Explained: All you need to know about Diego Maradona death saga

Shall we revisit the developments since his death to better understand the situation? It has been almost a year and a half since the trial, and prosecutors want his medical team to go on trial. These concerns are valid, but the medical team came under public scrutiny due to the backlash. Prosecutors want his medical team to go on trial, and it is important to understand the validity of these concerns. Many people raised concerns about the legitimacy of his death, mourning the loss of a sports legend in an unfathomable way.

The passing of Maradona (25 November, 2020).

Two weeks prior to his death, Maradona underwent a brain operation due to a blood clot. During his later years, he experienced deteriorating health as a result of his battles with addiction to cocaine and alcohol.

Close sources revealed that Maradona said he suffered from depression during the eight months of coronavirus restrictions, which confined him to home as a person considered high-risk.

Maradona was experiencing liver, kidney, and cardiovascular ailments at the time of his passing.

The first autopsy conducted on the day Maradona died found that he had suffered from acute heart failure, which made it more difficult for his heart muscles to pump blood, resulting in liquid accumulating in his lungs.

Many questioned how Maradona had been allowed to go home and recover after such a hefty surgery, sown were seeds of doubt thus.

The Medical Board was established on March 8, 2021.

Prior to his demise, the public prosecutor’s office in Argentina assembled a medical panel on 8 March to determine if the late soccer icon Diego Maradona received adequate care.

After the surgery on the brain, the legal actions were initiated by a complaint lodged by two of Maradona’s five daughters against Luque, whom they held responsible for their father’s declining state.

On the 8th of March, a collective of nine experts were called upon, which consisted of the forensic pathologists who participated in carrying out the postmortem examination of Maradona.

The public prosecutor in San Isidro, a suburb of Buenos Aires, also called two more witnesses, the coordinating doctor and nursing coordinator, who were tasked with coordinating care for Maradona in the days before he died.

Five additional individuals, such as neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque and psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, were already under scrutiny in the investigation of involuntary manslaughter.

Gianinna, 31, and Jana, 24, accused Luque of being accountable for Maradona’s declining well-being.

Fans call for conclusion (10 March, 2021).

Many soccer fans from Argentina assembled in Buenos Aires on Wednesday (10 March) to voice their call for justice concerning the iconic soccer player Diego Maradona.

“The slogan “Justice for Diego, he did not pass away, he was murdered” was organized on social media by various fan groups under the name “10M”.

At the demonstration were two of his daughters, Dalma and Gianinna, along with the youngest of his five children – Diego Fernando, 8 – although they had to depart as the ambiance became strained.

‘Maradona received insufficient healthcare’: Medical Board (30 April, 2021).

On 30 April, a group of 20 medical specialists assembled by the public prosecutor of Argentina determined that Diego Maradona, the renowned Argentine football legend, was provided with insufficient medical attention and was abandoned to his destiny for an extended and distressing duration before his demise in the previous year.

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Maradona, who passed away from a heart attack on 25 November, was discovered lifeless in his bed. The panel revealed in a comprehensive 70-page document that he had begun experiencing symptoms of his fatal condition at least 12 hours prior to his death, at the age of 60.

The committee determined that Maradona “would have had a higher likelihood of survival” with proper care in a suitable healthcare center.

Maradona died in his bed in a rented house in an esteemed area of Buenos Aires, where he was receiving medical care at home.

According to the specialists, it was not appropriate to leave the decision of where Maradona would receive treatment solely up to him, considering that he did not possess “complete control of his cognitive abilities”.

They also found that his treatment was rife with “deficiencies and irregularities” and the medical team had left his survival “to fate”.

Sebastian Sanchi, a former spokesman for Maradona, told AFP, “it is clear that the panel says that things were not done right.”.

Maradona’s physicians accused of intentional homicide (May 20, 2022).

If found guilty, the individuals accused, which includes Leopoldo Luque, Maradona’s neurosurgeon, Agustina Cosachov, the psychiatrist, and Carlos Diaz, the psychologist, would potentially be sentenced to eight to 25 years in prison. Seven individuals were formally investigated for the charge of manslaughter.

All seven individuals were forbidden from departing the nation.

“I gave it my all. I provided Diego with everything within my capabilities: certain things he embraced, while others he declined,” Luque, at that point, had consistently justified his behavior.

The physician requested a dismissal of the lawsuit and stated that Maradona had been experiencing depression in his last moments.

“I understand that the (COVID-19) lockdown affected him severely,” Luque stated.

Listening by Argentine prosecutors (14 June, 2021).

While he was asleep, the nurse accused of neglect in Diego Maradona’s death told Argentine prosecutors that, as instructed, he refrained from disturbing the football legend.

Ricardo Almiron, 37, was Maradona’s nighttime carer and was one of the last people to see the World Cup winning captain alive.

He was revealed to have died during that time in an autopsy. Maradona claimed that he suspected he was lying when he died, as he was found breathing and sleeping hours before his death, which is not normal.

Almiron is one of the seven people under investigation for manslaughter after a board of experts looking into Maradona’s death found that he had been abandoned to a profound and agonizing period of fate and had received inadequate care.

Almiron and his lawyer Franco Chiarelli arrived at the San Isidro public prosecutor’s office in the outskirts of the capital Buenos Aires, shortly after midday.

Chiarelli stated that Almiron consistently regarded Maradona as a patient with a intricate psychological condition, yet he was never informed about any matter pertaining to heart ailment. This statement was made by Chiarelli during a conversation with reporters following the interview.

