Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. Capital One Venture Rewards: Detailed Comparison 2023

Travel through card_name is rewarded when more than 25% worth of points are redeemed. The top spot is taken by card_name. However, the added perks should not be overlooked. In addition, both travel credit cards, Capital One Venture Rewards and Chase Sapphire Preferred, offer the potential to earn hefty rewards and a generous welcome bonus. Both cards also have a small annual fee in exchange for providing loads of value.

How the cards compare

Here is a summary of what you can anticipate from each card:

Specialcard_namecard_nameWelcome Bonusbonus_miles_fullbonus_miles_fullPerks*Accumulate 5 times the points on:.

  • Travel reserved via Chase Ultimate Rewards.
  • Earn triple points on:.

  • Eating, takeout, and eligible food delivery options.
  • Online shopping for groceries.
  • Eligible streaming platforms.
  • Travel protection drop cost, access to flight entertainment and dining lounge, purchase of travel protections, and the ability to transfer travel capabilities. Mileage status with Star Five, Hertz credit entry, and access to Global Entry or PreCheck® TSA transfers. Miles can be transferred at a 1:1 ratio. Annual credit, hotel rewards, and ultimate annual perks. Additional benefits include a $50 annual fee, foreign transaction fees, and a regular APR. Earn 2 miles for every dollar spent on flights and 5 miles for every dollar spent on rentals. Earn 1x points for all other purchases and 2x points for travel-related purchases.

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    Sign-up bonus

    You’ll earn bonus miles with the card. The welcome bonus with this card is higher: you’ll earn bonus miles.

    The introductory incentive is equal to $1,000 at Chase but merely $750 for card_name. When you exchange those points for money by making a reservation using each card’s program, the superiority of card_name becomes more apparent.

    Congratulations to the winner of the welcome bonus: card_name.


    Card_name provides a reward of five points for every dollar spent on travel reservations made through Chase Ultimate Rewards (excluding purchases for accommodations that contribute to the yearly $50 hotel statement credit). Those who frequently travel can accumulate a significant amount of reward points with either card. When using card_name, you will receive five miles for each dollar spent on bookings for hotels and rental cars.

    However, card_name emerges as the best option as you will earn:.

  • You will earn three points for every dollar spent on dining, online grocery purchases, and qualifying streaming service payments.
  • Two points for every dollar spent on all other travel expenses made outside of Chase Ultimate Rewards.
  • One point for every dollar spent on all other transactions.
  • Plus, points are worth 25% more when redeemed for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards. So, 50,000 points equals $625 in travel credit.

    A characteristic that card_name lacks is the capability to transfer your miles to more than 15 loyalty programs for enhanced value. The mentioned 50,000 points can be redeemed for $500 in travel credits, with each point having a value of 1 cent. Apart from accommodations and rentals made via the Capital One travel platform, card_name allows you to earn only two miles for every dollar spent.

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    Winner of the rewards: card_name.

    Yearly charge

    Both credit card providers impose a $95 yearly charge.

    Annual fee champion: draw.


    Card_name has a lower maximum rate compared to card_name, but both cards have the same minimum APR. Card_name has a slight advantage in this aspect.

    Winner of the APR: card_name.

    Fee for transactions made abroad

    Both cards do not charge any fees for foreign transactions.

    Winner of the foreign transaction fee: draw.

    Extra benefits

    Card_name provides the following additional advantages:

  • A $50 yearly hotel statement credit.
  • Earn up to 2,500 bonus points per year when you make $25,000 worth of purchases.
  • One-to-one point transfers.
  • Comprehensive travel and acquisition safeguards.
  • Incentives for ridesharing and food delivery services.
  • You’ll also enjoy a variety of benefits with card_name, including:.

  • Travel distance transfers.
  • Receive a credit of up to $100 for either Global Entry or TSA PreCheck®.
  • Hertz Five Star recognition.
  • Access to the travel lounge.
  • Dining and leisure benefits.
  • Flight price decrease protection.
  • Additional benefits champion: draw.

    Which card accrues the highest amount of rewards?

    The bonus categories of card_name make it the top choice for earning points.

    To demonstrate, if you invested $500 in every classification, here’s the amount you would accumulate:.

    If you spent a dollar per mile, card_name would be your only option for earning potential on travel purchases. However, if you spent a dollar per mile, you could earn even more rewards through ultimate chase by booking a car rental and hotel outside of airfare expenses.

    Our suggestions

    Why we suggest using card_name

    You can earn Chase Ultimate Rewards through travel and redeem them for a value of more than 25% by holding our top-name card. Additionally, if you spend enough to claim the welcome bonus, you can also accrue more points upfront. You can also transfer points to popular travel programs like Marriott Bonvoy, United MileagePlus, Southwest Rapid Rewards, JetBlue TrueBlue, and other frequent flyer programs.

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    With the card_name, you’ll receive the items that they don’t stack up quite like, but these cards offer some of these benefits. It is also important to note that there are comprehensive protections and extensive travel purchase offers.

    Why you would still choose card_name

    You’ll earn two miles for every dollar spent during the period. It makes it easy to earn points without keeping tabs on spending categories with card_name.

    The list mainly consists of international airline loyalty programs, which may only be beneficial if you frequently travel abroad. Additionally, the rewards points are transferable, allowing you to choose travel partners.

    If you prefer a more straightforward rewards program, you could consider card_name. If you are a frequent traveler, it is obvious that your points will go further if you use them to transfer to popular loyalty programs for airfare and lodging.

    Commonly asked questions (FAQs)

    Are card_name or card_name points more valuable?

    The point value increases by 25% when utilized for travel, however, travel reservations must be made via Chase Ultimate Rewards. The card_name points hold a higher value.

    Is it worthwhile to invest in card_name?

    Indeed, the yearly charge on card_name is highly valuable, given the generous introductory offer, benefits scheme, and additional advantages.

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