Best-selling author Colleen Hoover is SLAMMED over plans to release It Ends With Us adult coloring book – based on hit novel about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – forcing her to pull ‘tone-deaf’ project

Colleen Hoover has been slammed after she revealed plans to release an adult coloring book based on her novel about domestic violence.

The publication of her best-selling novel, “It Ends With Us,” sparked the creation of the drawing book, which received an outpouring of criticism upon the announcement of the 42-year-old best-selling writer.

Converting it into a coloring book didn’t appear suitable, and supporters couldn’t resist condemning the reader for her ‘insensitive’ choice, considering that the original novel dealt with profound subject matter, when she disclosed her plan to create a coloring book version of her bestselling book.

The author, known as Her, is being accused of attempting to cash in on domestic violence by using her popularity to promote her book on BookTok. Some fans and followers have questioned why she would go as far as making such a decision.

One of the biggest consumers of the adult coloring book industry, I wrote in an Instagram post that a dream come true is to have one of my books turned into a coloring book, which has now been removed.

‘I am extremely thrilled about this.

‘Scheduled for release on April 4th, 2023. Exquisitely depicted by Emma Taylor.’

One user quickly expressed disapproval as fans came flooding in with comments, stating that the capitalization and popularity of ‘It Ends With US’ have been taken too far.

She acknowledged that she had sent the project to publishers and apologized for the insensitivity of the book’s content, one day after receiving criticism.

Hoover went on her Instagram story to express her apology.

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‘The coloring book was created with Lily’s abilities in mind, but I can definitely understand how this was insensitive.

‘I understand your points and I concur with you. No justifications. No blaming others.

She expressed her feelings by saying, “Only love. I appreciate your accountability and respectful discussion. I would prefer not to proceed with it, and I want to inform you that I have reached out to the publisher.”

After Hoovers apology, the publisher Atria Books also confirmed that the undertaking was being terminated due to backlash from readers.

The spokesperson for Books Atria wrote a post on Instagram announcing the official publication of The Official It Ends with Us Coloring Book.

We highly value the admiration and feedback that fans have for Colleen Hoover, considering her as one of the most respected authors. Our objective in creating this book about Lily Bloom is to present a story that reflects empowerment and inspires positivity.

‘Thank you for the sincere discussion and enthusiasm for the universe Colleen has built in her books and the individuals within.’

The story told by Us With Ends It is about a young woman who is assaulted by her husband, who finds herself fighting against the cycle of abuse.

The novel, which gained traction on TikTok, is a best-seller and is based on the troubled marriage of Hoover’s parents.

The movie adaptation of It Ends With Us is currently gaining popularity.

Even though she decided to terminate the project, readers are still angry about the initial plans.

One reader, Izzy Hayes said, ‘Out of every book she picks to turn a book about domestic abuse into a coloring book.

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Sam mentioned that he was taken aback when another reader called the book ‘horrific domestic abuse about, it’s a coloring book, aren’t we supposed to have any idea what it’s supposed to be?’

Cassia remarked, ‘Every day I’m thankful she’s always been in my negative authors list. Where do these writers find the boldness?’

“Amber, however, honestly said that drama can make art into a taboo, which is maybe why I don’t like it.”

‘Thank you for the courteous discussion and responsibility. Nothing but affection.’

The contentious coloring book is still accessible for viewing on Amazon; however, it indicates that the item is ‘currently unavailable.’

Thanks to the popular trend #BookTok on TikTok, Hoover became one of the most successful writers in the world, currently sitting in the top 10 list of best-selling books in New York Times, with her five books.

Colleen’s novels have generated considerable buzz within the community, as users engage in discussions about the books they have read, share their responses to the unexpected plot developments, and offer recommendations of their own beloved titles to fellow members.

In spite of being released several years ago, numerous novels by Colleen have recently made their way into the fiction section of the New York Times’ Best Sellers list, both in terms of printed copies and E-books, owing to her sudden rise in popularity on the application.

Delia Owens’ most popular book, Where the Crawdads Sing, is currently sitting at the number two spot on the 2016 bestseller list. Another highly acclaimed book by the author is called Us With Ends It.

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Following that initial month, sales came to a halt, with the book managing to sell approximately 21,000 copies as reported by PublisherWeekly.Com during its first month of publication six years ago.

An article posted on PublisherWeekly.Com in September claimed that a book jumped up in sales, with an average of 17,000 weekly sales. It entered the sphere when last summer, and broke the triple digits until rarely seen “weekly sales” for several years.

Colleen was making approximately $289,000 weekly from the book, which means she was averaging sales of 17,000 per week. The E-book and paperback versions of the book retail for $16.99 each.

All of Colleen Hoover’s novels, such as All Your Perfects, November 9, Ugly Love, and Verity, along with her other works, including the ones that topped the bestsellers list, achieved similar levels of success as It Ends With Us.

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