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“Chiarelli stated that he had something to deal with, which encroached upon his patient feeling and made it difficult for him to carry out his tasks with wisdom. He was told not to disturb his superiors by the patient.”

In order to respond to the accusations made against them, each of the defendants had to individually present themselves to the prosecutors, with their defense attorneys by their side, during the following fortnight.

The hearings, delayed from April because of a surge in COVID-19 cases in Argentina, concluded with Luque, 39, on 28 June.

The attorney representing the nurse attributes the doctors for the passing (17 June, 2021).

“Diego was murdered,” attorney Rodolfo Baque informed journalists following the questioning of his client, nurse Dahiana Gisela Madrid, by prosecutors.

Baque insisted that it was the doctors who were responsible for the death of the soccer legend Maradona, while he was recovering from the brain surgery, not his client.

Maradona stated that while his heart rate accelerated, he was concurrently taking psychiatric medication to address his heart ailment.

Baque stated, “it would appear unfavorable if the media discovered,” contending that a Maradona assistant declined when Madrid requested a CAT scan to be conducted on him, and Maradona subsequently had a fall while at the medical facility.

During the interrogation in Madrid, Baque said that none of the doctors did anything to prevent the break that happened when he went on for more than eight hours. There were many warning signs that Maradona was going to die, either that day or in the end.

Madrid served as Maradona’s daytime caregiver and one of the final individuals to witness his existence.

One of the people in a previous statement said that she had tried to revive him, but found no signs of life and Maradona was in Madrid.

The psychiatrist disclaims any responsibility for the death (26 June, 2021).

The mental health professional who was attending to Diego Maradona denied any accountability for his passing.

Agustina Cosachov’s attorney, Vadim Mischanchuk, stated that the footballer passed away due to a cardiac problem that was in no manner connected to the mental health problems she was addressing.

“She was a mental health physician, she had no involvement in the clinical supervision of the patient,” the attorney stated.

Maradona dead found Diaz Carlos psychologist and Cosachov charge in personnel key the were Luque and Cosachov record investigation the to according.

‘I gave it my all’ (28 June, 2021).

The lawyer of Diego Maradona denied any responsibility for the football icon’s death on Monday and requested a new medical board to be assigned, as six other health care workers are being investigated for manslaughter.

Neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, aged 39, appeared before prosecutors in Buenos Aires to answer claims that other caregivers had neglected Maradona in his final days, leading to his untimely death.

During Monday’s hearing near Buenos Aires, Julio Rivas, the defense attorney for the doctor, stated, “Luque has no reason to feel guilty.”

Whenever he was summoned for any matter, he consistently offered his assistance, and his sole statement was that he consistently prioritized Maradona’s well-being. However, he did not have the responsibility of overseeing his domestic medical needs; he served as his personal physician.

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Rivas stated that neither Agustina nor Leo should be held accountable for Maradona’s demise.

According to Luque’s attorneys, two private healthcare firms assume that obligation.

However, other team members have stated that the pair was responsible for taking care of the retired footballer.

Aiding the patient, Luque, who is 39 years old, has consistently refuted any wrongdoing and recently stated, “I take pride in my actions” while denying that he had deserted him.

“I gave it my all. I provided Diego with everything within my means: certain things he embraced, while others he declined,” stated Luque during an interview around that period.

The physician stated that Maradona had experienced depression during his last days.

“I understand that the (COVID-19) lockdown affected him severely,” Luque stated.

‘Surprise in the story’ (26 October, 2021).

On Monday, Diego Maradona’s ex-lawyer expressed that the healthcare provided to his client was of extremely poor quality, following his testimony in the investigation regarding the passing of the renowned Argentine soccer player.

At the prosecutor’s office in San Isidro, Matias Morla informed journalists, following his testimony lasting over three hours, that they excessively magnified and escalated the unfortunate individual until his heart burst due to Diego’s demise; numerous errors were committed.

Morla stated that the medical care Maradona received was “extremely deficient, resulting in his death.”

Morla said that during his last visit with Maradona on November 16, “he had a strange voice, robotic, very high-pitched and intermittent.

Morla stated, “I communicated to all individuals regarding Diego’s state. “I subsequently recognized that it was due to the quantity of fluid held in his system.”

The attorney criticized the family’s decision to have Maradona recuperate outside of a medical facility, labeling it as “insane.”

Morla stated, “he had no rationale to visit a residence when the physicians stated he had to remain in a medical facility,” additionally expressing his belief that his client had been “left behind by his daughters,” Maradona.

“However, there is a distinction between moral responsibility and legal responsibility.”

Prosecutors demand a trial on April 14, 2022.

Prosecutors investigating the death of Argentine football legend Diego Maradona have asked for the medical staff who treated him to be tried for negligent homicide.

According to the court filing cited by official news agency Telam, on Wednesday, prosecutors said that eight medical professionals placed Maradona in a situation of “abandoned fate” and “helplessness” during his hospitalization at home, due to mismanagement and “omissions.”

The prosecution accuses a person of simple homicide with eventualis dolus, alleging that their knowing negligence caused someone’s death.

They could encounter sentences varying from eight to 25 years in jail.

According to prosecutors, the defendants were the main culprits in a completely unprecedented and utterly irresponsible hospitalization at home, and they allegedly committed a series of shortcomings, mismanagement, and improvisations.

The defense now has to present its arguments and may request for the case to be dropped.

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