Damar Hamlin gives ‘amazing’ message to Bills on FaceTime

The players of the Bills were unaware in advance that Damar Hamlin would participate in a team meeting through FaceTime on Friday.

When Coach Sean McDermott told him that the players had a treat in store, he could see the anticipation on their faces.

During the middle of his press conference on Friday, McDermott said that Hamlin told his teammates, “I love you boys.” In the midst of his statement, Hamlin flexed both his biceps and made hand gestures and signals, resembling a heart symbol. He also yelled out, and his teammates responded by clapping and standing up when Hamlin appeared on the screen.

During the Cincinnati game, 24-year-old safety Bill collapsed on the field and suffered a cardiac arrest. McDermott asked Hamlin about hearing Bill’s voice when he said, “Honestly, I probably won’t be able to do justice to the words.” McDermott described it as “touching” and “amazing.”

Hamlin addressed the Bills on Wednesday. His father, Mario, corresponded in written form — initially inquiring about the outcome of the Cincinnati and Buffalo game. He slowly regained consciousness on Wednesday evening after being sedated medically, and earlier in the day, the Bills disclosed that Hamlin’s breathing tube had been taken out overnight. This marked the most recent addition to a series of uplifting advancements for Hamlin.

Sean McDermott describing team
Sean McDermott describing team’s call with Damar Hamlin
CBS Sports
Damar Hamlin during Jets-Bills game on Nov. 6, 2022.
Damar Hamlin during Jets-Bills game on Nov. 6, 2022.
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Bills players concerned for Damar Hamlin
Bills players concerned for Damar Hamlin

During the short phone conversation, McDermott witnessed the response that transpired throughout the entire room. He expressed that observing Hamlin’s facial expression on the display “with my very own eyes” was an anticipation he had eagerly awaited and found necessary.

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“It was a rather impressive exchange for a few seconds there,” McDermott stated.

McDermott stated, “Besides the symbol representing love and the act of confidently showing off, Hamlin also expressed approval to the Bills players.” They displayed Hamlin on the large display in their conference room, making him appear “enormous and prominent to us.” McDermott mentioned that Tabani Richards, the assistant athletic trainer accompanying Hamlin in Cincinnati, and Matt Worswick, the director of team administration, assisted in organizing the conversation.

Beane added, “The reason I adore Sean,” is the way McDermott directed the Bills. Because they were uncertain about how the week would progress in terms of scheduling, they chose to have McDermott return to Buffalo “to guide these coaches and this team and assist these individuals in getting back here,” ultimately. McDermott also initially expressed his desire to stay, according to general manager Brandon Beane, who remained in Cincinnati to be with Hamlin, during a press conference on Friday.

On Friday evening, it had exceeded $8 million. Later, $4 million. It gradually increased to $3 million. Richards continuously informed Beane as Hamlin’s toy drive fundraiser continued to collect contributions from supporters, other NFL players, and teams over the course of the week. Hamlin’s recuperation has brought the football community together.

During what Beane called a “laughable moment,” Hamlin’s mother, Nina, told the general manager, “Man, he just wanted $2,500 for this thing.”.

Damar Hamlin (left) walks onto the field with Bills teammates for a Nov. 24, 2022 game.
Damar Hamlin (left) walks onto the field with Bills teammates for a Nov. 24, 2022 game.
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“You’re going to be distributing cars next year,” Beane remembered responding. “Not toys.”

Because that’s the kind of person Damar is. He’s incredibly altruistic, and he constantly wears a smile.” Beane further expressed during the press conference, “It will be thrilling to witness Damar’s enthusiasm for his capabilities.”

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