Best Nespresso Vertuo pods: Capsules rated and reviewed

Here, we look at the best Nespresso Vertuo pods. Each pod is brewed differently by the machine, using the barcode around the edge of the capsule. The blend of each pod is different in terms of flavor. The Vertuo system is mostly designed to produce longer cups of coffee. The new Vertuo pods from Nespresso’s machine, the Vertuo Plus, are quite different from the original ones, as they are brewed with centrifugal force and are larger in size.

We will be adding this list to try new varieties of coffee as we split the coffee we have tasted into sections. We are making our way through everything, rating each type of coffee for its taste and quality. We also offer seasonal variations, including limited-time on-sale options. Don’t miss out on the huge variety of coffee pods available, which are only available from Nespresso Vertuo.

Please note that the intensity level does not refer to the caffeine level. A coffee with a higher number may have less caffeine than a coffee with a lower intensity level. High-intensity coffee has a dark roast and a bitter taste, while low-intensity coffee has a light roast. The intensity rating of Nespresso’s coffee is based on how long the coffee was roasted and the volume of the drink. We have listed a rating out of five for each capsule produced.

Explore the coffee that catches your interest:

  • Carafe Pour-Over Style – A more extended coffee – verify cost.
  • Increase – 20% additional caffeine – verify cost.
  • Exclusive reserve – Some of the finest coffees in the globe – verify cost.
  • Gran Lungo – Smaller, 150ml coffee, for more compact mugs – verify cost.
  • Explore Master Origin – Exceptional single-origin coffees, crafted to deliver unparalleled quality – discover the price.
  • Coffee Mug – 230ml of beverage, designed to fit a standard coffee cup – verify the cost.
  • Barista Creations – Flavored coffee to add a touch of intrigue – verify cost.
  • DISCONTINUED Subtle flavors enhance the coffee without the need for sugar.
  • The special edition set of coffee designed to evoke memories of Parisian coffee shops, titled “Paris of Taste A: Variations,” has been discontinued in 2018.
  • Exclusive Release (2019) – NO LONGER AVAILABLE – Two options commemorating a wider range of unique tastes.
  • Carafe Pour-Over Style

    A lengthier, unique type of coffee exclusive to the Vertuo Next Machines.

    Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

    Rating: 4…5.

    Intensity: N/A.

    Volume: 535ml.

    Nespresso claims: Strong and flavorful coffee.

    Distributing from that location and pouring into a carafe (Nespresso offers one, although any can be used), the Carafe Pour-Over Style capsules are substantial, distributing 535ml of coffee. Specifically designed for the Vertuo Next machines (these capsules are not compatible with the previous Vertuo Plus), we affirm.

    Nespresso has used Peruvian and Colombian beans to create a coffee with an intense roast, developing smoky and roasted notes. It’s a testament to the Vertuo system that it can deliver coffee like this, with a long pour that creates crema.

    I would like an insulated carafe for that; as I prefer to make a 1-liter carafe of coffee using two capsules, throughout the day. It’s more convenient to pour the coffee into a carafe and share it, rather than having to dispense only one cup of coffee. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make pour-over coffee in a carafe to preserve its taste. It is excellent for after-dinner or breakfast. It has a smooth taste with a full-bodied and dark roast profile.


    The taste characteristics of the beans remain unchanged, leading to an additional amount of caffeine (20% higher) since Nespresso utilizes caffeine derived from unroasted beans in the decaffeination procedure and subsequently introduces it into green beans via a steam infusion for their Boost collection.

    Melozio Boost

    Silky and refined with an additional 20% of caffeine.

    Rating: 4..

    Intensity: 6.

    Volume: 230ml..

    Nespresso states that the Brazilian Bourbon variety beans and the aromatic Central American Arabica beans received an additional enhancement, as though the blend’s traditional cereal flavor and sweet honey taste were not already sufficient to capture people’s affection.

