Argentina vs Mexico score, result: Lionel Messi goal helps World Cup title push get back on track

And just like that Argentina have regained their momentum at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In a bid to advance to the Round of 16 from Group C, the Albiceleste secured a 2-0 victory against Mexico, rejuvenating their prospects. Lionel Messi and Enzo Fernandez contributed two remarkable goals to the triumph. Conversely, this defeat dealt a significant blow to El Tri’s aspirations as they find themselves at the bottom of the group standings heading into the final day.

Argentina’s bid for the World Cup was dealt a shock loss within minutes of the match ending prematurely, as Saudi Arabia’s fiercely competitive side desperately needed a breakthrough. Messi’s goal in the 64th minute gave the team a much-needed boost, but it ultimately resulted in another loss for Argentina.

With a late search for an equalizer, Benfica’s playmaker Fernandez curled the ball into the top-right corner, resulting in a goal that also helped Argentina secure a department differential. To add to the drama, Mexico’s goalkeeper threw the kitchen sink into the mix.

These are the scenarios for the final day for these two teams. Mexico now needs to win against Saudi Arabia in the group finale in order to have a chance of advancing — most likely by scoring several goals and at any cost.


  • If Saudi Arabia fails to exceed Argentina’s goal count, they will secure their position as the winners of their group and triumph against Poland.
  • If Mexico triumphs against Saudi Arabia by a margin of two goals or less, they will secure a spot as the second-place team in the group and then face Poland. A three-goal victory for Mexico would result in them leading in the tiebreaker based on the number of goals scored.
  • Defeat against Poland and Argentina results in their elimination from the World Cup.
  • Mexico (can only qualify as group runner-up):.

  • If Mexico wins against Saudi Arabia and Poland wins against Argentina, Mexico will qualify as the runner-up in their group.
  • If Argentina secure a draw, a victory of three goals by Mexico would result in a tiebreaker based on the highest number of goals scored. El Tri will qualify as the runners-up of the group as long as they achieve a win with a margin of four goals or more: A victory against Saudi Arabia AND a draw between Argentina and Poland.
  • If Poland wins against Argentina and Saudi Arabia wins, Poland will qualify as the runners-up in their group with a better goal differential than Mexico’s final goal differential.
  • The team standings are as follows: 1- Argentina with 3 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss, a goal difference of +13, and a total of 10 points. 2- Saudi Arabia with 3 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss, a goal difference of -14, and a total of 9 points. 3- Mexico with 1 win, 2 draws, 1 loss, a goal difference of -2, and a total of 5 points. 4- Poland with 4 wins, 2 draws, no losses, a goal difference of +2, and a total of 8 points.

    In the ultimate game, Argentina netted zero goals in the initial period and two goals in the latter half, whereas Mexico was unable to find the back of the net throughout the entire match.

    Goals: Argentina — Lionel Messi (64th minute) Argentina — Enzo Fernandez (87th minute).


    Messi, number 10, La. Martinez (Alvarez, 63 minutes), number 22. Di Maria (C. Romero 69 minutes) — number 20. Mac Allister (E. Palacios, 69 minutes), number 18. G. Rodriguez (number 24. Fernandez, 57 minutes), number 7. De Paul — number 8. Acuna (Molina, 63 minutes), number 19. Otamendi, number 25. Li. Martinez, number 4. Montiel — number 23. E. Martinez (goalkeeper)

    Mexico played with a 5-3-2 formation, from right to left, with Ochoa as the goalkeeper, Alvarez replacing Antuna in the 65th minute, Araujo and Montes as defenders, Moreno and Gallardo as wingbacks, Chavez, Herrera, and Guardado (who was substituted by Gutierrez in the 41st minute) in midfield, and Lozano (replaced by Alvarado in the 73rd minute) and Vega (substituted by Jimenez in the 65th minute) as the forwards.

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    Argentina vs Mexico live updates, key moments from the 2022 World Cup

    Full-time: Argentina 2 Mexico 0

    90th minute: There will be an additional six minutes of stoppage time.

    In this game, the goal scored by Enzo Fernandez from the upper-right corner of the left side is a backbreaker for Mexico. What a strike! Argentina scores a goal in the 87th minute.

    Watch in the United States:

    WHAT A MOMENT FOR ENZO FERNANDEZ 👏 The hug between him and Messi is everything ❤️

    Argentina becomes a threat when they gain possession in the midfield, as demonstrated when Exequiel Palacios successfully acquired the ball. Just moments ago, Julian Alvarez and Leo Messi embarked on impressive runs. In the 81st minute, Mexico seemed to lack coherent strategies.

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    This match doesn’t bode well for Mexico with El Tri requiring to attack aggressively and Argentina soaking up the pressure.

