Ernest Hemingway’s granddaughter calls faith in God her ‘saving grace,’ helps her face family’s tragic past

The actress, who is the granddaughter of late Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway, feels at peace after addressing the dark past of her family, which has been plagued by mental illness and addiction, including alcoholism. She has also been nominated for an Oscar.

Hemingway’s family has faced personal struggles, including Margaux Hemingway, a former supermodel, who has battled with an eating disorder. In her books “Invisible Girl” and “Out Came the Sun,” she sheds light on her own life as well as the lives of her famous grandfather in 1961 and her sister, Margaux Hemingway, in 1996.

Admitted to Fox News Digital, the 61-year-old, who is featuring in Pure Flix’s latest movie, “God’s Country Song,” expressed, “I experienced immense suffering.” “I have experienced depression for the majority of my life… My faith in God has been a fundamental pillar for me… It has aided me in comprehending my origins. I hail from an extraordinary family, but there were also significant issues with addiction, alcoholism, depression, and suicides. Additionally, there were severe mental illnesses that I harbored a profound fear of.”

She expressed, “It serves as a reminder to me that everything in this world is deeply interconnected. I have faith in leading a certain way of life. I have faith in establishing a connection with the Earth. I believe that nature is… The divine manifestation of the incredible beauty of our living environment. It is crucial for us to safeguard it. Moreover, we should also establish a profound connection with it because we are an integral part of it.” “My faith in the divine and my belief in the power of prayer and establishing a connection with the divine within oneself and listening to your inner voice – that has always been… A source of salvation and a righteous path for me.”


Hemingway’s famous grandfather took his own life at the age of 57 in 1928 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, similarly suffering from depression, just a few short weeks before his granddaughter was born.

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Hemingway clarified that he had ended his life, yet it wasn’t until I reached the age of 16 that I comprehended the extent of my knowledge about my grandfather. I was unaware of the precise location where he had chosen to end his life. Surprisingly, it happened in my hometown, Ketchum, Idaho. His demise became a sort of legend, similar to mythology. You would hear stories about it, and it became intertwined with your own life, although there was always an element of uncertainty.

She pondered, “I have always had this feeling that there was a connection between my grandfather and me.” “Perhaps it was simply wishful thinking, I can’t say for sure.”

Growing up, Hemingway witnessed her parents’ tumultuous marriage. The major culprit for their soured romance was alcohol, which they once shared sweetly. Her sisters experimented with drugs and rebelled to cope. Hemingway previously told People magazine that her eldest sister, Muffet, is schizophrenic and bipolar. “Margaux also believed that she suffered from bipolar disorder, although it was never properly diagnosed.”

She remembered, “During my childhood, I made a choice that I will be the person in the household who solves everyone’s problems.” “I will accomplish it. I will find a solution. I started taking care of others even when I was young. And when I left my home to pursue a career in filmmaking, that’s when I embarked on a journey of self-exploration.” “My mother battled cancer and then my father experienced a heart attack.”


“I didn’t consistently make the correct decisions,” she expressed.

Hollywood called. Margaux, the sister who played Hemingway, was suggested to be cast in the 1976 film “Lipstick”. She also appeared in Woody Allen’s 1979 film “Manhattan” after being cast by him.

Her grandfather and father, both of whom she described as being overly concerned with weight and food, noted that she suffered from an eating disorder from the age of about 16 to 40. According to People magazine, she struggled with her own personal challenges as she skyrocketed to fame as Hemingway.

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“Whatever suits your preferences. It’s important to take deep breaths and find inner calm. It’s okay to start trusting your inner voice, even if you didn’t realize you needed help or guidance from others. I came to the realization that I was the only person who could fix myself, but I didn’t realize it until I went through these different journeys of obsession, whether it be with exercise or food. It took a long time for me to understand that I will be in control of my exercise, my food, and overall, my life,” Hemingway explained.

She continued, “Time overcomes that, but life’s challenges are universal for all of us as humans. We all make mistakes and we all have to face failures. However, allowing yourself to have those experiences once can make life more rewarding and fulfilling.”

It’s hard to know, but I deeply valued myself based on everybody’s perception. It took me a long time to realize that the value comes from learning and understanding myself, which is enabled by the tools I found. I’m grateful that I’ve realized we’re all guided by our inner voice and God. It was very challenging to work on getting deep meditation and prayer, but it’s a journey that takes us to a place of understanding.

Granger Smith experiences a sense of ease as he departs from the world of country music in order to devote himself to God. He expresses the need to fully surrender in his spiritual journey.

Hemingway stated that completely overhauling her way of life has completely changed her perspective on life.

She expressed, “I strongly believe that one’s lifestyle plays a significant role in their physical and mental well-being.” “I prioritize my sleep, ensuring I wake up every morning to engage in prayer and meditation. I am highly mindful of my dietary choices. I make sure to hydrate with water and establish a connection with nature by walking barefoot in either my Idaho backyard or, when in Los Angeles, on the beach. I am aware that these practices greatly impact my brain.” “I am convinced that the way we live our lives and the choices we make hold immense power.” “Once we take charge of our lives, we possess the ability to achieve anything we desire, both physically and mentally.”

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“We can all strive to become the best version of ourselves,” she added.

Hemingway is excited to make films today, as she plays the mother of Bryan Noah, a 4-year-old boy whose father, Justin Gaston, learns that he barely remembers his family’s faith and the help he finds in their song.

Aspects of the plot hit close to one’s personal life.

She expressed, “‘God’s Country Song’ is an incredibly wholesome narrative, however, it addresses… Dependency. You know, resorting to alcohol as a means to alleviate the pain we experience in life or the challenges we are unable to confront. I believe the reason why it resonated with me so deeply is because I am heavily involved in mental health advocacy… And whenever you are able to communicate the message, particularly through scripted content, it tends to have a profound impact. While there are numerous exceptional superhero movies out there, I find myself more drawn to a story that is centered around family. And I believe it resonates with many others as well.”


“It’s incredibly amazing and – oh my goodness – the singing is fantastic,” she exclaimed.

Idaho and Los Angeles are the locations where Hemingway divides her time. The Mariel Hemingway Foundation, which has the goal of offering support to individuals facing challenges with their mental well-being, also introduced the mother of two daughters. She released a book titled “Out Comes the Sun,” in which she explores topics related to mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Additionally, she hosts a podcast.

The one piece of advice she would give to her younger self?

Hemingway said, “Being alone is probably one of the biggest things someone can do for those who are suffering. Everyone has a story. Everyone is coming from something. You’re not isolated… Hey, just say you’re not alone.”

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