Chris Hipkins sucederá a Jacinda Ardern como primer ministro de Nueva Zelanda

The ruling Labour Party stated that he is the sole candidate to be their next leader, Chris Hipkins will succeed Jacinda Ardern as the Prime Minister of New Zealand following.

The party stated on Saturday in Wellington that the Labor caucus still requires to support Hipkins at a meeting tomorrow. The prime minister’s office mentioned that he will address the press today at 1 p.M. Local time.

The upcoming challenging elections in October are drawing near, with the Labour Party falling behind in the polls, despite predictions of an economic recession. Hipkins must rejuvenate support for the Labour Party. Following Ardern’s unexpected resignation two days ago, the Labour Party is swiftly working towards replacing her and rallying the party around a new leader.

Ardern recently appointed him as Minister of Police amidst the government’s declining popularity, frequently relying on him to address challenging circumstances. Hipkins, a skilled politician known for his courteous demeanor and trusted ability, is often seen as a reliable figure.

During press conferences, the minister responsible for the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic became a familiar name and led during the most intense period.

Hipkins, known as “Chippy,” became a well-known character who has to have self-critical and sympathetic humor.

They were exercising outdoors when they mixed up their words and urged the New Zealanders to “spread their legs” during one of the Covid lockdowns, lightening the nation’s mood.

Ardern, a political sensation who propelled the Labour Party to victory in 2017 amidst a surge of admiration known as “Jacinda-Mania,” might encounter challenges while trying to emulate Hipkins’ path.

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The merger of TVNZ and Radio New Zealand, including Ardern’s unpopular policies, has the potential to rejuvenate the Labour Party and eliminate them. Simultaneously, it presents an opportunity.

The general elections will take place on October 14th.

Last month, the primary opposition party, National, held a five-point lead over Labor in a publicly released survey. Hipkins will compete against Christopher Luxon, the leader of the National Party, who previously served as the CEO of the national airline Air New Zealand and is a relatively fresh face in politics.

According to The New Zealand Herald, Hipkins has the option to select Carmel Sepuloni, who serves as the Minister of Social Development, as his replacement since Kiritapu Allan has withdrawn herself from consideration for the role.

“Va a convertirse en un líder y primer ministro destacado”, expresó el actual viceprimer ministro, Grant Robertson, al felicitar a “mi colega Chippy” en una publicación de Instagram.

Hipkins entered parliament in 2008 as a representative of Remutaka, a electoral district north of the capital, Wellington.

In addition to being a police officer, he currently holds positions in education and public service, in addition to being the Leader of the Chamber.

Ardern is set to officially step down if tomorrow’s caucus supports Hipkins as the leader of the Labour Party. Subsequently, Hipkins will be inaugurated as the prime minister by the governor general.

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