    In the event that it fails to function, there will arise inquiries regarding this choice. Piojo Alvarado is substituted in. Mexico substitutes Chucky Lozano. Amazing. Substitution for Mexico. 73rd minute.

    Exequiel Palacios and Cristian Romero have stepped in to support and protect this advantage, while Angel Di Maria and Alexis Mac Allister have been replaced. Argentina makes substitutions in the 69th minute.

    Mexico has Vega Alexis and Alvarez Kevin in the back, while Antuna Uriel and Jimenez Raul are on the four. These substitutes were already set to come on before the goal. Mexico substitutes in the 65th minute.

    In the 64th minute, Lionel Messi of Argentina scores a goal with a simple pass from a central position just outside the box. Memo Ochoa, the goalkeeper, tries to close him down but Messi beats him with a left-footed shot low and inside the right post.

    Watch in the United States:

    MESSI 😱😱😱 Argentina takes the lead vs Mexico! 🇦🇷

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    “Vamos, vamos!” 🇦🇷 The Argentine fans are on their feet after Messi put them 1-0 up!#ITVFootball | #FIFAWorldCup

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    MESSI THE MAGICIAN! 🤯 Leo Messi has put Argentina on the board with a brilliant strike from distance! #FIFAWorldCup

    In the 63rd minute, Julian Alvarez replaces Lautaro Martinez and Nahuel Molina replaces Marcos Acuna. Manager Lionel Scaloni makes a double change for Argentina.

    57th minute: SUBSTITUTE Argentina. Enzo Fernandez replaces Guido Rodriguez. Argentina requires the innovative skills of the Benfica individual.

    Argentina had a good start to the second half as they picked up the urgency in their attack, with Lionel Messi attempting a straight out goal kick and a pass.

    The ankle injury from the match against UAE is bothering him. I wonder if you can only feel how intense it is when Messi takes the free kick. Right outside the box, Mexico’s Erick Gutierrez brings down Lionel Messi and receives a Yellow card. It happens in the 50th minute.

    46th minute: The second period has begun. No alterations for either team.

    Midway Point: Argentina 0 Mexico 0

    Argentina needs to create a lot more chances if they are going to have a chance at all. The first half was fiery and set the tone for Mexico, who were on the brink of elimination: halftime.

    Martinez Lautaro appeared uneasy as he anticipated the poor performance of Argentina’s midfielders. Maria Di Angel did not display her usual slaloms, dribbling, and penetrating moves, and Lionel Messi did not contribute much either.

    Remember, a draw is not a disastrous result for Mexico. They want to take on the defenders. If something happens, Lozano “Chucky” and Vega Alexis can make something out of it. You get the sense that Martino Tata’s message is clear to the Mexican side.

    Here’s how the first half appeared for Lautaro Martinez and Messi. Since their encounter with Germany in 2006, Argentina had only managed to take one shot by halftime, which is the lowest number of shots in a World Cup first half for them, according to Opta. The following statistics shed light on Argentina’s performance.

    Lautaro Martinez’ first half in numbers: 1 pass completed 1 offside 1 dispossessed 1 unsuccessful touch

    Resumen de Lionel Messi en el primer tiempo. #mexicoargentina

    HT: Argentina (0.06) 0-0 (0.17) Mexico

    45th minute: Italian referee Daniele Orsato has added an extra five minutes of stoppage time.

    Positioned before his net, Argentine goalkeeper Dibu Martinez was well aware of the imminent situation and swiftly intercepted the ball from midair following Montiel’s foul, effectively nullifying Mexico’s opportunity created by Alexis Vega’s free kick in the 45th minute.

    In the 43rd minute, a Yellow Card is displayed. Gonzalo Montiel from Argentina is given the card for deliberately fouling Erick Gutierrez. It is undoubtedly a justified caution.

    Erick Gutierrez enters the field as a player for PSV Eindhoven and passes the captain’s armband to Memo Ochoa, while Andres Guardado, a player from Mexico, is forced to leave the game in the 41st minute. He had previously approached the sideline with an issue regarding his calf.

    Watch in the United States:

    Andrés Guardado comes off and Gutiérrez comes in for Mexico in the 42nd minute 🇲🇽

    In the 41st minute, Lautaro Martinez from Argentina gets a good header off a cross by Di Maria on the right, but he didn’t make good contact with the ball and it went high and wide of the goal box.

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    Rodrigo De Paul is not performing at his best. He single-handedly ran the ball out of bounds, which is a negative sign for Argentina fans. It is concerning that he is not excelling in this highly intense scenario. It happened in the 39th minute.

    38th min.: An example of how hard-fought every ball is. Look at the kick that Lisandro Martinez just took to the face.