    Melozio is a well-balanced and smooth all-rounder with a decent taste that gives you an additional 20% boost of caffeine. We can say that Melozio is the standard.

    The Melozio Boost, included in this compilation, does not include the richer and more captivating flavors found in certain other coffees. However, it is a delightful coffee to start the day with, and it leaves behind a remarkably seamless aftertaste. The initial sip offers a velvety, moderately sweet impact with an earthy and toasty flavor. Smoothness is derived from Brazilian Bourbon, while the flavors are complemented by Central American Arabicas, resulting in a split roast that forms the foundation of this coffee.

    In my opinion, the Melozio Boost produces a coffee that is slightly superior to the original. This coffee is delicate and smooth, providing a pleasant experience for those days when an additional caffeine kick is needed. The extra caffeine acts as a nice pick-me-up in this case.

    Stormio Boost

    Luxurious and strong with an additional 20% caffeine.

    Rating: 4..

    Intensity: 8.

    Volume: 230ml..

    Nespresso claims that Stormio Boost embodies the full intensity of those flavorful, woody, and grainy scents.

    The Stormio Boost, specifically tailored for you, is a blend of Nicaraguan and Guatemalan coffee beans with a rich and intense flavor. Just like the original variation of this coffee, if you desire a robust and bold cup of coffee that gives the impression of containing higher levels of caffeine, we refer to it as the Stormio Boost.

    The Stormio coffee offers stronger and bolder dark roasted flavors compared to subtle ones. You can expect a slight bitterness, but surprisingly, it leaves a smooth aftertaste. Additionally, this coffee has a strong hint of wood and spices.

    Although Boost Melozio is more delicate, it provides a gentler way to get the same pick-me-up in the morning, thanks to the additional caffeine.

    Special Reserve

    Blue Mountain

    A extremely silky mug of coffee for exceptional events.

    Rating: 5.

    Intensity: 7.

    Volume: 40ml.

    According to Nespresso, this espresso is characterized by exotic woody aromas.

    It is definitely worth the cost, however, the coffee is quite pricey at £11 for a pack of 10 here. Devoid of the acridness present in other coffees, it boasts an incredibly velvety flavor and aftertaste, for a valid reason: Jamaican Blue Mountain is renowned as one of the most exceptional (and costly) coffees in the world. We affirm.

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    Those who do not prefer strong, bold coffee will be pleasantly surprised by the alternate version of the input paragraph. After consuming a sip, the intense nature of this coffee mellows out, leaving behind a smooth flavor. With a combination of two darker roasts (the second roast being longer), this coffee offers a deep, woody and spicy taste.

    This limited edition coffee is available in stock for a while. It’s fantastic to buy this espresso in the morning to cheer yourself up, whether it’s just for a good meal or to enjoy throughout the day. And the price of this coffee is definitely worth it.

    Hawaii Kona

    A superb, exceptionally creamy coffee with a strong explosion of taste.

    Rating: 5.

    Intensity: 6.

    Volume: 40ml.

    Nespresso says: Coffee connoisseurs will be astonished by the complex fruity bouquet arising from the volcanic soil and unique terroir of Hawaii.

    Arguably, Kona coffee from Hawaii is known as the best-known specialty coffee, while Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica is considered as one of the other coffees on this island that is grown at higher altitudes and is possibly smoother than the lesser-known traditional Arabica coffee.

    As long as supplies are available, it is recommended to purchase a pack of these in addition to the Blue Mountain. However, if you are looking for something more unique, this capsule is pricier compared to most Vertuo pods. With the coffee’s velvety texture maintained, it transforms into a fruity aftertaste, providing an initial strong and earthy flavor: a longer, lighter one, as well as a shorter, darker one. Nespresso employs a divided roasting process for this particular capsule.

    Gran Lungo


    A fantastic combination of coffee: powerful enough to capture your attention, delicate enough to stimulate your thoughts.

    Rating: 5.

