Autopsy report: Naya Rivera called for help as she drowned

Naya Rivera, the actress from ‘Glee’, tragically drowned in a boating accident on a lake in California, while accompanied by her four-year-old son. This information was disclosed in a recently published autopsy report on Friday. In distress, she extended her arm and urgently called out for assistance.

According to the report from the Ventura County Medical Examiner, the deceased person subsequently vanished into the water. The young boy ‘observed the deceased individual raise her arm in the air and shout `assistance,´’ After assisting him back onto the boat, Rivera and her son Josey Hollis Dorsey had been swimming in the lake.

Authorities previously stated that Rivera had drowned after putting her son Josey back on the boat at Lake Piru in northwest Los Angeles on July 8th, but help had not been mentioned for her shouting.

According to the report, Yolanda, Rivera’s mother, informed investigators that her daughter was proficient in swimming.

‘Yolanda stated that according to Josey, he and the decedent counted ‘1,2,3,’ and then jumped off the boat together,’ the report reads.

Included in the report was the account that ‘Soon after they leaped into the water, the deceased instructed Josey to return to the boat. He assisted him onto the vessel and subsequently heard the deceased cry out for ‘assistance’ while raising her arm in the air. Subsequently, she vanished beneath the water.’

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The person who leased her the pontoon boat claimed that she declined a life vest, but he still placed one on the boat.

The report revealed that the 33-year-old had previous problems with vertigo and a recent sinus infection. The system did not identify the factors causing her death, but it did find that she had a small amount of prescribed amphetamines and physical conditions were not identified.

The report indicated that Rivera ‘utilized a cannabis vape pen and she would consume approximately a pack of cigarettes per week’.

It also stated that Rivera had ‘no recorded history of suicidal thoughts or attempts.’

Toxicology tests also showed she had small, therapeutic amounts of the anti-anxiety drug diazepam and the appetite suppressant phentermine in her system.

She had a blood alcohol concentration of .016%.

Three 12-fluid-ounce cans of White Claw alcoholic sparkling water were discovered on Rivera’s vessel.

One bottle was empty, another was approximately three-quarters full, and the third bottle remained sealed.

The leftover of a 12 pack was discovered in her vehicle.

Investigators discovered her purse on the boat containing a filled prescription slip and ID, alongside syringes filled with a yet-to-be-identified pink liquid substance and her cellphone.

The report states that the cause of death is currently understood as drowning, which is the manner of death. The absence of toxicological or anatomic explanation for death, as well as the known surrounding circumstances, and the findings of the autopsy, are the basis for this conclusion.

Josey, Rivera’s son with her former husband, actor Ryan Dorsey, was found sleeping and alone on the drifting boat later that afternoon.

After a period of five days, her remains were located floating in a section of the lake that has a depth of around 30 feet.

Based on her death certificate, she passed away in a matter of minutes.

According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, she said that it is highly likely that she was trapped in thick underwater vegetation for several days before floating to the top.

I will never do any better than him, and she called him my greatest success. In her memoir, she tweeted a photo of herself with Josey, the day before her death.

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Following Rivera’s passing, her family issued a statement that stated: ‘Paradise acquired our spirited angel.

‘We are extremely thankful for the overwhelming display of affection and supplications for Naya, Josey, and our family during the previous week.

We grieve the loss of our beautiful legend, Naya, who was not only a sister and daughter but also an amazing mother and a person of even greater talent. We are blessed to honor her everlasting legacy and magnetic spirit.

Thank you for your unwavering effort and dedication in finding Naya for the women and men of San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department and Tulare, Ventura.

We extend boundless appreciation and applause to the protagonist who discovered her. We are grateful to her acquaintances, coworkers, and admirers for their unwavering backing.

Dorsey, her former spouse, assured and honored her after her passing, guaranteeing that Josey would mature with the knowledge that his mother adored him immensely.

You will always be a part of us because it makes life a little less bad and a little more good with Josey, but it is about all the times, both bad and good.