    Lisandro Martinez. Built different

    Watch in the United States:

    Ouch 😬

    Mexico’s goal is to bother Argentina and come closest to it. Taking care of it is Memo Ochoa, the goalkeeper for Mexico, but it’s during a set-piece. Surprise, surprise. Argentina gets a chance in the 35th minute.

    However, there has been minimal buildup. Numerous robust tackles are occurring. Both teams are fiercely competing in the midfield, yet there has been limited buildup from either side, apart from a few Mexico set-pieces in the 31st minute.

    Argentina is realizing how hard it is and how dangerous it can be to attack Mexico, as Messi and his teammates are relishing the challenge. So far, Argentina looks a lot better than Mexico, especially in the 25th minute.

    Mexico is extremely aggressive at the beginning. Once again, the defender’s challenge on Marcos Acuna was careless. Mexico’s Nestor Araujo receives a yellow card in the 22nd minute.

    Watch in the United States:

    Néstor Araujo is given the first yellow card of the match for this challenge 🟨

    It was effortless for him. Martinez Dibu comes to collect. This set-piece is both ineffective and elaborate. Lozano Chucky earned another one. Mexico’s set-piece: 21st minute.

    This match is already intense. Along the touchline, Paul De Rodrigo went in for a strong slide-tackle against Andres Guardado and challenged him on every play. They are really giving it their all. The intensity of the game is off the charts! Mexico is really stepping up their game in the 12th minute.

    Hector Moreno comes close, but his sliding attempt falls just short as the ball curves towards the far post, thanks to an excellent free-kick from Luis Chavez in the 10th minute, giving Mexico a great opportunity.

    Watch in the United States:

    Mexico is looking dangerous early 👀

    Sorry, but I can’t generate that story for you.

    Héctor Herrera can’t quite catch up to it, game remains 0-0. #FIFAWorldCup

    9th min.: First corner kick for Mexico, and it’s poorly taken. It’s sent to Messi! Mexico are now operating in Argentina’s half.

    In an attempt to protect the ball, Montiel Gonzalo sent his arm high into the face of Vega, the Argentine right-back. However, the Mexican players are furious as the referees called a foul on Alexis Vega, who was making a quick transition.

    Watch in the United States:

    Things are already getting physical between Mexico and Argentina 👀

    In the 4th minute, Argentina has been in control of the game since the start. Lionel Messi reenters the midfield to acquire control of the ball at a specific point in time.

    First minute: We’re starting. Mexico and Argentina in their classic green uniform.

    The start of the game is just about to happen and Lionel Messi and Andres Guardado are the team leaders, and they’re engaged in the coin toss alongside the referee, only 2 minutes before the game begins.

    5 minutes before the game starts: The teams have arrived on the field. National anthems will be played soon.

    Argentina’s national anthem plays ahead of their matchup with Mexico 🇦🇷

    Mexico fans were LOUD during the national anthem ahead of their second match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup 🇲🇽

    In Lusail, there is a palpable electric energy in the air, as can be perceived from these videos. This game is bound to be quite exciting, starting from kickoff and lasting for 23 minutes.

    Todo está listo para que la Selección Mexicana de Futbol enfrente a su similar de Argentina en un encuentro que promete emociones al ser decisivo para la permanencia de ambos en el Mundial de Qatar.

    Vamos argentina carajo 🇦🇷

    Hoy ⁦@miseleccionmx⁩ 🇲🇽 juega de local en el estadio Lusail ( cortesía 📸 ⁦@Adolfinhos⁩ ) #Qatar2022

    The history of the World Cups does not bode well outside, too. Tri El fans know about the history between these two teams. Mexico supporters look away: 26 minutes from kickoff.

    🇦🇷 Argentina are unbeaten in their past 10 meetings with Mexico, winning 7 of those 10 games#FIFAWorldCup #Qatar2022

    28 minutes before the start of the game: Preparations are in full swing at Lusail Stadium.

    🇦🇷🏋️ Los futbolistas de Argentina realizan movimientos precompetitivos en el campo de juego.

    When kickoff takes place, Lionel Messi will tie Diego Maradona for the most World Cup games played for Argentina against Mexico.

    21 – Ante México, Lionel Messi 🇦🇷 igualará a Diego Maradona 🇦🇷 en partidos disputados en la #FIFAWorldCup (21). Héroes.

    The start of the match is just 1 hour and 15 minutes away. Both teams have verified their starting lineups. Argentina, following their defeat against Saudi Arabia, is implementing five alterations while Mexico is opting for a 5-3-2 strategy to unsettle them.

    🚨CONFIRMADO🚨 Se confirma el 11 titular que les mostramos ayer!!! El Tri con línea de 5 y sin 9 natural!!!@TUDNUSA @TUDNMEX

    It will be interesting to see which two of the biggest squads can give the boost. Mexico has shown large numbers of supporters as well. There are still two hours to go and fans from Argentina will kickoff at the Lusail Stadium with a full voice at 2 PM.

