a writer, producer, and host.

Chabelo, the friend of all the children, has been interpreting for 57 years as an actor and has been awarded two Guinness World Records certificates in 2012 for his 44 years as a host of “En familia con Chabelo”.

However, on November 27, 2015, Televisa announced the end of “En Familia” after 48 years of continuous broadcasts.

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Chabelo said in a video circulated on social media weeks after the program’s end and beginning, that he has a cycle and a whole life ahead of him.

“Parodiando” television show, that December, he kept working as the same child in shorts, even though his face was lined with wrinkles and his high-pitched infant voice had a rough tone.

In 2018, many people heard for the first time the natural voice of a military paper in the intrigue of the movie “El Complot Mongol”.

In October, with his characteristic good humor, he said, “I am doing very well. Those who gossip, very poorly. With all my love, I send them a little trumpet,” he debunked rumors about alleged health problems through social media in 2019.

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