    Intensity: 6.

    Volume: 150ml.

    Nespresso claims: A blend with medium roasting and noticeable cereal flavors.

    The combination of flavors that Arondio has is interesting and unique. It is not too strong or overpowering, but it has enough mellowness. The mid-intensity capsules for Nespresso are often a good mix, as they have a lot of bold flavors.

    Arondio is a fascinating combination that highlights the strength, enhancing the flavors of cereal and subtle hints. It utilizes Colombian Arabica beans and a hint of Gautamalan Robusta.

    The nose on this coffee has a lighter, almost sweet note, with the fruity and refreshing vibe backed up by bolder cereal tones. There’s a hint of bitterness and a touch of acidity, mixing it with the bolder cereal notes.

    This is by far our favorite grand lungo.


    A mild coffee that encompasses the taste.

    Rating: 4.

    Intensity: 4.

    Volume: 150ml.

    Nespresso claims: A gentle coffee with a surprising hint of musk.

    The Alforazio’s brewing method will imbue your household with this sophisticated and gentle fusion, a highly fragrant coffee, we declare. Nespresso has utilized a combination of unwashed Ethiopian Arabicas, lightly and moderately roasted to accentuate the more untamed flavors, and East African Arabicas, extensively roasted to enhance the blueberry undertones.

    The crisp finish is both complete and invigorating, with a subtle touch of astringency. Hints of blueberry, more vibrant and airier, linger, while introducing pungent, natural flavors upon the initial taste. It presents a captivating blend.

    Aflorazio is an excellent coffee option for those seeking a lighter beverage with a wide range of flavors.


    Extremely flavorful yet lacks finesse.

    Rating: 3.

    Intensity: 8.

    Volume: 150ml.

    According to Nespresso, the coffee’s richness is enhanced by the hints of bitter cocoa powder and oak wood.

    We use a blend of medium-roasted Arabicas from American and Central South, and dark-roasted Robusta from India, in Fortado. It gives Fortado its full-bodied fragrance and intensity rating, with a hint of sweetness from the cocoa powder. However, the overall darkness of the Robusta can be overpowering.

    The Fortado is not our preferred blend due to its slight bitterness. Despite being quite understated, there are hints of cocoa in the flavor. The drink gains its depth and strength from the addition of the darker Robusta beans. It is not the most delicate coffee option available.

    The Arondio, known for its delicate flavors, is undoubtedly a superior blend. However, the Fortado serves as an excellent option for individuals seeking a bold and robust coffee, sacrificing its subtlety for a more intense taste.

    Master Origin

    Master Origin Columbia

    A silky and delicate single-source coffee.

    Rating: 4.

    Intensity: 5.

    Capacity: 230ml (mug).

    Nespresso claims: A notably fruity, sugary mug with a tangy acidity and red berry fragrances.

    Similar to a fine wine, the red berry flavor is evident in this cup, accompanied by a pleasant sweetness. There are many appealing aspects for those who appreciate delicacy. The Master Origin Columbia’s light roast may be too subtle for certain palates; however, we consider it a velvety and mild coffee.

    A gentle cup of coffee for a morning or slow afternoon, the delicate taste of this coffee means that it’s not overpowering.

    Master Origin Mexico

    A more intense blend that’s slightly more palatable than others.

    Rating: 3..5

    Intensity: 7.

    Capacity: 230ml (mug).

    Nespresso claims: It produces a flavorful, textured cup filled with roasted and spiced flavors.

    The Origin Master uses a blend of double-washed Robusta and hand-picked arabica from Mexico to give a final brew that is stronger and more interesting in taste. The selection of coffees gives an earthy and woody taste that comes through first, with a slight hint of bitterness and a delicate and subtle aftertaste that lingers.

    If you’re not usually a fan of darker roasts, the more subtle flavours of this quite intense coffee could appeal to you.



    A creamy and extremely mild coffee.

    Rating: 4…5.

