EF3 tornado leaves parts of Little Rock in shambles

On Friday night, a strong tornado tore through central and eastern Arkansas, causing severe damage to parts of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders notified NewsNation that five individuals have perished across the state, with four of them being in Wynne, Arkansas.

A high-end EF3 tornado, with winds reaching speeds of up to 165 mph, has been confirmed by the survey team of The National Weather Service in Little Rock to have devastated a shopping center located just 10 minutes away from downtown, encompassing various parts of the city.

The residents of Wynne, a community of about 8,000 people located 50 miles west of Memphis, Tennessee, were stunned on Saturday when they woke up to find the roofs, windows, and walls of their homes and businesses dotted with broken glass and the ground covered with reduced stumps of huge trees. The high school’s roof in the local area was blown and shredded.

One man was just packing up his truck after describing and sprinting to a shelter made specifically for tornadoes, and then going grocery shopping.

Ken Bruton, a survivor of the storm, expressed, “I found myself huddled against the concrete barrier when I got inside.” He recalled, “Every single glass window was shattered by the force of the storm.” He further explained, “People were forcefully pushed back by the strong winds. I held on tightly and, for what felt like a minute, remained huddled in fear. I genuinely believed that my life was in great danger.”

Authorities stated that the tornado remained on the surface for approximately 20 to 25 miles. Numerous additional individuals were transported to medical facilities, devastating small communities and major urban areas throughout the Midwest and Southeast — spanning from Iowa to Indiana, Illinois, and Tennessee. It constituted one of numerous tornadoes that claimed the lives of at least 27 individuals.

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Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee expressed his sorrow, stating, “Maria and I are profoundly saddened by the loss of life, substantial injuries, and extensive storm damage throughout Tennessee.” He added, “Later today, I will visit West Tennessee to assess the damage and offer prayers alongside Tennesseans as we persevere through this devastating week for our state. I extend my gratitude to state and local emergency officials, law enforcement, first responders, and road crews for their prompt response in aiding affected communities and preventing additional tragedies. Tennessee is fully prepared to assist in local recovery efforts.”

Across a broad swath of the country, tornadoes, suspected or confirmed, destroyed businesses and homes, leaving dead bodies scattered in the neighborhoods and waste laying in Indiana’s Sullivan County, three in Arkansas’ Wynne County, and one in seven counties in Tennessee. The tornadoes also caused trees to splinter.

More than 2,000 buildings were reported to have been devastated by a tornado that tore through Little Rock, Arkansas, as well as areas in Mississippi, Illinois, and Alabama. The mayor stated that there were additional casualties resulting from the storms that struck on Friday night and continued into Saturday.

The governor and mayor of the city visited some of the hardest-hit neighborhoods in western Little Rock, offering support and listening to the stories of survival.

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. Expressed, “Thankfully, no lives have been lost due to the mercy of God. Nevertheless, as you observe in this area, numerous individuals have been forced to leave their homes and are searching for a place to stay. We are actively striving to address this situation once more.”

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Huckabee Sanders mentioned that there were mobile healthcare units present, along with National Guard personnel providing assistance in Wynne.

She stated, “Little Rock is still not at full capacity at any of our medical facilities.” “We anticipate it to stay manageable in this region of central Arkansas. The necessary resources that were required in eastern Arkansas have been supplied.”

Assistance was provided to deploy volunteers and restore power to utility trucks. The recovery effort was already underway, with workers using chainsaws to cut fallen trees and bulldozers to move debris and damaged structures.

Heidi Jenkins, a salon proprietor, expressed her sorrow over the extensive devastation experienced by her town. She lamented the loss of her church and school, and conveyed her sympathy towards all those who have been displaced from their homes.

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