Dead Space weapon upgrade locations

If you’re looking to stand a chance against the endless tide of necromorphs in the remake of Space Dead, our complete list of weapon upgrades will help you find where and narrow down your options. It gives players more upgrade options than ever before.

If you’re looking to upgrade your weapons in Space Dead, it’s important to know that the best upgrades are available in the PC games of the year. Without further ado, here are the best upgrades for your weapons. They’re quite rare, so it’s important to purchase them from the shop instead of relying on finding them scattered throughout the Ishimura. Additionally, each upgrade gifts you with an additional power node, which can be accessed at a bench.

This allows you to upgrade the path of branches accordingly, extending the power of the nodes. However, unlocking the best weapon upgrades requires inserting another adjacent node, and not every upgrade yields a new node. Each weapon in the remake of Dead Space has a unique path to upgrade, which improves the rate of fire, reload time, ammo capacity, and damage.

Dead Space weapon upgrades: Isaac Clarke viewing the interface of the upgrade bench, which displays the current unlocked upgrade path of the plasma cutter.

Enhancing the weapons in Dead Space by accessing the more conventional approach, the remake has gone a step further by introducing distinct upgrade components for the weapons. When you visit a workbench, these unique components can be discovered on the Ishimura as blueprints and incorporated into the upgrade progression of that particular weapon.

In Space Dead 2, finding upgrades for special stats or specific parts can make a huge difference in how combat unfolds. These parts upgrades can significantly increase the range, such as using incendiary ammo, which can be especially effective. However, you can only access these upgrades by completing the ‘Authorised Not Are You’ side mission, and you can also find locked weapon upgrades in rooms and containers by using the Master Override.

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All Enhancements for Weapons in Dead Space

In the absence of light, you shouldn’t encounter excessive difficulty in locating them, since Dead Space weapon enhancements can be easily distinguished from a distance by the radiant yellow glow they emit and are scattered all over the Ishimura as you progress through Isaac’s narrative.

Below are the 21 locations where you can find weapon upgrades in Dead Space, listed in the order they appear:

  • In the Ishimura Clinic’s second chapter, upon entering, right below the graffiti, you can find the Cartridge Rack of the Plasma Cutter positioned next to the line of chairs.
  • Heat Accumulator for Plasma Cutter: Can be bought from the shop for 11,000 credits in Chapter 3.
  • Pulse Rifle – Kinetic Autoloader: Available to purchase from the store for 11,000 credits after finding the Pulse Rifle in Chapter 3.
  • Ripper – Ricochet Tracer: Obtainable for 11,000 credits from the shop after discovering the Ripper in Chapter 3.
  • Flamethrower – Gellified Hydrazine: Can be bought from the shop for 11,500 credits once the Flamethrower is discovered in Chapter 3.
  • You can disable the fuse by shooting it and moving the blocking boxes to access this room using kinesis. This chapter is located in the Bridge section of the Electrical Storage Systems Magazine: Custom P.C.S.I – Rifle Pulse.
  • Contact beam – Supersymmetry Tether: Available to purchase from the store for 12,000 credits after finding the Contact Beam in Chapter 4.
  • Line Gun – Ionized Capacitor: Available to purchase from the store for 11,500 credits after finding the Line Gun in Chapter 5.
  • Ripper – Angled Launcher: Located on the desk in Flow Supervisor B. Andonov’s office on the Flow Control deck in Chapter 6.
  • Force Gun – Subsonic Oscillator: Available to purchase from the store for 12,000 credits after finding the Force Gun in Chapter 6.
  • You can reach this room by descending to the lower floor and switching the circuit breaker via zero gravity, as the door requires a security clearance of level 3. The Tank: Fuel Macroliter – Flamethrower is located inside the Utility Room on the floor of Chapter 7.
  • Plasma Cutter – Weighted Blades: Located on a bench in the Maintenance Locker Room on the Communications Hub deck in Chapter 8.
  • In the book Water Purification, Chapter 10 titled “Pulse Rifle – High-Yield Grenades” can be found inside a locker. To enter this room, you will need the Dead Space Master Override.
  • The need to override Master will be open to you. Located in the Tram Mining station and Central Hydroponics Hub, there is a Precision Lasers – Gun Line, which is locked in a chest between the chest.
  • By utilizing kinesis, you have the ability to enter this room by manipulating the crates obstructing the path. The Contact Beam – Diffraction Module can be found inside a locked chest in the Tools Storage area on the Mining deck during Chapter 10.
  • Unlocking it necessitated overriding the master control at any given juncture on the engineering deck, right by the workbench in the machine shop, where the carbon-fiber blades of the Ripper were securely housed within a locked chest.
  • To gain entry to the high-security area, you will need access to the Bioprosthetics Locker in the Medical Room on the Heliotron Portable – Beam Contact: situated on the desk.
  • Located in the Storage Lab on the Medical deck, you’ll need 3 levels of security to open the door to the room. In a chest, you can find the Energizer Photon Gun Line.
  • Force Gun – Gravitic Amplifier: Located on the desk in the Guest Consultant’s Suites on the Crew Quarters deck in Chapter 10.
  • The trunk is secured in the Deluxe Shift Dormitories on the Crew Quarters floor in chapter 10, housing the Flamethrower – High-Pressure Nozzle. Electricity can be redirected to the entrances by retrieving the battery from the Deluxe Silent Dormitories to activate the circuit breaker. To unlock the trunk, you’ll have to utilize the Master Override.
  • Located on the Cargo Control-Tram in the Cargo Bay deck, you’ll need to override the Master Control-Tram to open the locked chest containing the Suspension Gun Force Module. Yes, you guessed it right.
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    While you’re here to take a look at our review of Space Dead, which serves as a guide to the remake of Space Dead, make sure to pair them with the best suit upgrades to easily tear through necromorphs. While the plasma cutter reigned supreme in the original horror game, significant changes have been made to Isaac Clarke’s arsenal in the remake of Space Dead. If you’re looking to put names to voices, take a gander at our guide to the cast of Space Dead.

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