Biden sparks backlash after telling audience member at White House Eid event to ‘hush up, boy’

Joe Biden received backlash for instructing a White House participant to ‘remain silent, young man’, at a ceremony honoring the Islamic festival Eid-al-Fitr.

During a crowded gathering, the president was disrupted by an attendee, who is thought to be a male follower of Islam, as the uncomfortable interaction occurred while he commemorated the event.

‘Would you like to come and deliver a speech?’ Biden replied after being heckled from the audience.

The remark, which was met with laughter from the attendees, continued as the boy mimicked his Southern drawl and would say, “Hush,” just like my mother.

Wes Moore, the inaugural African American governor of Maryland, was mentioned by the president while employing the phrase ‘boy’ in other racially provocative comments, most recently in February. The president has previously faced criticism for this.

According to reports, an incident erupted after a member of the audience heckled the first Muslim federal judge in attendance, failing to mention support for Biden.

When contacted by DailyMail.Com, the office of Judge Zahid Quraishi, the initial Muslim American federal judge, chose not to provide a comment.

After Biden initially interrupted, he said, “Hey judge, how are you?” I wanted to thank you for serving, but I don’t know why you wanted the job, man. You know, I appoint all the federal judges.

The use of the word ‘boy’ by Biden, which has historically carried derogatory connotations against black people, quickly sparked backlash due to its racist nature. Despite the attendee’s objection, Biden continued to refer to him as ‘boy’ in his response.

Texas state delegate Sarah Fields criticized the president’s spontaneous comments and the assertion that the person was a member of the military, and promptly shared a video of the incident on the internet.

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‘Imagine if another president called someone “boy”‘, she remarked. ‘Especially someone in our military’.

The eruption was also denounced by RNC Research, a GOP activist account operated by the Republican National Committee.

The organization included a video showcasing multiple blunders by the president and asked in a subsequent tweet, ‘Do you think Biden is racially biased?’

Are you not as clever as Trump or myself when it comes to solving problems? If you have a problem figuring it out, God help you. Charlamagne tha God, a rapper known for making racially-charged comments, including recent years, has faced similar controversies. Biden has faced controversy recently for similar comments.

At the White House’s Eid celebration event, the president, who recently declared his intention to launch his 2024 re-election campaign, once again faced criticism for a distinct, embarrassing remark.

Biden expressed, ‘God bless you… I might face repercussions for uttering these words, but you appear stunning this evening,’ as he addressed Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who is among the pioneering Muslim women serving in Congress.

DailyMail.Com has reached out to the White House for a statement.

Khairullah Mohamed, the Muslim mayor of New Jersey, said he was “baffled” after the entrance to the celebration was blocked. This event, previously plunged into controversy, happened after the White House’s Secret Service.

Khairullah, the Mayor, said that he had not been cleared for entry by Secret Service and received a call stating that he could not attend the event at the White House before he was set to arrive.

He stated that the official from the White House did not provide an explanation for the Secret Service’s obstruction of his entrance.

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Khairullah expressed, ‘I was completely perplexed, startled, and let down. I missed out on attending a gathering. The reason behind my absence remains unknown. I am on a list of individuals who have been targeted. My identity is associated with being on that targeted list. I strongly believe that such profiling should not be practiced in the highest office in the United States.’

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