Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

The future of agriculture must be green, and researchers at the university have now developed technology that can potentially solve one of the biggest environmental problems in agriculture – the leaching of nutrients from enormous imports of protein soy for feed for pigs and chickens in South America into groundwater. This technology allows for the extraction of protein from grass in large quantities.

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  • During the process, the grass can be converted into cattle feed or biogas, serving as a by-product that is used today.

    The textile industry is one of the industries that pollute the world the most, and this may have long-term repercussions. Birgit Bonefeld, a postdoc in the Department of Engineering, is researching ways to ultimately make clothes using grass-protein by-products, which could mitigate these effects. Additionally, it can also be used to make clothes.

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    Postdoctoral researcher Birgit Bonefeld provides an explanation regarding her research in this video from Videnskab.Dk.

    “I have the opportunity to create textiles from regions that have already been designated for grass protein production, eliminating the need for additional land,” she tells Videnskab.Dk, who interviewed her for a comprehensive article on sustainable textiles. My coworkers are currently developing a method to extract grass protein as a substitute for soy in animal feed, and my research focuses on utilizing the by-products from this process. To put it simply, this entails

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  • Textiles made from grass-green materials have been criticized for putting pressure on the environment, but they can serve as a sustainable alternative for cotton production, for instance.

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    Although cotton production accounts for only 2-3 percent of the total agricultural area, it still contributes to approximately a quarter of the global consumption of insecticides.

    According to the article on Videnskab.Dk by Bonefeld Birgit, there is still a way to go in terms of local industrial production of clothes made from cultivated grass as cellulose fibers production requires specific skills and investments. However, we can already see that we are well on our way to converting agriculture into grass production, and it only takes the right investment. Despite the fact that we have been outsourcing to the East for a long time, there is still an industry and skills required for the production of cellulose fibers from cultivated grass.

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  • During the research project, Bonefeld Birgit’s company, Strømpekompagniet, along with others, has already demonstrated the technology of spinning textile fibers exclusively from cellulose obtained from Danish fields.

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    Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

    Birgit Bonefeld explains that her colleagues are currently working on extracting grass protein that can be used as research material and as a replacement for soy in livestock feed.

    According to Birgit Bonefeld in the article, “It will merely address a ‘small portion of the issue,'” in reality, garments crafted from grass will not resolve the underlying dilemma of pollution in the fashion sector. Nevertheless.

    Excessive amounts of fossil carbon are being utilized, and a significant amount of high-quality clothing is being discarded in landfills. The issue lies in the excessive production of textiles. The resolution does not involve producing the same quantity of textiles in a more efficient manner. Rather, we must also strive to produce fewer and superior garments. Grass Textile is not the ultimate, flawless solution; rather, it is just one component of the solution.

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