Deshaun Watson returns from ban, declines to express remorse

Once again, he refused to show any regret for his actions that resulted in an 11-game suspension.

In his debut game, playing at his old home in Houston, Texans’ quarterback Watson showed plenty of rust, but the Browns didn’t need much to secure a 27-14 victory over Cleveland on Sunday.

Watson was overwhelmed with boos after starting the game, taking pictures with fans and signing jerseys for Browns and Texans. He heard jeers before snapping the ball in the first half and for much of the afternoon.

“They’re expected to jeer. I’m now a Cleveland Brown,” Watson stated.

Two additional lawsuits are still awaiting resolution, one of which was filed in October. Although Watson has reached settlements in 23 civil lawsuits brought by the women, he has faced allegations of sexual harassment and assault from over 24 women in relation to massage sessions.

Watson mentioned that his attorneys advised him against answering queries regarding his suspension when inquired about whether he experienced any remorse for his actions upon his comeback to Houston.

As a football player today, my primary goal was simply to aim for a perfect record. Simultaneously, the disciplinary action was challenging; undoubtedly, it presented a difficult circumstance,” he expressed.

“I accomplished everything that I was obligated to do, as I was requested to do so. I was simply thrilled to be back on the field today,” expressed Watson, when asked for more details.

Watson, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by a group of women, had several supporters in the stands before the game, while also planning to attend to the matter we’re here for. Attorney Tony Buzbee did not respond to a text message seeking confirmation of their attendance, as he wanted to make a statement about the women earlier in the week.

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A supporter clad in Watson’s No. 4 Browns jersey accompanied him. At NRG Stadium, another spectator entered wearing a disrespectful shirt in Browns colors, featuring text that reads ‘I require a massage.’

Fans in the parking lot set up a fake massage table with a mannequin wearing a red Texans jersey and a towel.

The limited amount of onlookers in their chairs as Watson and the Browns ran onto the field about an hour prior to the game’s commencement conveyed their discontent through jeers.

“My job is to carry out and fulfill my responsibilities. I am unable to control the reactions of the fans. Watson mentioned the negative response from the crowd.”

He didn’t perform that task very proficiently.

The Texans (1-10-1) were defeated by the Browns (5-7) with two defensive touchdowns and a special teams point. Watson completed 12-of-22 throws for 131 yards and one interception, recording the lowest passer rating of his NFL career at 53.4. The quarterback, who has been selected to the Pro Bowl three times.

After throwing two incomplete passes, Bell David spun away from a sack and hit the ground when he was cheered on by his fans. On their first possession at the 43-yard line, the Browns gave away their possession to the Watson team after an interception.

In the touchdown area, Watson intercepted the ball before leading the Browns to Houston’s 11-yard line. Following a 12-yard advance, Anthony Schwartz mishandled the ball when Watson’s initial successful throw on his third try led to a change of possession.

“We don’t anticipate him to be a superhero after he hasn’t played in two years,” All-Pro defensive end Myles Garrett stated.

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After declining to indict him on allegations of sexual assault and harassment, two grand juries in Texas, the Browns traded several draft picks to Houston to acquire Watson, who then signed a fully guaranteed $235 million contract. Watson sat out the 2021 season after demanding a trade from Houston.

During warmups, Watson also received autographs on his Browns jersey from an 18-year-old man from East Texas. In addition, he was seen wearing Texans jerseys, his signature jerseys, while in Houston. Furthermore, Watson signed jerseys for fans behind the end zone.

“We don’t truly understand what occurred and every individual merits another opportunity,” expressed Sherry Holden, elucidating her backing.

Several Browns enthusiasts expressed unease in supporting Watson.

Brandon Collins, who journeyed from Ohio for the game, expressed, “It’s challenging for me to accept my quarterback, but I’m here to support the team and cheer for them in their jerseys.”

In his pursuit of imposing a comprehensive penalty, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell referenced former U.S. District Judge Sue Robinson’s characterization of Watson’s conduct as “flagrant” and “preying”. After an independent arbiter initially imposed a six-game suspension, the NFL ultimately reached a settlement of 11 games, but aimed to suspend Watson for a minimum of one entire season.

Watson also apologized to the impacted women, but he has maintained his innocence. Additionally, Watson was required to undergo therapy and counseling, and he was fined $5 million.

The Browns had a record of 4-7 with experienced Jacoby Brissett substituting for Watson.

Coach Kevin Stefanski pledged to commence Watson next week and stressed the importance of him completing his inaugural match.

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Stefanski stated, ‘this particular one was going to be distinct,’ thus he comprehended he is enthusiastic for the subsequent one and he appeared exceedingly polished in training.

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