Dalai Lama besa a niño en la boca y le pide “chuparle” su lengua; lo acusan de abuso infantil – VIDEO

The spiritual leader of Tibet, Gyatso Tenzin Dalai Lama, who is 87 years old, has been strongly questioned about this material. A video is circulating on social networks that shows him kissing a child on the mouth, which has sparked a series of negative comments for Gyatso Tenzin Lama Dalai.

The Nobel Peace Prize for the 1989 edition was granted to Gyatso for his nonviolent fight for the freedom of Tibet, as though that wasn’t sufficient.

As the woman approaches, a boy wearing a yellow sweatshirt appears on the lower part of the stage. In various occasions, even interacting with Dalai Lama himself, he can be seen observing the images where he finds other people sitting next to the Tibetan religious leader while he directs a ceremony.

On the floor, students from a group are sitting wearing caps and gowns while one of them observes. Finally, they give him a signal to stand up and the boy who wants to greet him, comments to the nearby men about it, after that they say it’s the Dalai Lama.

Another incident occurred that caused outrage. And you can hear him laughing. He kisses the child on the mouth and holds his face. Inviting him to give him a kiss, he shows his mouth with his fingers. They face each other with the child, the leader turns around. He kisses and hugs him, visibly excited. In order for the child to give him a kiss, he shows his right cheek. Who approaches the Dalai Lama, who returns with the child. The images captured by the individual.

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He takes the boy by the hand, expresses gratitude, and embraces him again. However, there were still other images that generate a lot of controversy, as Gyatso sticks out his tongue at the child and says, “suck my tongue,” and although the child approaches, he does not do it, while some people applaud and laugh.

The slight passing has been pointed out as a matter that an adult should not be sexualized for, however, the young person was “joking” with the Buddhist leader, according to supporters of the Dalai Lama.

Social Media Reactions against the Dalai Lama

However, the video has generated numerous comments and concerns from internet users, which should not be seen as normal behavior.

“Parents, do not neglect your children”; “What a disgrace, what frustration! It was not supposed to be common to believe in it!”; “Neither Francisco dared so much”; “Seeing my mother’s rejection, this caused me repulsion; if my son were to expose himself in that way, I would not allow it”; “The Dalai Lama’s repudiation”; “Some internet users pointed out, what the hell is happening with humanity?”

The press responses were biased, and the authenticity of the images could not be verified. Only the news was shared through social networks without any proof. The attitude of the Tibetan leader, who is seen giving a kiss to a child, caused indignation, and media outlets also criticized his behavior.

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