Carol Burnett turns 90 with TV songs, laughs and Cher rocking Bob Mackie: ‘I wanted it this way’

Carol Burnett, the pioneering host of the classic CBS show “The Carol Burnett Show,” didn’t want to blow out the candles to celebrate her 90th birthday in a special TV event in Los Angeles.

On Wednesday, Carol Burnett, who turns 90 years old, took the opportunity to celebrate a milestone in her career with “NBC’s 90 Years of Love and Laughter with Carol Burnett.” That’s why she jumped at the chance.

Burnett, who achieved everlasting fame on television with the progressively uncommon arrangement, declares, “That is precisely why I desired it to be presented in this manner.” I yearned for a diverse exhibition, featuring a musical ensemble consisting of 19 members, vocalists, and exquisite melodies. Instead of a celebratory event centered around one’s birthday or any other occasion accompanied by lit candles and inflatable decorations, I sought after a spectacle that would captivate you like nothing you have witnessed in a considerable duration.

Consider granting this birthday wish to Charlize Theron, as stars such as Cher will celebrate the icon at the filmed special in the Avalon Hollywood Theater.

Cher joined Carol Burnett for her TV birthday celebration and "90 Years of Laughter + Love." Naturally Cher wore a stunning Bob Mackie gown.

Even if she’s having trouble comprehending how many years have gone by, Burnett still looks ready to hit the stage comedy, as mentioned in an interview earlier this month.

“I don’t comprehend it, because ninety is difficult to grasp. And a substantial figure is 90,” expresses Burnett, who attributes her sustained lively disposition to regular treadmill strolls and nutritious meals. “I’m extremely cautious regarding my dietary choices, and walking is beneficial.”

Despite being 87 years old, Julie Andrews could still be seen laughing and clutching the hand of her best friend, Carol Burnett, during unexpected moments on stage. Instead of taking a seat at the table of honor, she chose to sit in a special seat.

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Burnett says she was “absolutely gobsmacked” by moments including video messages from first lady Jill Biden and former first lady Michelle Obama.

Burnett states, “That was rather surprising,” who was unperturbed that former first lady Melania Trump, who is celebrating her 53rd birthday, did not convey her regards. “However, she does not possess a comedy special,” Melania shares the same birthdate as me.

Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence on the "The Carol Burnett Show."

Sing songs by Bernadette Peters, Billy Porter, Jane Lynch, and Kristin Chenoweth, while honoring Burnett’s pioneering career alongside other comedians such as Amy Poehler, Ellen DeGeneres, Kristen Wiig, and Lisa Kudrow.

She remarks, “However, I state, ‘If I had never come into existence, they would be engaging in the exact actions they are currently undertaking.'” She expresses, “Frequently, they mention, ‘You cleared the path for me,'” which I find incredibly endearing.

“Love + Laughter” encompasses the entirety of Burnett’s exceptional career, including an acknowledgment from admirer Bob Odenkirk and her sinister portrayal as deceitful Marion in the concluding installment of “Better Call Saul” (accompanied by a tribute from Aileen Quinn, the actress who portrayed Annie). Additionally, it showcases her remarkable depiction of Miss Hannigan in the 1982 musical “Annie”.

In the birthday special, “The Carol Burnett Show,” Lyle Waggoner, Tim Conway, and Harvey Korman, who were co-stars with Burnett, appear in enduring clips that have resurfaced from the years 2020, 2019, and 2008. These clips were featured in the special, which earned a total of 25 Emmys during its CBS reign from 1967-78.

Burnett states that reruns are broadcasted on MeTV. She expresses, “Our intention was for it to elicit hearty laughter and capture the essence of vaudeville.” She further adds, “Its enduring appeal lies in the fact that we deliberately avoided making it timely or relevant to current events.”

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Throughout the 11-year duration of the show, the renowned fashion designer Bob Mackie, who is currently 83 years old, showcased the legendary outfits he created. Following the sending of a letter from a devoted fan, the hopeful actress was recruited by the comedy instructor, Vicki Lawrence, who has been part of the cast since the beginning, and she honored her.

According to Burnett, “And he thoroughly enjoyed performing the comical aspects.” Not only for me, but for everyone,” Burnett states. That amounts to 65 to 70 outfits per performance. Throughout a span of 11 years, Bob Mackie created a total of 17,000 costumes.

Maya Rudolph wears the famed Bob Mackie dress on "Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Love + Laughter."

The creation rod-and-curtain, worn by Rudolph Maya, is a special new addition to the national Smithsonian museum collection. During the classic spoof “Gone with the Wind,” the dress of Miss Starlett, played by Burnett, is transformed into a memorable curtain dress.

“But it was cumbersome,” expresses Burnett. “So they simply placed it down. That only required two minutes to put that on me, because it was a rapid alteration in a skit that was broadcasted (for recording) on television.”

Cher wore a stunning Bob Mackie creation to fete Carol Burnett.

Cher donned a Bob Mackie dress during her performance

Cher, the fashion icon, reminisced about her longtime friendship with Carol Burnett on “The Carol Burnett Show.” During her appearances, Cher flourished and wore a towering gown designed by Bob Mackie.

Burnett mentioned that Cher used to borrow clothes from Bob Mackie, saying, “It was so sweet that Cher and I said we were the same size and she designed them for me.”

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On her second attempt, Cher flawlessly executed the introduction before humorously expressing frustration over her own mistake. Cher made an error in her initial attempt to introduce a musical stage performance and then joined Burnett and Andrews at the primary table.

“But it’s not permanently misplaced,” states Burnett, who anticipates that the “mistake” is included in the expanded edition of the program, available for streaming on Peacock on April 27. “We exceeded the time limit by 33 minutes, and the network instructed us to eliminate certain content. It was highly amusing.”

Carol Burnett and Katy Perry on NBC

What activities is Carol Burnett engaged in on her birthday?

We were so glad to have this special “Together Time This Had We Glad So” signoff, when Katy Perry handed the microphone to Carol Burnett, the famed host of the “Carol Burnett Show,” to briefly sing the final words. Spoiler alert, Burnett got emotional and teared up.

According to Burnett, the song becomes deeper “after all these years.” He believes that phrase will likely be inscribed on his tombstone.

She won’t be observing. Burnett will be commemorating her birthday at dinner with her spouse of 22 years, Brian Miller, close to her residence in Santa Barbara while “Laughter + Love” is being broadcasted.

“We have witnessed it,” Burnett states with a chuckle. “We are heading out for a meal with our acquaintances. However, there will be cake.”

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