Ed Sheeran breaks down in tears over wife Cherry’s cancer diagnosis while she was pregnant

Ed Sheeran wept uncontrollably when he received the news of his wife Cherry Seaborn’s cancer diagnosis, as she confessed her own fear of mortality.

Cherry, who is 30 years old, is the second child of Jupiter and is currently six months pregnant with a tumor in her arm that was detected by doctors in February of last year.

In 2022, a couple started their horrible year with the recall of all of their Disney+ documentary films. The documentary, titled “Cherry,” depicted Jamal, Ed’s best friend, who tragically passed away from cancer. Additionally, Ed was accused of plagiarizing, which further added to the distress. As a result, he launched a court case over his song “You of Shape” and eventually emerged victorious.

Cherry explained her reason for agreeing to allow the cameras into their infamously secluded life, stating, “it was a significant decision,” as I received a cancer diagnosis early in the year.

Reflecting on mortality has had a profound impact on me. As humans, we all contemplate our own mortality. I never agreed to do anything like this before, but I must admit that Ed was right when he said, “If I were to die, what would be left behind?”.

It was dreadful. I thought I might die, “I didn’t enjoy this year until it wasn’t”. I have been deeply introspective. I am a friend, a husband, and a son, but above all, a father. Trying to grasp the essence of this robot-like machine, this music is just not what I desire. “Ed wants me to say this,” I say.

When Cherry first sought medical help, she was initially told by a doctor ‘this is really bad’ and that she had cancer.

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They endured a torturous month-long delay for the complete report, during which the mother of two promptly called Ed and instructed him to cancel all of his arrangements.

Her pregnancy with work would plans treatment no were there told was, pregnancy her with pregnant months six was who Cherry, but.

After giving birth to Jupiter, the couple discovered that the surgery was not as severe as originally anticipated, following a sequencing test on the tumor.

Cherry said it was the most incredible news when the surgeon told us that we could wait until the end of the pregnancy to get the tumor out.

‘We didn’t have to be concerned about giving birth prematurely.’

Nevertheless, the duo encountered the most devastating obstacle when, twenty-four hours later, Ed’s dearest friend Jamal passed away suddenly at the age of 31.

The music tycoon passed away from a heart attack following a late-night episode of cocaine use and excessive drinking.

The aspiring musician had no place to live in London, and when he was 18, the entrepreneur gave him a place to sleep. SBTV, the YouTube channel, helped Jamal’s close pair become the spotlight that propelled Ed into fame.

Ed expressed, “The prognosis was unfavorable. They discovered a tumor in Cherry’s arm. I was bombarded with a series of heavy objects.”

‘She was pregnant and they were unable to take any steps. Suddenly, I find myself caught up in a three-week legal dispute. And then Jamal dies.’

The worst thing that can happen to you in the world is when you find out, in that moment, that you truly love someone with all your heart and you feel like you’re drowning under it.

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‘I recall sitting in this expert’s waiting area, fearing the worst. I’m concerned about Cherry.

Why don’t you start writing a song and vent a little bit, as to why you get songs written in her, the unborn daughter?

Cherry and Ed, a proud couple, announced the sweet arrival of their two Lyra on Instagram in May, and they warmly welcomed Jupiter.

Cherry was thrilled when she was told that the tumour hadn’t come back, and later in the documentary, she gave an update on her health after going for an initial surgery check-up months after.

It would be unfortunate, we were concerned as we remained quiet in the vehicle. The growth had returned, to check if the subsequent examination in my arm had been done the previous day, she mentioned.

At the beginning of the year, the situation was not very optimistic when being in the same room was extremely distressing. Everything appears to be fine, the surgeon examined the scans. Everyone became calm, the lymph nodes have settled down. It was truly remarkable for us. It had a tremendous impact on us.

Fans were crying while watching the documentary, which was released on the streaming platform on Wednesday.

One wrote: ‘just watched the @edsheeran @DisneyPlus documentary, and wooow it was incredible. Enjoyed every single second of it.’

Another person added: ‘That documentary about Ed Sheeran… All I can say is be prepared with tissues.’

Another spectator added: ‘simply watching your film on Disney+ made me giggle and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.’

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Ed revealed earlier this month that the opening track to his forthcoming album encapsulates his feelings of depression, singing, “The more I love, the less I feel.”

Ed, whose Subtract album is set to release on May 5, has dedicated the first song on his sixth studio album, The Boat, to his uphill struggle against addiction, illness, and recent years of grief.

Ed is being pounded by waves on a beach in a video that premiered on the English coast, accompanying the newly composed track.

The father of two, who has documented his overwhelming feelings of depression in his upcoming series, recovers from a series of hard-hitting events with determination and hope, symbolically breaking the waves with his boat, which he calls ‘sings.

In artwork captured by Annie Leibovitz, Ed can be observed running unrestrained from the tumultuous waves.

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