Delta passenger detained at LAX after opening exit door, activating emergency slide minutes before takeoff

A passenger was arrested on Saturday for allegedly opening the emergency exit door aboard a Delta Airlines flight from Los Angeles International Airport, causing the plane’s slide to be activated prior to takeoff.

According to the Los Angeles Airport Police, at approximately 10 a.M. A passenger wearing a navy blue sweater with black pants and a red striped sweater rushed to the front of the plane while pushing away the flight attendant and from the gate, the plane was asked.

The emergency doors were deployed and slid down, opening the door. The flight attendant from Delta Air ran to the emergency exit doors and turned the latch, but the flight attendant insisted that the man sit down, as told by 11 FOX Passengers.

According to FOX 11, the LAX Police detained a man who had jumped back onto a cart of baggage while workers were loading luggage. This incident forced the plane to stop and passengers were informed.

Police interviewing witnesses.
Police quickly were on the scene following the mans early departure from the flight, and the FBI had been contacted.
Gillian Sheldon/Twitter

“He is being transported to a nearby medical facility for a psychiatric assessment,” Sgt. Devin Feldman stated.

Passenger getting arrested.
A passenger on a Delta Airlines flight departing from LAX decided to open an emergency exit door and activate the slide prior to takeoff on Saturday morning.
Gillian Sheldon/Twitter

The Los Angeles Airport Police stated that the FBI had been informed about the occurrence.

In a statement provided to Fox News Digital, the Los Angeles Airport Police reported that they responded to the incident and apprehended the traveler for additional inquiry. The FBI was alerted as a result of the situation.

Police are seen interviewing airport workers as they investigate the incident.
Police are seen interviewing airport workers as they investigate the incident on Saturday morning at LAX.
Gillian Sheldon/Twitter

Delta flight 1714, which was operating from Los Angeles to Seattle, had to return to the gate because there was an unruly passenger on board. The aircraft was in the process of taxiing for takeoff when the passenger decided to exit the aircraft. Initially, the passenger was detained by Delta staff before being arrested by local law enforcement. Delta Air Lines issued a statement to Fox News Digital, apologizing for the inconvenience and delay caused to the customers and assuring that they are being re-accommodated on a new aircraft.

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Gillian Sheldon, who was aboard the aircraft, expressed, “Delta was excellent. The flight attendants were incredible.” She informed FOX 11 that there was no opportunity for anyone to respond as the entire incident occurred with remarkable swiftness.

She expressed, “Merely relieved it did not occur while we were in flight, or it would have resulted in an entirely distinct consequence.” “One typically convinces oneself that in such situations witnessed on television, I would have taken certain actions, but truthfully, it all transpired so rapidly that there was no opportunity to respond.”

As stated by FlightAware.Com, the flight experienced a delay of 3 hours due to the occurrence. Subsequently, passengers aboard the Delta Air Lines aircraft were escorted off and relocated to an alternative plane. The flight was en route from LAX to Seattle, Washington.

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