‘He will always remember his roots. We long for your presence. We will forever cherish you.’

Santana, a major cast member of the comedy musical TV show ‘Glee’ on Fox, was a cheerleader and played the role of a lesbian character. Rivera starred in the show from 2009 to 2015. Her death was a tragedy.

The series has been labeled as having a ‘curse’ following a series of heartbreaks and terrifying incidents associated with it.

31-year-old co-star Cory Monteith died at 31 from a toxic mix of alcohol and heroin, seven years after Rivera’s body was found.

In 2018, at the age of 35, Mark Salling, another co-star whom Rivera had dated previously, died by suicide following his admission of guilt for charges related to child pornography.

The TV show Glee has been plagued by scandal and tragedy, including bullying on set, domestic abuse, suicide, pedophilia, and drug overdoses.

Written by Ciara Farmer for MailOnline.

While Glee was easily one of the cheeriest shows to ever grace television screens, it had a long-prevailed curse behind-the-scenes that troubled its cast and crew.

The death of Naya Rivera brings a string of horrors and heartbreaks, including the recent rumors of on-set unrest, subsequent suicide, and Mark Salling’s conviction for child pornography possession. It also includes the accidental drug overdose of Cory Monteith, Naya’s ex-boyfriend, and co-star on the show.

The show “Glee Curse” has been the dominant force, ruling over trauma, for several years, both on and off the air, from 2009 to 2015, spanning six seasons.

The Fatal Drug and Alcohol Battle of Cory Monteith.

He had completed a stint in rehab four months before his death. After taking a lethal combination of alcohol and heroin, Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson, was found dead of a drug overdose in his hotel room in Vancouver on July 13, which was the start of the behind-the-scenes show’s demise.

After his death, she issued a statement. Lea called his mother, in a state of hysteria and screaming, when news of his overdose surfaced. It was disclosed that Cory and Lea Michele were in a relationship at the time of his passing.

The actress, through her representative, said, “Lea is deeply grateful for all the love and support she has received from her family, friends, and fans. Since the passing of Cory, Lea has been grieving alongside his family and making appropriate arrangements with them. They are supporting each other as they endure this profound loss together.”

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“She expressed her gratitude, saying, ‘I feel incredibly fortunate.’ Lea started a romantic relationship with Cory in 2012, and even after his passing, she still believes that he was the most admirable person she ever knew. Now, she is happily married to Zandy Reich and is eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child.”

‘Never intended to pass away’ and that his excessive dose prior to the weeks of dental treatment to cover his teeth, Ann McGregor, Cory’s mother, asserted that she had been taking pain medication following his demise, five years later.

When he ventured to Hollywood, he relapsed into negative tendencies. He succeeded in overcoming his vices for a period, but having undergone two periods of rehabilitation before reaching the age of 19, while also engaging in alcohol consumption and marijuana use since the age of 13, he had faced numerous personal struggles from an early stage, according to her.

Ann, who acknowledged that her son started using substances once more in December 2012, seven months prior to his passing, stated, “He wasn’t prepared for the realm of Hollywood. Drugs served as his means of disengaging.” Following his demise, she expressed, “I am still unable to recover from the aftermath. My entire world came to a complete halt. Furthermore, I have undergone a transformation and am no longer the same individual I used to be.”


The nation has been seen as having the worst collection of pornography.

The horrifying extent of his collection was outlined in his plea agreement. This deeply disturbed her, prompting her to inform the authorities. The ex-girlfriend, to whom he had shown the collection, ultimately disclosed it to the police. Salling, known for his role as Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman on the show, attempted to hide the collection by disguising his IP address and storing it on a secure hard drive.

He was treated for mental health issues after he had attempted suicide by slashing his wrists the previous year. His death came shortly before his sentencing, which was scheduled to take place on March 7th. He was found dead on January 30th, 2018, hanging by suicide near his home in Sunland, Los Angeles.

The actress confessed in her 2016 memoir, Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up, that she was not surprised by his shocking beliefs. Salling was in a relationship with Naya from 2007 to 2010.

