Congress wants to ban TikTok. They have no idea what that means to the rest of us.

And I accomplished this on TikTok. How did I arrive at that point? Let me inform you.

In 2020, I was working at a call center selling snorkel tours in Hawaii, making $28,000 a year. My husband, Ryan, just graduated from the Honolulu Fire Department’s firefighter training program. He was born and raised locally, as a boy.

On March 17, 2020, I never went back to the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. As soon as I heard that someone was sick, she quietly told me that I needed to leave the building immediately and grab my belongings. My manager came to my desk.

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I was completely clueless about what actions to take. However, I was aware that my employment was permanently terminated. The tourism industry came to a sudden halt. The entire division that I was a part of experienced job cuts. I myself became unemployed. It is extremely challenging to make ends meet in Hawaii with the income of a newly hired firefighter.

My sector vanished. There were no employment opportunities.

I kept earning certifications and developing new teaching skills. After seven weeks, I landed a remote job that pays $70,000 a year. Later, I started studying to become a certified administrator. I discovered Salesforce, a CRM software service company, which made me feel overwhelmed and financially strained.

Despite not purchasing the communications degree, I managed to achieve something that I was previously told I would never be capable of – surpassing the $100,000 per year milestone in less than six months.

One of the topics I was discussing was how to overcome the bias in job applications or how to secure good jobs. I am one of them. Two out of three Americans have a college degree for free.

So I began discussing it. On TikTok.

Should the United States prohibit TikTok? Here’s why prohibiting it is not a wise decision.

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Congress should prohibit TikTok: Only American companies can benefit from my data.

Through our TikTok community, courses, and the Degree Free podcast, we empower individuals to pursue their desired career paths without accumulating overwhelming college debt. TikTok has provided us with a platform to educate and motivate hundreds of thousands of individuals.

We must keep burning it down. TikTok is a contemporary Library of Alexandria. TikTok gives us access to connect, share our stories, and educate ourselves.

Individuals who ridicule that do not comprehend TikTok. Individuals such as members of our vastly disconnected Congress.

How TikTok operates

Alphabet and Meta should consider banning TikTok, as it curates content based on its own preferences rather than catering to individual preferences.

Here’s how TikTok shows you the content that you may want to see. It reflects your expressed interests. If you interact with the content, it shows you more and more of it. Congress thinks that TikTok is all about teenage girls dancing. That tells us more about their habits than the app itself.

How can we hold YouTube and Twitter accountable? Are social media platforms the modern-day equivalent of the Marlboro Man? The Big Tobacco settlement serves as a reminder to Big Tech.

My son passed away after experiencing cyberbullying: Congress must ensure that social media giants are held responsible.

Since my initial day on TikTok two years ago, I have yet to come across a teenage girl showcasing her dancing skills. Are you interested in discovering ways to secure employment without incurring college expenses?

TikTok will demonstrate for you.

Interested in understanding how TurboTax advocates to Congress to maintain complex tax systems?

TikTok will demonstrate for you.

Interested in discovering which stocks Congress is purchasing?

TikTok will demonstrate for you.

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Institutions with substantial resources pose a significant threat to the space that TikTok creates and care about, as they aim to reach a wider audience of genuine individuals. In simpler terms, a genuine community can thrive as more real people join.

Who has the authority to govern information?

Colleges. Corporations. Congress. Information is power. It’s dangerous.Output: Universities. Companies. Legislature. Knowledge is authority. It’s risky.

Asking us questions makes it possible for us to bring attention to where information is wanted.

Paying for Twitter?: Elon Musk is removing my verified badge on Twitter. Who am I if not renowned?

Should you utilize college rankings to select a reputable educational institution?: Here’s a crucial element they overlook.

The TikTok prohibition is the least concerning aspect of Bill 686.

The Restrictive Act gives the federal government unilateral control to shut down any group of more than one million Americans doing anything together online.

Talking, acquiring knowledge, purchasing. Anything.

One glaringly obvious thing after watching the congressional hearing is that Shou Zi Chew, CEO of TikTok, is no less qualified than any member of our federal government.

  • Many people in Congress believe that companies need to ban TikTok because they can’t compete with its ability to show what people actually want to see.
  • As per The Washington Post, Meta employed the assistance of a PR firm to create a feeling of immediacy with the aim of banning TikTok.
  • Experts are being asked to weigh in on this issue, as creators on TikTok, who have little to no knowledge of working in the media news legacy, suddenly speak up and are willing to hear from the radio hearing of silence.
  • If Congress bans TikTok, 150 million Americans will be deprived of the chance to access education, opportunities, and the means to interact with each other.

    I required a moment of tranquility: Then I discovered this mother serenading to her children on TikTok.

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    TikTok helped me stand up for myself and filmed me without my consent, as did others, including a stranger.

    What if I never had the opportunity to assist others?

    Every day, I receive emails, messages, and comments from people who no longer feel trapped because they were able to join the Free Degree movement on TikTok and their lives have changed.

    Was there only silence? How did they not know, but wanted to change jobs and pursue a Free Degree? How did they not know, but were there any other options they didn’t know, but didn’t want to go to college, but didn’t want to go to college, but had TikTok shown them the path to a Free Degree?

    Hannah Maruyama runs the @degreefree TikTok profile with more than 285,000 followers and more than 24.5 million video views.

    Do not have the authority to use and download web applications. They do not have the right to access and share information with the community. In Congress, our employees do not have this privilege.

    If they strip away that liberty from us, we will never regain it. We possess influence on TikTok.

    I began talking.

    Despite lacking a college degree, I have successfully instructed numerous individuals on how to attain their desired employment. My cause has been embraced by hundreds of thousands of individuals. Impressively, my videos have been viewed over 789 million times.

    You are employed by them, so make sure to jog their memory and contact your senator as well as your representative. Congress is the body that holds the authority to restore our freedom, which we must vigorously pursue. If we fail to take action now, we may never regain this power. Through TikTok, I have been able to positively impact the lives of thousands of individuals, bringing about change.

    If anyone wants an educated opinion on the TikTok ban instead of corporate talking points, feel free to contact me at contact@degreefree.Co.

    Hannah Maruyama and her co-host Ryan Maruyama are the hosts of the Degree Free podcast. Hannah Maruyama manages the @degreefree TikTok profile, which has over 285,000 followers and more than 24.5 million video views.

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