    Intensity: 2.

    Volume: 230ml.

    Nespresso states: A perfectly harmonized and delicately roasted morning blend.

    We can say that Solelio nails it, but getting the flavor can be quite challenging as it combines a blend of Arabica beans and part Kenyan, which reduces the acidity and maintains the fruity character, with part Colombian being roasted light.

    It’s a winning combination of our favorite blends. The initial sip gives you a sweet taste with a hint of red fruit and a touch of bitterness, maintaining a smooth palette. It’s a high-quality drink that makes coffee easier to drink and more refreshing if you want it for the morning.


    Rich with robust flavors, yet not overwhelming.

    Rating: 4…5.

    Intensity: 7.

    Volume: 230ml.

    Nespresso claims: A rich coffee with grainy hints highlighted by a subtle East African fruitiness.

    The Odacio, a blend of lightly roasted Ethiopian and long-roasted Nicaraguan coffee, is filled with a robust and bold flavor, without being too overpowering. It can be described as a highly intense cup of coffee.

    It’s an interesting contrast that works well together. The coffee from Ethiopian Arabica is balanced by a sweeter fruitiness, while the Nicaraguan coffee has an initial hit of earthy cereal tones.

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    Even for individuals who typically do not enjoy the stronger capsules, this is an exceptional coffee that offers robust flavors without being overwhelming or excessively bitter.


    A delicious dark brew overflowing with taste.

    Rating: 4.

    Intensity: 8.

    Volume: 230ml.

    Nespresso claims: Conjures up flavors of spicy, wooden, and grainy aromas.

    The robust and unique taste originates from Nicaraguan beans, while the grainy undertones are contributed by Guatemalan washed Arabica in the mixture. The Stormio embodies the powerful coffee that its name evokes, rich and deeply roasted. We declare.

    This blend of coffee does not have an overly bitter aftertaste, making it far smoother and darker than you may expect. The taste is intense and earthy, with a hint of bitterness that lingers just as you would expect from a darker roast.

    A good option for those who enjoy darker roasts but appreciate some distinct taste in their coffee.


    A robust coffee but it lacks nuance.

    Rating: 3..5

    Intensity: 8.

    Volume: 230ml.

    Nespresso states that the coffee that is roasted until dark is characterized by the existence of brown sugar and deeply toasted flavors, resulting in a one-of-a-kind and unmistakable flavor.

    Brave, deep and robust, Intenso embodies precisely what you anticipate from a coffee ranked 9 on Nespresso’s level of intensity. There’s no playing games with the nomenclature of this coffee, we declare.

    The blend uses intensely roasted, washed Guatemalan Robusta to achieve a strong flavor profile. The addition of brown sugar notes enhances the taste while reducing acidity, thanks to the shorter dark roasting of American and Mexican Arabicas from Latin America.

    The Stormio, like the other blends, lacks some of the interesting and nuanced flavors, but it offers a strong and intense coffee with a lingering and enjoyable bold aftertaste that dominates the taste, giving it a polished sugary finish. The first sip of the coffee brings out a strong bitterness.


    Bright and invigorating, but may be a little sugary for numerous individuals.

    Rating: 3..5

    Intensity: 4.

    Volume: 230ml.

    Nespresso claims: A aromatic combination of high-quality Arabica coffee beans from South America, gently roasted to unleash plentiful flavors.

    Elvazio uses a very light roast to separately preserve the flavors of Brazilian Bourbon and Colombian beans in their coffee blend, we say.

    While it may lack a touch of intensity, the Elvazio is more invigorating than numerous coffees. Possessing a sweeter lingering flavor than what you typically encounter with most coffees, this beverage offers a gentle fruity essence, presenting an exceptionally smooth combination.


    A good all-rounder.

    Rating: 3..5

    Intensity: 6.

    Volume: 230ml.

    Nespresso claims: A well-rounded coffee that is creamy and impeccably harmonized.

