Ex-Doraville police officer accused of killing teen faces new charge

Former police officer A. Of Doraville, who is now facing charges of unrelated burglary, is accused of killing a teenage girl and hiding her body near Gwinnett County’s Creek County jail records show.

Susana Morales, a 16-year-old junior at Meadowcreek High School, who vanished on July 26 while walking home from a friend’s house in Dacula, was reported missing by her family after six months. The skeletal remains of the teenager were discovered near her friend’s house in February, and Miles Bryant, aged 22, has been charged with her murder and disappearance.

McClure, the Chief of Police in Gwinnett, stated that a weapon, which had been reported stolen hours after the teenager’s disappearance, was found during a search of the area where Morales’ body was discovered.

The charges of kidnapping and murder were subsequently elevated to encompass those accusations. In the beginning, the former officer was dismissed and charged with fabricating a crime report and hiding Morales’ death.

According to a warrant application in Gwinnett, Bryant “resides near the victim and discarded her unclothed corpse in the forest.”

On Wednesday, police in Snellville charged a high school classmate with first-degree burglary in connection with an unrelated break-in at the home of Channel 2 reported action in 2019.

During that period, the family informed the police that it seemed like nothing had been taken in the break-in that occurred in May 2019. According to the police, the woman possesses surveillance footage that supposedly captures Bryant, who was 18 years old at the time, wandering around her family’s house after manipulating the lock on her child’s bedroom window. The mother of Bryant’s classmate, speaking to the news station, stated that she identified Bryant following his recent apprehension and promptly informed the authorities.

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The investigators determined that Bryant was responsible for the burglary, based on new information. The case was reopened late last month, as the police in Snellville said. However, the investigation into the break-in was later closed, as no leads could be developed. A detective was assigned to the case, and the homeowner filed a report.

As per records, this is not the first instance where the former officer has been accused of trying to enter someone’s home.

As per an incident report, a lady lodged a complaint with Gwinnett police after a neighbor informed her that someone had “attempted to unlawfully enter her residence.” Despite no charges being pressed against Bryant in a December 11 occurrence, an internal record reveals that a Doraville police sergeant reached out to the lady, who claimed to suspect that Bryant had made an attempt to gain access to her apartment. The lady informed the authorities that she “has been acquainted and had a strong bond with (Bryant) since their primary school days.”

“However, not engaging in any flagrant misconduct.” Twisting the handle and tapping on the door, Bryant displayed camera footage of the occurrence, as stated in the document she handed in.

Made her worried.” The sergeant concluded in his report that the woman misinterpreted Bryant’s gesture to check on her well-being. He was worried that she made a questionable post on social media that made him worried.

As per an email conveyed to Chief Chuck Atkinson of the Doraville police department by a fellow officer, Bryant was instructed to cease communication with the woman approximately six weeks prior to his apprehension on January 4th.

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Based on his personnel record, Bryant received several reprimands throughout his 21-month tenure at the Doraville Police Department. Nevertheless, a supervisor stated in a 2022 performance evaluation that Bryant was highly regarded by his coworkers and had the capability to become “an outstanding law enforcement officer.”

The community in Morales’ killing was stunned by the arrest of the police who didn’t take the disappearance of the teen as seriously as they should have. Some people in the community were also angered by it.

In an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution last month, Morales’ mother expressed her belief that if her daughter’s case had not been treated as a runaway, she believes her daughter might have been located earlier.

Maria Bran expressed, “I always hoped that she would come back, but the way she was found makes it impossible. I need to get the news to her by picking up the phone and waiting for her to call me back. It’s agonizing to wait for the moment she returns.”

Missing reported was Morales night the beginning all followed detectives saying, investigation the of handling its defended has department police Gwinnett The.

Bryant continues to be detained at the Gwinnett jail without any possibility of release on bail.

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