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Party City – Party City, the New Jersey-based metallic balloon company, has hired counsel to address the global shortage of helium, among other issues. According to Bloomberg Law, the company’s creditors have cited this shortage as a factor in their decision. The Wall Street Journal further notes that Party City had hired restructuring advisors, and as of the third quarter of 2022, the company’s debt stood at $1.8 billion. Additionally, the company’s stock has declined by over 90% year to date, according to Investor Place.

Fabrics, JO-ANN, is facing an uphill battle with increasing costs and declining sales, which has led to a decline of almost $562 million, or 8%, in net sales for the third quarter. In order to improve its balance sheet and liquidity, the company has announced that it will be suspending its quarterly dividend.

The recent quarterly report from the company noted that it had nearly 500 stores and generated $151 million in sales for the ending quarter of October. However, the company also reported a loss of $28 million. Investor Place cited that the company expects to undergo delisting in early January, due to the filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Is AMC the Movie Chain still not returning to pre-COVID levels, significantly restructuring to boost revenue with a co-branded Visa card issued by the company, as reported by Forbes? Yet, there may be allegations that FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried manipulated AMC’s stock, and further rumors persist that holders of first and second lien and working with restructuring advisors are continuing.

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Is Dollar General reducing its footprint due to bankruptcy? It is good news for the retailer, as many shoppers and middle to high-income individuals have noted, according to BestLife. Insider CT further reported that Dollar General was the fastest-growing retailer in the country just before the pandemic. MSN cited that stores like Bed Bath & Beyond are also closing. Will Dollar General use bankruptcy to reduce its footprint in the new year due to supply chain issues and labor shortages? Previously owned by Steinhoff, Mattress Firm emerged from Chapter 11 in 2018 with a reduced footprint of 11 stores. However, according to Bloomberg, there has been a decline in demand for bedding due to consumer spending cuts. Furthermore, Bloomberg reported that major mattress manufacturer Serta Simmons Bedding is planning to file for bankruptcy in January 2023. Retail Dive listed Steinhoff as having a 9.99% chance of filing for bankruptcy by October 2022.

The retailer is not doing well due to concerns about the rising pressure on the consumer’s spending and the chain supply. As a result, the company plans to close stores to mitigate the higher costs associated with it. On November 9, 2022, Fitch Ratings downgraded Rite Aid’s long-term issuer default rating from B- to C. The Motley Fool noted in April of last year that the Philadelphia-based company had three major red flags, including an inability to deleverage and deteriorating financing, which continue to persist.

If this occurs, the last retailer should consider filing for bankruptcy. There is much concern about lower consumer spending and supply chain issues, which could severely affect sales in the first part of the new year. Despite the rosy sales figures from the last quarter, Republic Banana is leading the way with a net sales increase of 8%.

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The company’s spending on discretionary items is declining, and coupled with inflation, it could potentially lead to bankruptcy as profit margins are thin. Insider reported that the company’s third-quarter earnings call revealed a decline in sales compared to the previous year, particularly in early November and October. According to The New York Times, retail sales in November, which includes the biggest shopping days of the year such as Black Friday, were down 0.6 percent from October 2022. One example of this decline is Kohl’s Department Stores.

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