Anne Heche had cocaine in her system at the time of her fatal car crash into a home

The toxicology and autopsy report concluded that Anne Heche, the actress, had cocaine in her system during the fatal car crash that occurred in her Los Angeles home.

TMZ reports that the Emmy Award-winning actress received treatment for pain following a horrifying crash, and the toxicology report states that fentanyl was detected in her body, along with traces of cocaine.

She was stuck in her vehicle for 45 minutes while numerous firefighters labored to release her, resulting in a fiery collision that propelled Heche into the Los Angeles residence at a speed of 90mph.

In the picture taken just before the accident, a container of what seemed to be vodka was visible inside her blue Mini Cooper, even though the report also mentioned that there was no alcohol in Heche’s bloodstream.

Heche was stuck inside the vehicle, and it was reported that the initial group of 59 firefighters reached the ablaze residence at 11:01am on August 5, as indicated by the timestamp on the LA Fire Department’s recordings.

Officials erroneously believed that there was no one else inside the residence after homeowner Lynne Mishele was rescued from the fire, in areas where the car was not visible.

Heche was rescued at approximately 11:49 am, with the vehicle extracted and the fire confronted by a robust tow truck, emergency responders had to delay after discovering the car.

After being taken to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, she suffered severe burns and slipped into a coma.

According to a statement issued on behalf of her loved ones and acquaintances, Heche experienced a ‘serious anoxic brain damage’ resulting from an oxygen deficiency.

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She was pronounced brain-dead a week later but was maintained on life support until her organs could be given for transplantation.

Heche’s life-sustaining apparatus was switched off on August 14, and she was cremated on August 18.

The cause of Heche’s death, as determined by a coroner on August 17, was deemed to be inhalation injury and burns. The conclusion drawn from the investigation was that the incident was an unintentional death.

Mishele has recently filed a $2 million lawsuit against the estate of the deceased actress. Heche collided with Mishele’s residence in Mar Vista while she was present with her animals.

In September, following her cancer diagnosis, she mentioned that she had postponed the legal case and publicly addressed the accident that resulted in Heche’s demise, Mishele just recently.

In the lawsuit, Mishele claimed she was feet away from being hit by Heche’s car along with her dogs and pet tortoise.

The aftermath of Heche’s tragic accident has been widely covered as there was confusion regarding her assets shortly after her death.

She passed away without a formal will, leaving behind two sons from different fathers who were left to settle their claims to her inheritance.

The court gave control of former actress Anne Heche’s estate to her ex-partner Tupper James Laffoon, following objections over the disappearance of her jewelry worth $200,000, which was claimed by Laffoon’s son Homer. This happened just last week.

Laffoon, who is 20 years old, was designated as a permanent estate administrator by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lee Bogdanoff, disregarding Tupper’s request for an impartial administrator, who is the father of Heche’s 13-year-old son Atlas.

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The judge also dismissed the objection from Canadian-born Tupper, who asserted that Laffoon is not suitable to run the estate because he is young and unemployed, and estranged from his mother at the time of her death.

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