Canelo Álvarez derrota sin problemas a un Gennadiy Golovkin lento y escaso de ideas

The owner’s division of 168 pounds is evident, as Golovkin decisively defeated Canelo by a unanimous decision in a Kazakh-dominated fight on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Despite Alvarez Saúl’s slow start and lack of ideas, Golovkin emerged victorious.

From the beginning of the fight, Canelo displayed caution, but gradually he realized the limited offerings of ‘GGG’ and implemented his strategy.

“Álvarez expressed his gratitude to his friend, thanking him for the exhilarating trilogy of fights,” he stated after the bout.

Alvarez, after losing ground in front of his fans against Dmity Bivol in May, sought to recover by returning to the super middleweight division to regain control.

Canelo said, “discard what is not useful and teach more humility because good defeats are”. “Move forward because it teaches us and my life has had very difficult moments in the past”.

Canelo indicated that he is coping with an injury in one of his hands, and he appeared highly pleased with the victory.

Canelo stated, “Canelo concluded,” it was very significant for my legacy, for my people, for me, it is very important. However, I am a warrior, I have an injury in my hand that may require surgery, but I am content, he is a tough, challenging fighter.

They thanked each other for the opportunity to face off, Canelo and ‘GGG’ shared a moment in the center of the ring after the end of the fight where they revealed.

The Mexican was not enough surprised by that, but before ‘GGG’ he showed that maybe Golovkin had a pair of rounds.

He said ‘GGG’, “with a lot of energy I tried to do my best in the second part of the fight”. “Because he is a great fighter and a great human being, I want to shake his hand”.


Official results: 116-112, 115-113 x 2 in favor of Canelo.


Canelo ends the fight with both fighters embracing each other in the center of the ring with much cordiality. It is clear that he is the owner of the trilogy, as he intelligently fought with a lot of class, not seeming to have any problems with GGG’s punches. Although Golovkin tried to surprise the Jalisco native and maintain the pace, he couldn’t finish the fight in any surprising way. Both fighters come out with hugs again, and it is obvious that they are tired, but they are determined to close it with a KO.

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10-9 Canelo. He shakes him and his opponent connects well with a right to the head. GGG continues to look for hugs, while Canelo waits to surprise him with a counterattack. Canelo throws an uppercut. Golovkin seems to be coming back with a little slowness in the rounds and Canelo comes out more motivated again. The referee asks the fighters to be more careful with the headbutts.


Canelo wins the round 10-9. Golovkin tries to catch his breath, which appears to have impacted him, as Canelo lands a solid liver jab. Canelo seems to be experiencing the intensity of the fight, as he is the one who initiated and pursued Golovkin the most, and the match appears to be more evenly balanced. Golovkin demonstrates glimpses of his former self from four years ago.


Golovkin is leading 10-9. Golovkin displays increased assurance and movement. Canelo counters, but Golovkin retaliates with a few impressive combinations and seems to grow more confident. It is a favorable moment for Canelo and the spectators become more engaged. Evidently, there was a collision and the referee requests greater caution regarding their heads as the fighters, who are merely inches apart, draw closer. Canelo focuses on attacking the body.


Canelo wins the round 10-9. The fight in the center of the ring showcases Mexican style, but Canelo manages to make Golovkin retreat. Golovkin seems to have only one type of attack in his repertoire, relying on his left hand. Canelo effectively counters and responds, but Golovkin initiates the round again, proposing a new offensive.


Canelo leads 10-9. His fighter has offered what seems to be a silenced GGG fanatics. He seemed to have a lot of power, it looked like a close uppercut from the Mexican. Canelo does not seem to have his punches, but he connects with Golovkin. He could achieve the things that will happen in the ninth round before GGG, which Canelo had promised to knock down. Good start for Canelo in the first round.


Golovkin, who at 40 years old seems to lack the same strength and confidence as four years ago, has not passed the years in vain. Canelo has looked better than against Dmitry Bivol, with faster movements and powerful punches. The Mexican continues to dominate the fight, but it was not enough to counter the Mexican’s attack, who continues to dominate the fight. However, this was the best round Golovkin has had. Canelo 10-9.

