Elton John: It will break my son Zachary’s heart to realise he hasn’t got a mother

The flamboyant celebrity, currently embracing parenthood and enjoying life with a toddler, has confessed that Zachary’s upbringing will be ‘heartrending’ in the absence of a mother.

The vocalist, aged 65, and his legal partner David Furnish, were overjoyed when Zachary came on Christmas Day 2010.

Using a donor egg, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John – to give him his full name – was born via surrogate in California.

Mr. Elton Sir, at the age of 49, may be attempting to initiate the process of becoming a father to another child, in addition to his current sibling, during this summer without disclosing any such intentions.

Elton Sir admitted in an interview, however, he hasn’t received a mother yet and he realizes that it’s going to be heartbreaking for him to grow up without one. I’ve never seen a more satisfied child. He is so joyful.

I have never seen two more contented people than you and David, boasting about Talking, the singer their family loves.”

I desire for Zachary to have a sibling, either a brother or a sister, to accompany him to school and provide a playmate.

Earlier this year, when he spoke, Mr Furnish, a filmmaker who was previously an advertising executive, conveyed his wish for Zachary to have a sibling.

Mr. Furnish was surrounded by stars and wore his own monogrammed jacket when little boy Zachary showed off as Elton’s Sir side at their annual Oscars party in February.

Mr. Furnish admitted that he thinks he would be better off alone than with a sibling, and it’s something we talk about all the time. We haven’t decided yet on the how, where, and when of touring and constantly working, but Elton’s life is always like a treadmill. We think we are going to wait until this summer.

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How are you doing at work? Okay, when we go back, can we sit in the backseat? And when are we planning to go to France, to our house there?

We don’t know that Sir Elton’s father is one of us, so he would probably donate sperm again to fertilize the egg, confirming that there would certainly be a biological connection between him and the sister and brother. We could go back to using the same donor egg, as Mr. Furnish had clearly discussed the logistics.

Their spouse, their spouse, their offspring impact not only them but also the entirety of their nine-month life commitment – it’s a significant undertaking. He further mentioned, “This woman, who remains unidentified, gave birth to Zachary, but she has her own family and her own life.” Mr. Furnish stated that the couple may consider finding another surrogate.

‘If we discovered a surrogate who is only half as attractive as our initial one, we would be extremely fortunate.’

Meanwhile, Sir Elton admitted during his interview with Matt Lauer on Today NBC show that he also felt like the luckiest man in the world when he survived the time of AIDS epidemic. He also acknowledged that he wasted much of his life on drugs.

He said: ‘I wasted such a big part of my life, when this epidemic was beginning to happen in the early 1980s.

I was a drug addict and self-centered. I surrounded myself with people who were dying left and right. I haven’t stopped yet, and I had friends who were dying left and right. I consumed alcohol and cocaine, and who knows what else.

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I was the most fortunate individual on the planet. I found out that I am not infected with HIV. When you consume both of those substances and take drugs, you may feel invincible. You may think you are invincible when you combine and consume those two things together.

During the interview, Sir Elton John also discussed the period when he came out as gay and recalled a time when people burned my records and didn’t play my music on radio stations.

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