Cinco canciones para recordar a Jenni Rivera, la “Diva de la Banda”, en el décimo aniversario de su muerte

Jenni Rivera, the American singer, was on tour in Mexico when she found herself in a concert and at the moment of her death. The world learned of her death 10 years ago – CNN Spanish.

Dominated by males, the regional Mexican style was ventured into by individuals who aspired to it, not only did Jenni Rivera empower females through her music. According to Billboard magazine, the vocalist had more than 30 songs that appeared on the Regional Mexican chart. Furthermore, 25 of her songs also made it onto the Hot Latin Songs chart.

In the state of Nuevo León, in the municipality of Iturbide, the aircraft was found in the ejido La Colorada. The plane in which Rivera was traveling from Monterrey to Mexico City crashed in northern Mexico, after which Rivera passed away.

These are a few of the most memorable songs by the “Diva de la Banda”.

“Enough is Enough”

Olga Tañón, known as the “woman of fire”, and not only Jenni Rivera, but also Marco Antonio Solís, perform a song called “Basta ya” on the list we started.

In 1999, Olga Tañón performed this song on her album “Olga alive, strong Olga,” which has been influential in her professional journey.

Marco Antonio Solis teams up with Rivera on the rendition of the album, in which the vocalist showcases eleven renowned songs by different artists in two variations: her typical ensemble and a popularized rendition. In 2011, Jenni Rivera unveils her album “Joyas prestadas”.

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“Enough is enough”, by Jenni Rivera, reached the sixth position on the Regional Mexican Airplay chart in 2011, according to Billboard.

Este fue el último disco que Rivera sacó en vida.Output: This was the final album that Rivera released in his lifetime.

  • Jenni Rivera, the “neighborhood butterfly” who conquered the Mexican regional music until becoming the “Queen of the Band”.
  • “The forgetfulness does not arrive”

    In Spotify, it is reflected like this, and among the singer’s most remembered songs, this one is one of them. “La gran señora” was released in 2009, and the song “No llega el olvido” belongs to it.

    With over 80.3 million streams, it is Rivera’s most listened to song on the Swedish streaming service, produced by the singer herself and written by Espinosa Paz.


    That precisely demonstrates this video. It was common to see him getting excited in front of the lyrics of a song. The way Jenni Rivera interpreted her hits on stage created a raw and passionate magnetism that surpassed all other aspects.

    With 53 million accumulations, “Resulta” (written by Juan Gabriel) is the most popular video of the singer on her YouTube channel.

    In 2014, two years after the singer’s death, this song reached the second position on the Regional Mexican Airplay chart, according to Billboard.

    “The great lady”

    The live version that was edited in 2020 and the 2009 “La gran señora” album is another part of Diva’s “Banda de la recordados más temas los de otro es Este.


    The singer’s profile on Spotify is the most listened to fourth song, with over 64.6 million reproductions, and represents the greatest success with the most representative and successful songs.

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    The song talks about self-love after a sentimental breakup.

    This is how Rivera starts the powerful song, “Today I find out that you are the worst thing that happened to my life and you can’t deny that I was the best thing in your life. You may want to come back, but the worst thing that can happen to you is that I can wish you the best.”

    The Latin Songs chart of Billboard achieved the 13th rank, while the Regional Mexican Songs chart reached the fifth spot.

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