Buster Murdaugh hiding on ‘Buster’s Island’ after dad’s murder conviction

The 26-year-old, who attended court every day for his father’s trial, is now almost an orphan with his mother and brother deceased, as his father has been sentenced to life in prison for their murders.

Columbia, SC attorney Joseph M. McCulloch Jr., A close friend of the Murdaugh family, expressed to The Post, “It is impossible for any individual with compassion and empathy to not feel sympathy for that young man. He has experienced a series of unfortunate events, one after another. I cannot fathom how one could endure such circumstances. I am relieved that he has a girlfriend who appears to be incredibly supportive.”

On Friday, The Post conveyed the state of understanding with reference to source one, where there are ominous dark clouds hanging over the law school student, albeit to a greater extent.

Alex, your son Buster is next… An onlooker yelled as Murdaugh was led to the police van after sentencing.

Buster Murdaugh, sole surviving son of Alex Murdaugh
Buster Murdaugh is the sole surviving son of convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh.
Maggie Murdaugh and son Buster
Buster Murdaugh at graduation with his late mother, Maggie Murdaugh.

The individual in question appeared to be referring to the potential connection between Buster’s and the investigation conducted by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), which revolved around the death of Stephen Smith in 2015 and was accompanied by persistent rumors.

The body of Stephen was discovered in June 2021 on a rural road in Hampton County, a few miles away from the hunting lodge of Murdaugh Paul and Maggie, where they were murdered.

Based on the records and photographs observed by his mother, his skull was partly fractured, there existed a gap in his frontal bone, and his shoulder had been dislocated.

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Alex Murdaugh
Alex Murdaugh in the Colleton County Courthouse after receiving life sentences for the murder of his wife and son Paul.

Based on those inconsistencies, Sandy Smith suspects that local officials and potentially the Murdaugh family may have colluded in order to conceal Stephen’s death. Furthermore, she believes that her son’s body was intentionally placed on the road after being killed, in an attempt to stage it as a hit-and-run incident.

Initially, the cause of death was determined to be a hit-and-run accident. However, Sandy and former Highway Patrol investigator Todd Proctor, who was in charge of the Smith case, informed The Post that they suspect Stephen might have been killed.

Sandy, has long been vocal about her belief that the Murdaugh family, including Buster, may have had some tie to Stephen’s death.

Stephen Smith with his mother, Sandy
Sandy Smith believes the Murdaughs may be tied in some way to the death of her son Stephen.
Couresty of Family

“That jury did an outstanding job. They saw through the lies, and a Murdaugh has finally been held accountable,” Sandy informed The Post, speaking following Murdaugh’s conviction.

“Now that this matter is resolved, they can focus all their attention on Stephen’s situation.”

Buster, also known as Richard Alexander Murdaugh Jr., Resides in a condominium situated in Hilton Head, SC, which is owned by his romantic partner who happens to be a lawyer, named Brooklynn White.

Buster, Maggie, Paul and Alex Murdaugh
Buster (left) was born Richard Alexander Murdaugh Jr., named after his father and great-grandfather.

The Murdaugh family in SC, near Beaufort Creek, has owned the property on Chechessee Island since the 1970s. They refer to it as “Island’s Buster”. He was swiftly taken away from outside the court on Friday, just minutes after his father’s conviction, when he broke free.

The Post was informed that the Murdaugh family, who have been residents of Hampton for decades, do not experience much warmth during these days in Hampton. I won’t be able to see him when he comes back here. I think I will stay on Hilton Head and spend time with his uncles, rather than sticking around with Buster.

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Buster’s calm and composed demeanor was evident every day in the court gallery, as he stood as a witness during the trial on Friday.

Buster Murdaugh and girlfriend Brooklynn White
Brooklynn White, Buster’s girlfriend, met him in law school. They now live together in Hilton Head, SC.

Maggie, aged 52, and Paul, aged 22, were fatally shot at the kennels of the hunting property owned by their family in South Carolina’s Lowcountry on the evening of June 7, 2021. Following a brief three-hour deliberation, Murdaugh, aged 54, was convicted on Thursday.

At the County Courthouse in Colleton, a friend of the family said, “Buster held up pretty well until cameras were turned off, then he collapsed.”

Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to two consecutive life terms for the killings of his spouse and child.

  • Alex Murdaugh, devoid of any emotion, adamantly denies being the perpetrator of the murders as he is sentenced to two consecutive life terms for the slayings of his wife and son.
  • Alex Murdaugh’s sibling believes he is being untruthful and has more knowledge regarding the homicides of his spouse and child.
  • The video from the dog kennel convinced the jurors that Alex Murdaugh was guilty, which “sealed the deal”.
  • “He was weeping uncontrollably. The uncles [Alex’s siblings, John Marvin Murdaugh and Randy Murdaugh] eventually managed to get him into a vehicle.”

    Buster remained unfazed when questioned about how his father delivered the news of his mother and brother’s passing. Jim Griffin, a longtime friend of the Murdaugh family and defense attorney, interrogated him without witnessing any display of such sentiment.

    Buster Murdaugh arrives at the Colleton County Courthous
    Buster was at court every day of his father’s trial and also testified.

    Buster gave his testimony, stating, “I was in a state of disbelief. I simply remained seated for a brief moment.” Subsequently, he informed me of the unfortunate incident involving my mother and brother being shot, and his demeanor seemed peculiar. “Indeed,” I responded, expressing my surprise, as he inquired about my seating position.

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    Buster’s return to assist Bowers was ensured by his well-connected lawyer, Butch, who had a family that was well-paid, as reported by The Courier and Post. Buster had been expelled until that time and had also been a law student. The incident was reported by The Wall Street Journal, alleging plagiarism, which resulted in his expulsion. Buster had also been a law student until then. Brooklynn, his long-time girlfriend and the surviving son of his father’s alma mater, met Buster at the University of South Carolina Law School.

    Buster Murdaugh
    John Marvin Murdaugh (far left), Alex’s brother, usually sat with Buster (gray jacket).

    Buster ultimately completed his studies at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in 2018.

    “A local community member stated that is the destination for children in this region who are unable to secure acceptance into Washington and Lee.”

    It’s unclear what Buster currently does for a living, but he worked at his father’s former law firm prior to Alex’s arrest.

    Another family acquaintance expressed, “I simply wasn’t certain about his true nature when he wasn’t displaying those polite behaviors. I didn’t have a deep familiarity with Buster, but he consistently presented himself with good manners in my presence.”

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