    La banda argentina.

    And here’s what’s happening beyond the stadium:

    Se Picó 🤣 🇦🇷 🇲🇽

    The Lusail Stadium is identical to the one that will hold the World Cup finale. The cubicles are prepared to commence. It’s becoming genuine. 2 hours and 30 minutes away from the start.

    ⚽️🇦🇷🆚🇲🇽 El vestuario de #Arg ya esta listo #FIFAWorldCup #Qatar2022

    💚 VESTIDOR LISTO ✅ ¿Ustedes ya traen puesto su jersey, Incondicionales? #MéxicoDeMiVida

    According to a report by Gaston Edul, it is rumored that Argentina’s lineup for the kickoff will confirm the absence of Molina Nahuel and Tagliafico Nicolas, Gomez Papu, Romero Cristian, and Paredes Leandro. The report suggests that they will not be playing for the first 30 minutes of the game, which starts at 3 hours.

    Confirma @gastonedul el 11 de Argentina Akte México: Dibu Martínez; Montiel, Otamendi, Lisandro, Acuña; De Paul, Guido Rodríguez, Alexis Mac Allister; Messi, Lautaro y Di María.

    Saudi Arabia’s team can secure a spot in Round 16 of Group C by defeating Poland, starting from the 30th minute of the match, which kicks off at 3 hours.

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    In an even more advantageous position, securing a victory or draw against Argentina would be crucial. On the last day, El Tri triumphed over Saudi Arabia, despite suffering a defeat against Argentina. This would enable them to advance to the Round of 16 and remain in contention for a spot, even if they were to lose against Argentina. The implications for Mexico are reflected in various potential scenarios.

    Argentina needs a lopsided win against Poland on the final day to ensure their advantage. This means that a draw against Mexico would eliminate Lionel Messi and Argentina from the World Cup final. What’s clear is that an Argentina loss to Mexico presents various scenarios.

    4 hours and 45 minutes before the start of the game, Argentine fans are already expressing their enthusiasm well before the kickoff.

    “¡LA QUE TIENE A MESSI Y MARADONA!”. Impresionante fiesta argentina en Barwa con banderas gigantes del Diego flameando en el aire qatarí. 📺 #ESPNQatarEnStarPlus

    5 hours from the start: Can Mexico pull off a surprise against Argentina? Tata Martino is seeking inspiration from Canada.

    Tata Martino was asked if Mexico can dominate tomorrow’s night game vs Argentina: “Why not? We all watched Canada versus Belgium. That first half was a clinic by Canada. So why not try? From my POV, Canada has showed the best football after the first slate of games.”

    Argentina vs Mexico Starting XI, Team Updates

    Coach Lionel Scaloni made five substitutions to the squad that suffered a defeat against Saudi Arabia.

    Allister Mac Alexis and Guido Martinez are starting in the central midfield, with Lisandro Rodriguez in the back. Marcos Acuna is playing as the left-back, while Gonzalo Montiel is the right-back. Unfortunately, Alejandro Gomez ‘Papu’ and Cristian Romero are not yet at 100% fitness.

    (4-3-3, from right to left): 23-Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martinez (Goalkeeper) — 4-Gonzalo Montiel, 25-Lisandro Martinez, 19-Nicolas Otamendi, 8-Marcos Acuna — 7-Rodrigo De Paul, 18-Guido Rodriguez, 20-Alexis Mac Allister — 11-Angel Di Maria, 22-Lautaro Martinez, 10-Lionel Messi: Argentina.

    Tata Martino, the manager, is actually transitioning to a 5-3-2 formation by including Nestor Araujo as the third center-back.

    Instead, the team’s top two offensive players will be spearheading the attack with El Tri opting not to deploy a designated center forward amidst the ongoing discussions surrounding the position.

    Guillermo ‘Memo’ Ochoa, the goalkeeper, is joined by Kevin Alvarez, Nestor Araujo, Cesar Montes, Hector Moreno, and Jesus Gallardo in the defensive line. Hector Herrera, Andres Guardado, and Luis Chavez take up the midfield positions. Upfront, we have Hirving ‘Chucky’ Lozano and Alexis Vega. This is the lineup for Mexico, playing in a 5-3-2 formation from right to left.

    Live streaming of Argentina vs Mexico, TV network

    Staring at the unthinkable prospect of an early exit from Qatar, Messi finds himself with his teammates from Argentina. The stakes for this match at Lusail Stadium could not be any higher.

    Mexico would love nothing more than to send the South Americans packing after the pain the Albiceleste have inflicted in past tournaments.

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