She wrote “She dumped me when Mark was totally shocked, I was completely surprised and couldn’t imagine that happening, but it was the worst thing ever.”

‘And I was lying there in bed when the sledgehammer broke through the door?’.

Before his death in January 2013, Salling’s former girlfriend Roxanne Gorzela alleged that he committed sexual assault by coercing her into engaging in intercourse without her consent. He refuted the allegations and counter-sued for slander. After being instructed by the judges to compensate her with $2.7 million, they reached an agreement outside of court in March 2015.


In recent weeks, numerous cast and crew members have accused on-set harassment of the main actress, following the circulation of rumors about Lea Michele, who portrayed Rachel Berry on the series.

In the previous month, allegations of on-set harassment initiated with a tweet from Samantha Ware, Lea’s fellow actor, accusing her of displaying rudeness towards her on the set and exhibiting ‘disturbing microaggressions’.

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HelloFresh subsequently dropped their sponsorship of actress Lea Brown, Nicole Yvette, and Snell Dabier, following allegations made against them. Other individuals, including Morris Heather, also piled on with their own accusations.

‘Was she disagreeable to work with? Quite so; for Lea to interact with others in the disrespectful manner that she did for such a prolonged period, I believe she OUGHT to be called out,’ asserts Morris, 33, who portrayed cheerleader Brittany S. Pierce on the Ryan Murphy series. Michele was ‘extremely’ disagreeable to work with.

In a few months’ time, once she delivers her baby, she asserted her determination to glean valuable lessons from her past errors, aiming to become a genuine inspiration for her child. Lea expressed remorse and emphasized that she has ‘never evaluated individuals based on their origins or the color of their skin.’

It’s not a favorable combination, and that applies not only to us but also to everyone else – we are both competitive and determined. This reminds me of what I once read in the book written by one of the writers from Glee, where Lea and Naya, who played opposite sides of the same battery, were famously known for their on-set conflicts.

Moving it constantly and finding humor in it, we are all working towards the same goal, but yes, we are all stressed. It seemed like she blamed me for everything that went wrong, and Lea appeared to be much more sensitive.


While he was asleep, Jim Fuller, the assistant director, succumbed to heart failure, three months after the tragic death of Cory. The series witnessed three devastating fatalities from 2013 to 2014.

Jim was always such a great guy to me. This is such sad news. Joaquin Sedillo, a cinematographer on Glee, wrote a subtle shout-out to Jim on Twitter after his death in Four Season In.

In 2014, Nancy Motes, the sister of Julia Roberts and a production assistant, tragically passed away at the age of 37. The Los Angeles County Coroner reported that she was discovered in a bathtub, surrounded by both over-the-counter and prescribed medications. The entire cast was profoundly affected by her untimely death, describing themselves as ‘devastated’.

The actress referred to the Oscar-winning star as a ‘supposed sibling’ who should receive no inheritance except for the remembrance that she caused her extreme distress. In her suicide letter, the actress asserted that the star’s actions had led her to experience the most profound state of depression she had ever encountered.

Nancy expressed that she broke down crying because of waking up, as mentioned in the handwritten note used as evidence during the legal dispute concerning her estate, where she detailed the severe mistreatment by Roberts.

On the program, ‘a hex’ regarding the worries and Nancy’s self-inflicted demise, production assistant Cristina Lageman conversed with MailOnline about pursuing Nancy’s sorrowful passing.

Cristina expressed that it is nearly overwhelming and they are burdened by this blow. Recently, they experienced the loss of a crew member named Jim Fuller, followed by Cory’s passing last year. This news is incredibly surprising. Cristina never allowed these hardships to affect her, instead, they strengthened their bond whenever they were together. Although she faced her own challenges, she was an exceptional friend to me. The news is truly startling.

‘We have lost another one: our colleagues have been posting on Facebook. We would refer to each other as The Glee Family. We spent 12 hours together in a day. Glee felt like a family.’

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