Angel Reese Is Crushing Caitlin Clark Off the Court as Well

During the competition, LSU emerged triumphant with a score of 102-85, fueled by the influence of Angel Reese. Her celebratory gesture of “you can’t perceive me” in the presence of Clark captured the attention, playfully imitating her typical one.

Angel Reese #10 of the LSU Tigers reacts towards Caitlin Clark #22 of the Iowa Hawkeyes during the fourth quarter during the 2023 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament championship game at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, on April 2, 2023. Shooting guard Reese grabbed the headlines with her “you can’t see me” celebration in front of Clark. Getty Images

Reese then reaffirmed her statement by gesturing towards her ring finger in the final moments of the game.

In the last day or so, a significant surge in her followers on both Instagram and Twitter has resulted in Reese speaking with assurance following the game and on social platforms, along with this display of goodwill.

She broke the barrier of one million followers on the platform, which meant this on Monday night. Since Sunday, Reese’s Instagram followers have grown by over 400,000 according to SocialBlade.

Reese promptly expressed gratitude to those who have followed her on social media since the victory against Iowa.

She posted a picture on her Instagram Stories page with a pink heart circled around it, along with a message to her followers saying “1m” followers.

We are back, and I am excited to share that we have completed our task. I love how much support and love I receive from all of you. It means the world to me. Oh my gosh, we achieved a million! Ahh, Reese wrote.

Reese is drawing less than half the supporters that Clark’s disciples are increasing by 150,000 in the same timeframe, reaching 473,000 in comparison.

Angel Reese #10 of the LSU Tigers speaks during a press conference after her team beat the Iowa Hawkeyes 102-85 during the 2023 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament championship game at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, on April 2, 2023. Her gestures and powerful social-media presence have led to a surge in followers of her accounts. Getty Images

As of Sunday’s final hooter, Reese has gained over 203,000 followers, experiencing a rise of 156,000. It’s a comparable narrative with Reese once again nearly doubling Clark’s follower count. Meanwhile, on Twitter, as of the current moment.

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Clark, who was leading Reese by 20,000 followers just a day ago, has now increased her follower count to 114,000. In the meantime, Reese has been left trailing behind on Twitter.

Reese’s winning vibe is sassy and straight-talking, which may be attributed to her more ‘business-like’ approach to social media compared to Clark.

Done. The attention should have been given more towards Clark, who gestured to her that she should have added it. Reese said that she needs to speak out about how she feels and she won’t be keeping quiet about matters that she feels strongly about, speaking at a press conference after the championship.

Reese said, “Throughout the entire year, you all informed me that I am excessively urban, I am excessively street. I do not conform to the stereotype that you all desire me to conform to.”

“When others do it, y’all don’t say anything. This was for the individuals who resemble me,” Reese added.

She subsequently expressed in a tweet: “and no I’M NOT KEEPING IT CUTE.”

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