Browns’ Deshaun Watson suspended 11 games, fined $5 million

Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, will undergo professional treatment and evaluation and pay a $5 million fine as part of a settlement with the NFL following accusations of sexual misconduct by two dozen women. Additionally, he will serve an unpaid suspension for 11 games.

He faced allegations of engaging in sexual misconduct and pressuring the women while providing massage therapy sessions with the Houston Texans. The league had attempted to suspend Watson for a minimum of one year due to his violation of its personal conduct regulations.

During the period of suspension, his salary will be reduced by $632,500 as the team arranged Watson’s agreement in a way that he would earn $1.035 million in his initial year. After being traded to the Browns in March, Watson entered into a contract worth $230 million, which is entirely guaranteed.

As a component of the agreement, Watson has the ability to come back for the Browns’ match in Houston on December 4th.

“Shortly after the public settlement, Watson said that the plan is for me to be able to move forward with my personal life and my family, and to be able to move forward with my career and my entire life.”

The suspension of Robinson L. Sue, issued by officer disciplinary, was appealed by the league after being appointed by Commissioner Roger Goodell, who is the former general attorney from New Jersey. The settlement ends months of speculation and is headed by Harvey C. Peter.

As part of the settlement between the NFL Players Association and the league, Watson’s program will be assessed by behavioral experts.

Ever since the accusations emerged, Watson expressed remorse last week prior to the Browns’ preseason debut for the very first time. Despite asserting that he has never engaged in any improper behavior towards women, he made an attempt to express even more remorse on Thursday.

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“I have always said that I continue to have to push forward with my career and my life at the same time,” he said, “but I’m standing on the fact that I have always respected anyone and everyone, and I have always stood on my innocence.”

I’m always pushing forward to continue standing up for my innocence and to keep anyone who sexually assaults or disrespects me from getting away with it.

“Promoting education and prevention of sexual misconduct and assault, supporting survivors, and related causes are vital for fostering healthy relationships. In order to educate young people across the country, nonprofit organizations are generously donating $1 million each to a league and the Browns, along with his $5 million fine.”

Watson will not be allowed to return to the team’s facility until roughly halfway through his suspension, which started on August 30th and lasts until approximately October 10th. However, coach Kevin Stefanski stated that Watson will not play in any preseason games, but he can resume practicing starting on August 30th.

Attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents all 24 women who sued Watson, was critical of the NFL’s handling of the case and settlement.

In a declaration, Buzbee expressed, “I am of the opinion that he is merely a weak and ineffective person.” Roger Goodell has demonstrated one of two possibilities: Either his recent statements were complete nonsense, or he is all talk and no action by resolving this issue in the manner he did.

Leave and maintain silence, if you think you have experienced sexual assault from a influential individual, the current message to all survivors is evident. The institution shows no concern, the NFL has undeniably shown this through its administration.

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The quarterback supported the owners, Dee and Jimmy Haslam, who have faced extensive backlash for acquiring Watson through a trade. They expressed their belief that he will gain knowledge and develop as a result of this encounter.

As an organization, we are doing everything we can to help him be the best football player he can be. He understands the pivotal point in his life and where he is. I think he can be the best person and leader we expect him to be. He has done everything we have asked of him and more. “Since Deshaun came into our building in April,” said Jimmy Haslam, Browns’ general manager Andrew Berry’s wife, during a news briefing.

Haslam was inquired about his current level of comfort with Watson remaining on the roster of the Cleveland team.

“Certainly,” he stated. “Completely.”

Dee Haslam was questioned about her belief in Watson’s innocence.

“We value his viewpoint. I do believe that through counseling, Deshaun will develop a deeper understanding of himself,” she stated.

She denounced his decision as part of her, referring to his ruling as “predatory” and “egregious” conduct. Watson received a six-game suspension from Robinson, a former federal judge who was jointly appointed by the league and union to serve as an impartial disciplinary officer on August 1st.

Watson refrained from making a direct comment on Robinson’s claims.

He stated, “Do I truly know myself? Am I the embodiment of the individuals I associate with? Am I a reflection of the values instilled in me since my upbringing? The utmost priority for me is to consistently demonstrate my true identity as Deshaun Watson. Those who encounter me and spend time with me will eventually grasp my genuine nature.”

The league previously pushed for a hefty and indefinite suspension for Watson, but Watson and the league appealed to Goodell, who has handled all player discipline cases in the past. The suspension was believed to be too lenient.

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Warranted was ban yearlong a of pursuit league’s the following findings Robinson’s and investigation its following meetings owners’ the at said Goodell.

“She bolstered the evidence,” Goodell stated. “There were several transgressions that were flagrant, and it was predatory conduct.”

In her conclusion, Robinson mentioned Watson’s absence of regret as a factor in her decision.

He stated, “There were numerous individuals who were provoked.” Watson was inquired about the reason for his apology if he is innocent. “For all those who were impacted by this circumstance.”

Watson was accused of being sexually inappropriate with women from March 2021 to March 2020. The accused women claimed that he exposed himself to them, touched them with his penis, or kissed them against their will. One woman alleged that Watson forced her to perform oral sex.

Two distinct grand juries in Texas chose not to charge Watson, who additionally resolved 23 out of the 24 lawsuits.

The Texans traded their first-round draft picks to several other teams, and there is speculation about whether Watson would play for the Browns in 2022 after the suspension ends, which has been going on for months now.

Cincinnati, along with Baltimore and Pittsburgh, has the potential to compete in the AFC North. However, without him, they might face difficulties in becoming a Super Bowl contender, as the Browns have faith in Watson, the defending conference champion.

Cleveland will consider alternative choices at the quarterback position. However, it is now conceivable that the Browns’ intention was to hand over their offensive duties to experienced player Jacoby Brissett, who has accumulated 37 starts throughout his career. From the beginning, this has been their plan.

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