‘Autopsy’ program is a painful reminder of Owen Hart’s tragic death

Photo Courtesy: Martha Hart, Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

The unfortunate demise of Owen Hart was reevaluated on the REELZ channel as a segment of its ‘Autopsy’ program.

Martha Hart’s remarkable book, Broken Harts, was published more than two decades ago, catering to individuals who have actively pursued the police report from the Kansas City Police Department or the specifics of the ill-fated stunt. This incident remains one of the most significant tales in the annals of professional wrestling.

During the final hours of Owen Hart’s life, Jeff Jarrett, his former tag team partner, and Kevin Eck, a former WWE writer and reporter, provide a perspective from inside the arena. The episode of “Autopsy” also includes new interviews with Alison Hart, Bruce Hart, Martha Hart, and their children Athena and Oje, who are members of Owen’s family.

The premise of the show sees Dr. Michael Hunter take a well-known deceased celebrity and study the circumstances behind their death in an attempt to draw a conclusion, while subjecting the painting of a biographical sketch to direct causes.

Blue, the character, had been assigned the task of repelling from the ceiling in Kemper Arena. Unfortunately, he fell 78 feet from the top and his death was caused by a blunt force trauma to the chest, which severed his aorta.

Earlier during the day, the daredevil feat was cancelled but the initial strategy required Max Mini to be connected to Hart. There were no other individuals impacted, it was somewhat of a remarkable occurrence apart from a single death.

Referee Jimmy Korderas, with a lump on his head, sought counseling with the help of the organization after narrowly avoiding contact with Hart’s 229-pound physique as it descended to the ring from the overhead beams.

On the evening of the ‘Over the Edge’ event, Matt Allmen and Bobby Talbert, including several other individuals such as a stand-in for Hart named Allmen, were running several tests, including using a 250-pound sandbag, in preparation for the opening doors that were scheduled for the afternoon rehearsal the day before, which took place on May 23rd.

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After Eddy Guerrero passed away in November 2005, WWE implemented its Wellness Policy more than six years later. Unless there was cause to suspect an issue, Hart refrained from participating in steroid usage during a time when the company was not actively screening its performers. Martha commented that her spouse would probably restrict his beer consumption to 1-2 per year, dispelling any possibility of alcohol or substance abuse that could have influenced his decision-making on the evening of his passing. The initial focus of the show was examining Hart’s way of life.

It was determined during the autopsy that Hart’s system did not contain any inhibitors that could explain his sudden death. The camera footage confirmed that Martha had been dealing with an issue involving Hart while they were on the road. Additionally, the police noted that two unmarked prescription pill bottles, which are commonly used to treat insomnia and anxiety, were found in Hart’s hotel room.

In Martha’s previous book, WWF outlined how Talbert had sought a quicker release for a seamless presentation, but also warned about the associated dangers. Talbert believed that Brannam was costly, so he sought an agreement with Joe Branam, who had previously outsourced stunts in the past year, including those involving Hart. However, after not coming to an agreement with Brannam, WWF used Talbert, the head rigger, for the first time, who carried out the crucial rigging choices for the show.

Typically, during this stunt, WWF wanted to eliminate the time lag and answer the need for Inc. Amspec to unhook himself upon landing by using a quick-release snap shackle manufactured by Inc. Lewmar. They also wanted to eliminate the pause needed for Sting to repel from the rafters in the WCW arena, as he had been seen releasing the carabiner metal with the usage of backup safety latches.

The episodes listed the minimum pressure for release as 8.5 pounds, but some have claimed it to be six pounds. However, the snap shackle only required the minimum pressure. It is advisable to use a safety or back-up mechanism for safety reasons. The early triggering of the quick release and the failure to utilize a safety or back-up mechanism that would have been preferred for safety reasons could also be attributed to Hart’s Blue Blazer cape. The harness used for Hart may have restricted breathing, and the role of Hart’s Blue Blazer cape in triggering the quick release too early and the failure to use a preferred safety or back-up mechanism for safety reasons is also highlighted in the ‘Autopsy’ program, where Dr. Hunter confirms previous assertions.

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Allmen Matthew and Hart’s descent were stationed ringside, while Jim Vinzant and James Williams were riggers in the city. Those present on the catwalk above Kemper Arena included Hart as well.

Sadly, this scene was set as one of the greatest tragedies, with many levels outlining why it was preventable.

It is a haunting reminder that in this industry, which categorizes Hart’s job description as high-end stunt work, neither the performers nor the talents required for certification in the line of work are protected by an overarching body of safety measures.

Connecticut, as a state, does not provide punitive damages. Consequently, the company would counter Martha’s lawsuit by attempting to move the case. When a wrongful death lawsuit was filed weeks later, Martha Hart was sued by Vince McMahon, the World Wrestling Federation, and other individuals who were considered responsible. Martha Hart’s in-laws, Stu, Helen, and Bret Hart, were also included as plaintiffs. It is important to note that no criminal charges were filed.

Unfortunately, the Hart family was torn apart by numerous fractures and divisions, leaving lasting scars and public outcry. However, in November 2000, a settlement was reached, reportedly amounting to $18 million.

Many individuals have become a celebrated figure for the Foundation’s efforts and contributions, through their help and the Foundation launched in memory of Owen Hart by Martha Hart.

Martha’s stance was that she would not engage in any business with the company as she was culpable for Owen’s death due to associated negligence. Rather, Martha wrongly assumed a vendetta against the industry, which led to her removing herself and her family from professional wrestling. This was the case until recently.

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In May’s last event in Las Vegas, Owen Hart appeared alongside Tony Khan and AEW to celebrate the launch of the Owen Hart Foundation. This was a precursor to working with Martha and a celebration of Owen’s induction into the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. In 2018, Martha proudly displayed a plaque to celebrate Owen’s induction.

Martha Hart holding her husband’s Hall of Fame plaque. Owen Hart was inducted posthumously into the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame on July 28. pic.twitter.com/ECYLzMKbFo

— Dan Gable Museum (@wrestlingmuseum) August 28, 2018

Rewritten Output: Pushing the boundaries of human tolerance, whether it be through death-defying stunts like diving off ladders onto the floor or jumping off structures in Hell in the Cell, the entertainment industry is a combination of theater and athleticism. Often, promoters will overlook the pessimism and risks involved in order to focus on the rewards and glory, disregarding the value and improvement of your talents. In this industry, the path to reaching the next level requires aggressive maneuvering and playing the television card strategically, following a hierarchical structure outlined on the company’s spot. However, the answers may vary when extreme risks are questioned, as these years have shown that talent fully confident in turning down such extreme risks are reminded painfully of Owen Hart’s death.

We should never see a tragedy like Owen Hart again, so we should take away the lesson that talent requires protection not only from themselves but also from those around them, as it is reasonable to oppose needless risks.

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