    The Melozio is positioned right in the center of the intensity spectrum, so to speak. Employing a divided roasting technique, it incorporates a combination of Brazilian and Central Arabicas. The indulgent, grainy flavors are reportedly discovered in the Brazilian Bourbon; the distinct roast of the Central American Arabica contributes character and harmony.

    This coffee is good for any occasion. It avoids the burnt flavors and bitterness of darker roast varieties, but packs a punch with slightly more intense flavors than the less intense pods. It has a smooth and pleasant aftertaste, with a toasty, earthy, and mellow taste dominating the first sip.


    A delicate and slightly mild coffee.

    Rating: 3.

    Intensity: 4.

    Volume: 230ml.

    According to Nespresso, it showcases the flavors of toasted cereal, accompanied by delicate white floral undertones that are distinct to Ethiopian Arabica.

    The Kenyan beans have a more intense and bitter flavor for a darker roast; the Ethiopian coffee, on the other hand, has a lighter roast, protecting its original flavors. Nespresso used a split roast for Giornio, utilizing a blend of Kenyan and Ethiopian Arabica beans.

    If you are searching for a stronger taste, you should search elsewhere as this coffee is quite weak. The coffee is infused with Kenyan beans, which add hints of cereal and floral notes throughout. This coffee is very smooth and mild, earning a rating of 4 out of 10 for its intensity.

    Barista Creations

    Hazilino Muffin

    A robust and flavorful mug, with hazelnut adding a touch of intensity and personality.

    Rating: 5.Intensity: Sweet and velvetyCapacity: 230ml (mug).

    According to Nespresso, hints of cookie and almond are paired with the unique hazelnut taste in this Vertuo coffee.

    I am pleased to say that Hazilino Muffin is one of my favorite coffee flavors, and it is a complex and subtle taste that avoids overpowering the senses. While brewing, this capsule will fill your kitchen with a pleasant aroma. We say that the old hazelnut coffee is a favorite of mine.

    When you take your first sip, the hazelnut flavor hits you with a slightly sweeter and warmer taste than the caramel and vanilla options. The Ethiopian coffee, blended with Brazilian dark medium roast beans, used by Nespresso Creations Barista, leads your nose with the delicious smell of hazelnut.

    As you savor the wonderful cup of coffee, the Hazelnut adds a special touch and a bit more interest, while the smoothness and earthy body of the coffee are still retained. The gentle almond flavor perfectly complements the smooth coffee base, expanding the profile and leaving you with a delightful and satisfying coffee experience.

    Vanilla Custard Pie

    A subtle suggestion of vanilla and taste adds a touch of sweetness to this coffee.

    Rating: 4…5.Intensity: Sweet and velvetyCapacity: 230ml (mug).

    Smooth and velvety flavored coffee through laced biscuit butter and almond of hints subtle with harmony in note vanilla classic: says Nespresso.

    The Vanilla Custard Pie possesses a gentle fragrance. By incorporating the perfect amount of vanilla, the outcome is fortunately more understated. Despite the name evoking thoughts of a decadent and indulgent dessert, we assert.

    The Ethiopian coffee beans provided a pleasant texture and robustness, while the Brazillian coffee beans contributed a hint of sweetness. In the second batch, Nespresso incorporated a blend of medium-dark Brazillian coffee beans and Ethiopian coffee beans, utilizing split-roasted beans for this concoction.

    The Nespresso capsule Vanizio, which has been discontinued, has achieved the perfect balance on this one. It gives a delicate almond taste with an initial mix of vanilla, pleasantly complemented and balanced by the fuller-bodied coffee hit and warmth. There is definitely sweetness, but it is more pronounced compared to the original Vanizio capsule.

    This is a great choice if you want a slightly different coffee with more subtle additions than the hazelnut or caramel pods.

    Caramel Cookie

    A flavorful and captivating coffee that adds a hint of sweetness to your cup.

