Dream face reveal: Largest Minecraft content creator finally reveals face to millions

Despite the massive online following of the Minecraft YouTuber Dream, he has continued to keep his face a mystery, revealing what he looks like only now, on October 2, when the mask was finally lifted.

Although it slipped up accidentally later on, Anomaly and Husband Corpse, like other names, also keep it covered. Dream is definitely not the only big-name content creator who has kept their face hidden under wraps for quite some time.

Not as many, and others, which he released himself, some of which have been numerous suggestions and previews throughout the years – although Dream had successfully concealed his identity for a considerable amount of time, however.

In June 2021, he stated that he will reveal his dream face in the future, but he intends to take full advantage of those plans.


  • The long-awaited face reveal of Dream finally takes place.
  • When did Dream reveal his face?
  • Dream connects with friends through Facetime.
  • Dream’s past of ‘unveil’ teasers.
  • The iconic mask, known as Clay’s real name, Dream, has generated a lot of online excitement after finally revealing his face behind the mask on October 2. After years of working behind the scenes to keep his face hidden from the spotlight, Dream has now emerged.

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    “Why at this moment?” He inquired to over 1.3 million spectators tuning in to the debut broadcast, many of whom are likely pondering. His companion GeorgeNotFound was making arrangements to embark on a journey to “encounter for the initial time,” in brief. Dream ultimately desired to “commence engaging in activities” openly, instead of concealing himself away. He jestingly remarked, “Venture out into society, connect with innovators, exist as an individual.”

    On his ongoing Minecraft videos, he plans to add a face cam soon, even though he doesn’t have one now. Fans can expect to see more “IRL content” from him, which means they will get to see him meet up with other personalities and friends besides Dream.

    When did Dream reveal his face?

    On September 19, Dream shared on his YouTube community tab that his upcoming video would feature him unveiling his identity.

    After much speculation, we finally got a locked date on October 2nd around 5 PM, when fans were able to get their first look at the intrigue and mystery of the years following the Minecraft star’s fame.

    Dream shows face to best friend over FaceTime

    Some of the creators of Dream have been waiting for over 10 years to see what their close friends look like. In September, they posted videos on Twitter where they revealed a private face-to-face conversation through FaceTime with some of Dream’s closest friends.

    Below are links to the responses of each of the creators:.

    Karl Jacobs




    Anthony Padilla







    Mark Rober

    James Marriott

    Addison Rae Easterling

    Hannah Blossom



    Marques Brownlee





    Wilbur Soot

    Alec Benjamin

    Captain Fluffy



    Bella Poarch

    Dream’s past of ‘unveil’ teasers.

    The image, apparently showing Dream wearing a beanie corpse, would quickly spread like wildfire on Twitter in March. Knowing that his dedicated fans would instantly share it, the star of Minecraft apparently deleted it before it was posted.

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    However, this is not the initial occasion where he has excited his fans with a straightforward hair disclosure.

    In August 2021, he also provided a peek at his hidden smiley face by covering the rest of his locks in an Instagram post.

    When he dismissed claims about a supposed leak revealing his face, he also acknowledged that these teasers have caused problems.

    People who were unjustly attacking them were said to be a random person’s image, and Dream hit back but claimed in a viral tweet that his audience had been “catfished”.

    Naturally, a formal unveiling of the face has now resolved all of this.

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