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Canelo leads 10-9. GGG backed off after landing a solid shot to Canelo’s torso. Another effective strike to Canelo’s midsection caused GGG to take a step back. Canelo expressed his dissatisfaction to the referee, alleging that GGG employed his shoulder during one of his maneuvers. GGG had no choice but to clinch, marking the first clinch of the night. However, Canelo swiftly regained his momentum and rocked GGG with a couple of facial punches. Golovkin attempted to begin the round with increased enthusiasm.


Canelo wins the round 10-9. He starts the fight with a lot of enthusiasm and aggression, controlling the attacks before GGG retreats. Canelo keeps connecting with left and right punches. He also throws an uppercut to the face and maintains his aggressive approach. The formula has not changed.


Golovkin 10-9. Without much luck, Golovkin has attempted to utilize the left jab. Canelo manages to inflict damage with the jab and controls the distance in the same manner. He doesn’t offer much in terms of offense and displays a relaxed defense, making it easy for Canelo to attack Golovkin.


Canelo is up 10-9. Another good combination with Canelo’s face and body. Yes, the pace of the fight is slow, but Canelo takes more risks, Golovkin is monotonous and doesn’t offer much in terms of attack. Another good combination from Canelo to the face with a 1-2. Without much power, but the Kazakh responds with a good punch to Canelo’s face.


Canelo 10-9. Canelo delivered the first blow to his opponent’s body and it is he who takes the initiative. The fans have their own fight in the stands amidst the shouts of GGG and Canelo. The fighter from Jalisco gradually starts working on GGG’s body. Golovkin opens the fight with a timid attack and Canelo remains cautious, keeping his distance.

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8:03 p.M.

Jesse Rodríguez against Israel González.

‘Bam’ Rodríguez won by unanimous decision: 118-109, 117-110, 114-113.Output: ‘Bam’ Rodríguez emerged victorious through a unanimous decision: 118-109, 117-110, 114-113.

7:23 p.M.

Jesse Rodríguez against Israel González.

Resultado en momentos.Output: Outcome in moments.

6:54 p.M.

Ali Akhmedov versus Gabriel Rosado.

Akhmedov defeated Rosado by unanimous decision.

6:09 p.M.

Ali Akhmedov versus Gabriel Rosado.

Resultado en solo momentos.Output: Outcome in just moments.

5:58 p.M.

Austin Williams against Kieron Conway.

Williams won by unanimous decision, thus kicking off the main card.

5:15 p.M.

Austin Williams against Kieron Conway.

El resultado en solo momentos.Output: The outcome in just moments.

Golovkin and Álvarez Canelo are fighting in the match between Eduard Cauich and Reda El Jad, as reported by the Spanish Times LA’s video analysis reporters. Here.

4:32 p.M.

Diego Pacheco versus Enrique Collazo.

Pacheco won by TKO at 2:29 of the fifth round, after the referee stopped the punishment that Collazo was giving him.

4:10 p.M.

Diego Pacheco versus Enrique Collazo.

The fight is taking place at the moment. Result in just moments.Output: The match is currently happening. Outcome in only moments.Output: Outcome in just moments.

3:55 p.M.

Marc Castro versus Kevin Mendoza.

Castro won by knockout.

3:05 p.M.

Aaron Aponte versus Fernando Molina.

The fight ended in a draw.

2:30 p.M.

Anthony Herrera versus Delvin McKinley.

Herrera defeats McKinley.

This Saturday, Saúl Álvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin will face each other for the third time, in what could possibly define the legacy of both fighters in their careers. After the draw they obtained in the first clash, Canelo has the advantage of a victory.

Alvarez and Explosivo, let’s see what awaits him, received criticism and lost against Dmitry Bivol, the light heavyweight champion, in May. The pound-for-pound best moment is yet to convince, as he has the responsibility to risk his super middleweight belts in a unified champion fight.

Golovkin has never experienced a knockdown throughout his career, which includes his time as an amateur, in 391 fights.

The Canelo-GGG 3 fight will be live streamed round by round and we will have the best night. The event will start at 2 PM PT and the fighters are scheduled to walk towards the ring at 8 PM PT.

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