    Rating: 4…5.Intensity: Sweet and velvetyCapacity: 230ml (mug).

    Can you also detect the subtle hints of coconut, almond, and biscuit in this delectable Vertuo coffee? However, can you perceive the traditional caramel fragrance swirling in the cup, as assured by Nespresso?

    The profile of this coffee is not overwhelming, but there is a richness to the flavor. The new Cookie Caramel is a slightly more interesting cup of coffee with a subtle balance of flavors, which is an update to the old Caramelizio.

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    If you’re looking for a more captivating option, the coffee in your mug is excellent. Slightly more potent than plain vanilla, the blend of flavors in this split-roast coffee creates a delightful cup of coffee that is perfect for afternoons or when paired with something sweet. As you savor each sip, you’ll notice a subtle almond undertone followed by a pronounced burst of caramel, which adds a unique richness. This Nespresso coffee offers a fairly intricate flavor profile, achieved by combining medium-dark Brazilian coffee with Ethiopian beans in a split-roast process.

    Flavoured – Discontinued


    A fantastic blend of hazelnut and coffee.

    Rating: 5.

    Intensity: 6.

    Capacity: 230ml (mug).

    Nespresso claims: A silky, well-balanced coffee that is pleasant to the palate with a unique, nutty fragrance.

    When you desire something slightly distinct, the Hazelino is an excellent option. Presenting a cup brimming with the delightful aroma of hazelnut, Nespresso has absolutely nailed it with the Hazelino. There is something truly remarkable about the manner in which hazelnut harmonizes with coffee, we assert.

    Ideal for mid-afternoon indulgence, this coffee is an excellent, enjoyable beverage with a velvety aftertaste that imparts minimal unpleasantness. The foundational combination of Brazilian and Central American Arabica coffee perfectly complements the hint of sweetness infused by the hazelnut essence, resulting in a silky-smooth concoction.


    The sugary taste of caramel perfectly enhances the flavor of this coffee.

    Rating: 4…5.

    Intensity: 6.

    Capacity: 230ml (mug).

    According to Nespresso, there are hints of caramelized fragrance and delicate hints of vanilla.

    The coffee in the cup is a gentle hint of caramel, just a little more far. Instead of being sickly sweet and overpowering, you might get a shot of caramel syrup. We can say that Nespresso has gone for subtlety with Caramelizio.

    This blend is made with lightly roasted Central and Brazilian Arabicas, resulting in a gentle and smooth taste that is free of bitterness. The addition of a hint of vanilla helps to develop the flavor, making it a fine cup to enjoy at any time of the day.


    The addition of vanilla gives this coffee a very silky texture.

    Rating: 4…5.

    Intensity: 6.

    Capacity: 230ml (mug).

    Nespresso claims: The taste of vanilla adds a smooth and balanced layer of flavor to the roundness present in this blend.

    In the Vanizio capsules, Vanilla demonstrates its adaptability yet again when utilized conservatively and has the ability to metamorphose dishes. Vanilla is an excellent taste to incorporate into nearly everything, we assert.

    Nespresso has sparingly used vanilla to add a subtle sweetness to the coffee, which enhances the slight bitterness of the blend of Arabica from Central and South America and Brazilian, making it easier and smoother to drink, along with other flavors.

    Vanizio is an excellent choice if you want a drink that is not overly robust, although it may be less unique in comparison to Caramelizio or Hazelino.

    Variations: A Taste of Paris (2018) – Discontinued

    Variations Paris Madeleine

    A delicious-tasting, almond-infused coffee.

    Our Score: 4.5.

    Intensity: 5.

    Capacity: 230ml (mug).

    Nespresso states that the pleasant recollection of a Madeleine is evoked by the pleasant combination of the unique, sweet almond taste paired with subtle suggestions of biscuits provided by Arabicas from Ethiopia, Central, and South America.

