Blink-182ʼs reunion tour: Why now is the perfect time for their return

The timing of this reunion may have been slightly delayed due to an injury, but this tour will provide younger listeners who missed out on the first wave of Enema-led success the opportunity to see the definitive lineup of a band whose influence on the pop and alternative scene has arguably never been greater. After teasing us with well-placed billboards and secret links on blink-182’s websites, Travis, Tom, and Mark confirmed in October that they will indeed be back in the show. It was a reunion that every pop-punk fan had been hoping for, although it was never thought to be possible.

Waterparksʼ Awsten Knight declares, “Their music has endured. When you listen to ‘Always,’ it could be released today and become immensely popular. There is no other band quite like them.”

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According to Ben Barlow, the lead singer of Neck Deep, “They consistently possessed that undisclosed recipe. They refined it to its most enjoyable essence. Blink were not solely responsible for creating that particular sound, but they were the ones who broadened its scope and executed it flawlessly.”

According to Chuck Comeau of Simple Plan, “There are these emerging bands such as Meet Me @ The Altar and Magnolia Park that are adding their own unique touch to the genre. This contributes to the overall momentum of the music scene, especially with the return of blink.”

At the scene, his immediately recognizable playing technique has had a truly enduring influence. However, it is his instantly recognizable playing technique that has been at the forefront of pop punk’s commercial resurgence, cleverly and skillfully guiding the sound into the 2020s. Working alongside producer John Feldmann, he has assisted jxdn in translating his TikTok fame into musical triumph. By collaborating with Machine Gun Kelly and Avril Lavigne to great acclaim, drummer Travis Barker has quickly gained a reputation as the hardest-working individual in the music industry. Moreover, as a band, the trio has also made their own unique marks on the current alternative rock scene, extending beyond their collective impact.

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Evan Ambrosio states, “Travis Barker is one of the primary factors that motivate me to pursue drumming.” He was extremely influential to a young drummer. He has inspired most drummers in our community, if not all. Similar to Travis, I aspired to play. I had no interest in playing ordinary or mundane drum beats.

Mark Hoppus has years of advice and experience as a valuable figure in several generations of pop-punk bands, acting as something beyond his obvious musical talents. He has also worked with a wide variety of alternative artists over the years, including newcomers like Hot Milk and Dropout School Beauty, as well as established acts like New Found Glory and Motion City Soundtrack.

It was a complete manifestation of his inherent kindness. He had a desire or principle to help young bands and contribute back to the music scene, which is probably why they started when they did, as they came from the pop-punk scene where there were likely many bands that needed assistance. He didn’t have to do all of that. We were an unsigned band and at that time, we were the biggest rock band in the music industry. They were at the very top of the world. They had sold millions of records, which, according to Comeau, provided a different perspective. It was a game-changer for us. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Hoppus early in our career, specifically on the “Do Anything” single, which was significant for Simple Plan.

Evan, who collaborated with Hoppus on the State Champsʼ song “Time Machine,” emphasizes, “It was extremely motivating to not just be in the presence of someone from such a legendary band, but also someone who possesses such immense skill and ingenuity.” “It was truly an extraordinary encounter to not only share the same space, but to have him treat a young band with such kindness.”

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“Edging.” The recent single blink, once again trading forth and back lines with his iconic vocal style, was a thrill for fans to hear. These moments were certain to satisfy longtime fans, but there was an extra thrill in hearing Hoppus with Hoppus. While the acoustic solo set was predictably drowned out by the nightly singalongs from the crowd, there were enough moments to satisfy the fans. In 2019, on the U.S. Tour accompanying blink-182, he saw a certain fall back in love with his older material, revisiting songs like “Miss You” and “Aliens Exist.” Prior to his return to blink-182, Tom DeLonge had just released some of his finest work to date, including singles like “Rebel Girl” and “Kiss & Tell,” channeling stadium-sized synths and pop power with Angels & Airwaves.

Barlow states that Tom was a slightly snottier, punkier version of himself. He was an emotional and soft guy, but also silly and satirical. I think he sums up punk pop at its least or what I’m trying to do with our music. At least, he shows some depth as a person, showcasing two sides of himself. That definitely comes out in a lot of Tom’s songs.

In their later years, NINE’s album Untitled 2003 continues to hold a high musical point, creating influences that channel post-hardcore and emo. Many musicians of this era consider it as a significant album, with songs like “First Date” and “What’s My Age Again?” Being endlessly requested on rock radio stations around the world. Despite the absence of their previous lineup, this particular recording together has endured for four old years.

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“Feeling This,” Knight elucidates, “commenced with my compilation CDs of all. For each consecutive year, I ensured that the initial melody I encountered was ‘Feeling This,’ for approximately nine or ten years. I had an imperative to commence my year with that melody…I adore when the “foolish” ensemble proceeds and demonstrates individuals, compels them, to perceive the profundity and magnitude of their potential. That album accomplished that for them, and I believe that it motivated me more than any melody could.”

They said, “Look at the mess we started… Do you want to play?” Inspired by themselves, they subsequently described their moment as taking their rightful place alongside those charts. They are seizing the opportunity to release a new album, which has already been described as their best work by DeLonge. However, TRL dominated the charts with “Small Things” before we remember them. Young Were We When will cater to those old enough to remember us, not interested in nostalgia for the sake of nostalgia. This band, like My Chemical Romance, is not interested in nostalgia. However, blink-182’s victory lap in 2023 is a must-have ticket for European arenas and stadium dates, mixing the best of both worlds.

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