‘Blood is on me!’: Bank employees describe deadly Louisville shooting

A shooter unleashed gunfire on bank employees and responding police officers in downtown Louisville, resulting in nine casualties and four injuries, turning a routine Monday morning into a tragic incident.

He said that he was in a conference room on the first floor of Pointe Preston building for a meeting with Troy Haste, an executive from National Old Bank, when the shooting started.

The lady sitting beside me at WHAS, an ABC affiliate, expressed her surprise by saying, “What on earth,” before swiftly turning around. Suddenly, we heard a distinct sound, followed by the assailant initiating a series of gunshots.

During the incident, Haste noticed blood on the additional material close to the shoulder of his checkered button-up shirt while conversing with a nearby journalist, clearly disturbed. As he hurriedly left the premises, Haste briefly caught sight of the assailant in a break room, concealed.

“Whoever is beside me was shot, blood is on me from it,” he stated.

Three victims of the shooting remain in critical condition, including a police officer who had just graduated from the police academy. By the time officers arrived at the scene, including one who had recently graduated from the police academy, four victims had been killed and nine others, including two officers, were injured. The shooter, armed with a long rifle, began firing as soon as law enforcement arrived at the scene, just three minutes after the first call about the shooting was received by the police in Louisville on Monday around 8:30 am.

At a press conference on Monday, Louisville Metro Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel stated that the individual who carried out the shooting was a bank employee.

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Located in downtown Louisville, the professional baseball stadium of National Old Bank is adjacent to a modern building called Pointe Preston. This building is shared by multiple businesses and houses a 100,000 square-foot office space on its first floor.

Craig Collins, informed WHAS that he was inside the garage of the establishment when he caught the sound of the gunshots at approximately 8:42 a.M., A property agent affiliated with Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Kentucky.

He stated, “I recently exited the elevator into the parking lot, and subsequently I heard numerous gunshots once more.” “The law enforcement officials present here on Preston instructed me to seek shelter,” the two police officers conveyed. “I swiftly fled outdoors.”

Riggs Daylin had just walked into the conference room where everyone was running errands and hearing loud noises coming from an elevator he was originally told about, causing commotion about learning before construction.

“I reached the location, and the man exclaimed, ‘Hurry, there’s a gunman!'” He recounted.

In the aftermath of the shooting, the Louisville Police Department has established a family reunification center for the victims of the incident.

In a declaration, Jim Ryan, the Chief Executive Officer of Old National, expressed, “The well-being of the employees of Old National Bank and all individuals we cater to at our banking centers is of utmost importance.” Ryan further included, “We are offering our thoughts and prayers to all those impacted by this unfortunate event and providing employee aid and assistance while we anticipate further information.”

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