    If we say it, you’ll love the taste of almonds in Madeleine Paris Variations, as the cup brims with the brewed smell of almonds, closing in on you as a drink.

    This is a great cup to enjoy as a mid-morning treat, with either cake or biscuits. It features Ethiopian and Central American Arabica coffee, which adds strength and body, along with a hint of Brazilian undertone and almonds. The taste is slightly more subtle than the smell, which might lead you to believe.

    Variations Paris Black

    A deep and flavorful espresso.

    Rating: 4.

    Intensity: 11.

    Volume: 40ml (espresso shot).

    Nespresso claims: A balanced mixture of Arabicas, enhanced by a hint of Robusta.

    It lacks a bit of subtlety, but Black Paris is a great blend for those who like their coffee strong and black. It is a strong espresso with a good degree of bitterness. Black Paris has a slightly woody and spicy taste. The blend is designed to evoke images of a Parisian coffee shop – intense and dark-roasted. It eschews the addition of more traditional flavors. We say, try it out!

    Variations Paris Exotic Macaron

    A coffee with a coconut flavor that doesn’t quite meet expectations.

    Rating: 3.

    Intensity: 5.

    Capacity: 230ml (mug).

    Nespresso claims that this smooth Arabica blend from Ethiopia, Central and South America produces delicate coconut flavors that resemble an Exotic Macaron and have exquisite sweet notes.

    Coconut flows from the mug while the coffee is being prepared, saturating the room with a delightful fragrance. It is much more delicate, with only a slight presence of coconut. When approached closely and when in the cup, the scent is noticeable. That is our observation.

    The Macaron Exotic Paris Variations leave a sweet aftertaste, with just a hint of coconut coming through towards the latter edges. Coconut can be overpowering when used in high concentrations, so it is best to use it sparingly.

    Experience the aroma that is superior to others. The pleasant blend of Ethiopian Arabica, Central American, and Brazilian coffee creates a well-balanced mix that allows you to savor the exotic taste of Macaron Exotic.

    Limited Edition (2019) – Discontinued

    Caffe Venezia

    Rating: 5.

    Intensity: 8.

    Volume: 230ml.

    Nespresso claims that by blending Arabica coffee from the Harrar region in ancient Ethiopia with the rich aroma of exotic East Indian perfume, they have created a cup of coffee that embodies the historical taste of the region.

    The mid-intensity Nespresso capsules are said to be the best for holding your interest, as they use a combination of Indian and Ethiopian medium-roasted coffees from Venezia Caffe. These capsules aim to provide you with the strength you desire while also offering the subtlety of flavors.

    Providing a pleasant sensation, only a suggestion of tanginess accentuates the mug. With a richer, earthy lingering flavor, there is complexity to this coffee. The Caffe Venezia impresses you with flowery hints and a subtle sugary taste, an effortless cup.

    A remarkably enjoyable mug, the Caffe Venezia is a premier combination and one of my preferred coffees for the Vertuo selection.

    Cafe Istanbul

    Rating: 4.

    Intensity: 10.

    Volume: 40ml.

    According to Nespresso, this cup creates a reminiscent atmosphere of the mysterious Oriental bazaar, blending Indian and East Indies treasures with Arabian Mocha coffee from Yemen.

    The Cafe Istanbul serves robust and powerful coffee, which will immediately bring to mind the concept of Istanbul and Turkish coffee. The delicate nuances of the Yemen, Indian, and Indonesian combination are brought out by the medium roasted coffee beans utilized, despite the fact that the strength is measured at a 10.

    Following a small sip, there is a lingering peppery aftertaste that pleasantly remains, accompanied by a powerful burst of bitterness originating from the coffee, and a comforting, nearly nutty scent.

    I’m not usually a fan of intense varieties, but Istanbul’s Cafe has a mix of flavors that does it for me, and going to keep fine espresso.

    Have a preferred Nespresso Vertuo capsule? Tweet us @TrustedReviews.

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