Erin Walker, Jimmy Walker’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Erin Walker, the equestrian rider, blogger, and social media personality, declared, “Despite Jimmy being the president, I hold the position of CEO.” Erin Walker, formerly known as Erin Stiegemeier, is the spouse of PGA Tour golfer Jimmy Walker. They tied the knot in 2004 and have two offspring in their union.

Here’s what you should be aware of regarding Erin and Jimmy Walker:

Erin Stiegemeier, as mentioned by Sidelines Magazine, was the volunteer who connected well with Jimmy Walker during one of the occasions. Jimmy Walker, who was in his third year as a professional golfer in 2004, was participating in a developmental tour for aspiring PGA Tour players, which is now referred to as the Korn Ferry Tour. At that time, the tour was known as the Nationwide Tour.

The pair started dating and got married in 2005, as stated by Sidelines Magazine. They currently have two sons, Mclain and Beckett.

2. Erin Walker Chose to Abandon Her Law School Ambitions in Favor of Becoming the CEO of ‘Team Walker,’ She Informed CNN

Erin Walker, CEO of Team Walker, made the decision to put aside her plans of going to law school in 2017 after marrying her pro golfer husband, as she told CNN.

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As stated by CNN, she utilizes her time studying journalism, advertising, and marketing to assist him with his profession, and she and their children journey alongside Walker.

Jimmy is a golfer who excels in all aspects of the game. He effortlessly manages to juggle multiple roles, including being a loving son, husband, psychologist, motivator, chief guru of swing, occasional event organizer, travel reviewer, contract controller, and financial planner. CNN describes him as someone who wears many hats and excels in all of them.

3. She Is a Skilled Equestrian Show Jumper

It is evident that Erin Walker loves horses, as her Twitter account is full of posts and photos about them. Erin Walker is an accomplished equestrian show jumper. Jimmy Walker is not the only athlete in their household.

Jimmy Walker, speaking to Sidelines Magazine, expressed his immense pride in her. He mentioned that her practice time is less consistent compared to other riders, but this poses a greater challenge for her due to her competitive nature and desire to emerge victorious. Jimmy’s main concern is for her to be happy and enjoy the activity, rather than worrying about potential injuries. However, he does admit to feeling a slight nervousness while observing Erin’s riding.

According to WRAL, Erin Walker’s father, Mark Steigemeier, was a world freestyle skiing champion and she grew up in Utah skiing competitively.

She informed CNN that as of 2017, she was participating in approximately 15 competitions nationwide in her horse riding profession. “I don’t receive a great deal of training, it’s challenging. I simply arrive at equestrian events and hope for the best. Fortunately, I possess enough athleticism, but it’s demanding. I aspire to improve and conquer greater obstacles, but I must modify my expectations,” she informed CNN. “I need to pursue a pastime and pursue my own interests to some extent, but I am fortunate to have a supportive spouse.”

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“As individuals, we should not define ourselves based solely on what we do for a living, as She told Magazine Sidelines. Personally, I define myself as a competitive equestrian and a mother and wife. Although it can be challenging at times to balance all these different aspects of my life, I couldn’t imagine doing it without my partner, Jimmy.”

4. Erin Walker Has Contributed to Golf Magazines & Shared Her Experience as a Spouse of a PGA Tour Player

Golf journalists, who earn a substantial amount, unlike golfers, justify every cent they earn according to an article she wrote for golf.Com in 2013. Erin Walker has written a considerable number of articles for golf publications, including Golf Digest and Golf.Com.

She also chronicled life on the road as a PGA Tour family in Golf Digest. She has a light and humorous approach. Click here to check out her archive on the site.

“I cannot precisely state that it is a detrimental aspect, but when we had children, he would frequently be away on business trips, leaving me to handle the responsibilities of a single parent for short periods of time. I was aware of Jimmy’s inclination to travel when I married him,” Erin Walker informed WRAL. “This is something I find difficult to comprehend – the more individuals attempt to undermine your reputation, the more renowned you become. There is no means of addressing the false claims made by others; people simply make assumptions.”

5. The Walkers Are Highly Engaged with Social Media

She is also on Instagram as @tourwifetravels. She writes about her family’s life on the PGA Tour on the Tour Wife website. I’m not opinionated like he is. I am married to PGA professional @jimmywalkerpga. I enjoy watching amateur golf and reading the professional golfer’s bio on Twitter, such as Erin Walker’s.

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Our existence is an eternal journeying spectacle that Tour Spouse Journeys offers a peek into. I function as a proprietor of a business, a competitive horseback riding athlete, and a parent of two young males. Not only am I the spouse of a professional athlete, but I am also the spouse of a six-time PGA TOUR victor and the victor of the 2016 PGA Championship, Jimmy Walker. Erin Walker penned on her website.

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