Fact Check: Did the Miller Lite beer commercial release after Bud Light controversy? Viral claim debunked

Miller Lite, having failed to learn from the backlash against Bud Light’s ‘Woke Politics’ ad, now finds itself in hot waters, accused of pushing a narrative that led users to boycott its competitor. The brand, accused by netizens, has landed in hot water by claiming that it missed the memo.

The controversial Miller Lite advertisement, starring comedian Ilana Glazer, was released after the Bud Light fiasco in early April. It is not accurate to suggest that the Miller Lite ad came out during Women’s history month in March.

Light Bud arrived the day before, which demonstrates that Light Bud is suitable to accompany the company. The tweets criticizing the company that follow below provide additional context even noted on Twitter.

Twitter's context notes disprove the inaccuracies in the Tweets (Image via Twitter)

In line with Bud Light’s actions, it was expected that the brand would reintroduce the previous Miller Lite advertisement. Individuals who had concerns about the Dylan Mulvaney partnership observed the former Miller Lite commercial just as the Bud Light dispute was subsiding.

The immediate understanding was that Miller Lite decided to release the ad after social media users reacted by questioning why the beer brand did not take lessons from their competitor and label their advertisement as Bud Light controversy.

Some users also alleged that the beer brand does not understand their audience, while claiming that men all hate the narrative of “I was pushing it” that others claimed, while women do not speak for it.

Internet influencers have also participated in the tweets, with well-known personalities like The Critical Drinker and Joe Rogan expressing their opinions.

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Ilana Glazer, described as “an enraged feminist” by The Critical Drinker, a popular film reviewer on YouTube with 1.67 million subscribers.

The political identity of hatred was discussed by Rogan. He asked people to vote for the sake of going topless on her Instagram posts, which Glazer Ilana called out Joe Rogan for.

Within the expansive chambers of animosity, there are also a few voices that contend that the whole affair was an exaggerated response.

“Cheers to women, because without us, there would be no Beer”: What Ilana Glazer stated in the Miller Lite advertisement.

In the controversial advertisement, comedian Ilana Glazer can be seen strolling through what appears to be a museum showcasing outdated and offensive Miller Lite advertisements, all the while discussing the significant contributions that women have made to the beer industry.

Comedian Ilana Glazer also came under fire for her involvement in the ad (Image via Instagram/@ilana)

She further explained that the campaign was an effort by the brand to get rid of the offensive marketing from the entire beer industry, by turning them into compost. She later paid homage to the founding Mothers of the industry, sighing exasperatingly at the centuries-long practice of putting them in bikinis.

The ad concludes by stating that the Brewers woman will brew beer to be donated, which will then be sent to farmers to help grow hops. The fertilizer will be turned into compost.

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