Everything Kate and Oliver Hudson have said about their relationship with Bill Hudson’s other kids

Oliver and Kate Hudson, siblings from Hollywood royalty, have always been in the spotlight. Their mom, Goldie Hawn, has always been the focus, specifically in her relationship with their dad, Bill Hudson. From an early age, the spotlight has always been on them.

Since 1983, Kurt Russell has been Goldie’s partner, and they have never shied away from considering their siblings as their own.

“Joyful day of separation,” he wrote, as Oliver notoriously posted a picture on Father’s Day of himself and his sister with Bill in 2015, contemplating their distant connection with Bill. They have also not hesitated to address it openly.

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In 2006, Bill fathered Lalania Hudson with Caroline Graham. Wyatt Russell, the third half sibling of Kate and Oliver, is Goldie and Kurt’s sole offspring, and he is also one of Emily and Zachary Hudson’s four half siblings. Eighteen years after their separation, Bill and Goldie, who were previously married, tied the knot. Cindy Williams, known for her role in Laverne & Shirley, was Bill’s former spouse who sadly passed away on January 25th.

In a 2021 episode of their podcast Sibling Revelry, the actress from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days revealed that she desires for them to have that experience. However, it seems that Kate and Oliver do not have a romantic relationship with anyone other than Wyatt, who shares a childhood with them.

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Confessed she, “You know what has been occupying my thoughts recently? Father. I have been pondering extensively about Dad,” as the two discussed varying family dynamics conversing with her sibling.

Oliver and Kate were raised by Kurt, who initiated a romantic partnership with Goldie in 1983, and together they joyfully greeted their son Wyatt Russell in 1986.

“We have four siblings with whom we don’t spend any time, and our brother — brothers. I have been contemplating our sisters whom we don’t spend any time with,” she clarified.

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We haven’t yet acknowledged the fact that we have four other siblings, and we’re so great. We’ve got the best family here, sitting ‘like we’re and,’ and we’ve been talking so much about distraught relationships and sibling relationships.

Kate became a sensation over the summer for a sincere tribute she posted in honor of her “Pa”.

“Kate felt more inclined to reconnect with them, especially her sisters, as she got older and everyone mentioned that it would be nice to have a bit of a connection with them.”

She reflected, “It’s important to think a bit little about connecting with them, maybe even reaching out to all of our siblings. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Hudsons.”

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