Andrew Tate Was Kicked Off ‘Big Brother’ in 2016 Amid Rape Investigation

Andrew Tate, an internet celebrity who preaches toxic masculinity and has previously appeared on Vice News and Big Brother, is currently being investigated by UK authorities due to suspicions of sexual assault and rape dating back to last year. Despite knowing about the investigation, he continued to appear on the reality show Big Brother for less than a week in 2016. He is currently detained in Romania for an alleged human trafficking operation that lasted less than a year.

During the filming of the 17th season of Big Brother U.K., Tate was removed from the show five days after producers came across a video of her ex-boyfriend slapping her and beating her with a belt, which they assumed was a part of their sexual and kinky play. The producers chalked it up to “information to light” and made the decision to remove Tate from the competition for a cash prize. The series features a cast that is confined to an isolated house, cut off from the outside world.

However, it has now emerged that on June 8, 2016, Hertfordshire Police were informed about complaints against Tate, the parent company of UK Banijay and Shine Endemol, which is involved in criminal investigations.

In 2015, not long after the reported mistreatment took place, two female individuals lodged criminal reports with Hertfordshire Police in the UK. Both of these individuals were employed as webcam performers for Tate and asserted that he subjected them to physical harm. One of the individuals asserted that Tate sexually assaulted her, whereas the other contends that he frequently choked her.

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The VICE report notes that “while this was happening,” he was seen participating in a game of truth or dare in the heated pool and engaging in a kiss with one of the female competitors. Subsequently, the TV executives decided to remove Tate from the Big Brother residence on June 13, even though he had been arrested in 2015 and was under investigation for his alleged criminal actions.

In 2016, ViacomCBS Networks International (the owner of Channel 5) did not promptly respond to Rolling Stone’s inquiry about why Tate was taken off the show. Banijay UK, through a spokesperson, sent a statement explaining that Tate had neglected to mention the ongoing police investigation, despite being explicitly asked multiple times during the casting process to disclose any such information.

The casting process, which includes background checks, continued as Tate’s statement came back clear and no criminal charges had been filed at that time. When the police contacted them on June 8th, “Channel 5” started an extensive consultation process with legal teams, including Tate Andrew’s lawyers. Although the casting process includes background checks, no criminal charges had been filed, and Tate’s statement continued to be clear.

During this period, we sought to clarify the required details of the investigation conducted by the UK police, while closely monitoring all statements made by Banijay and Andrew.

A statement from his client indicated that a representative for Tate, in regards to the old U.K. Investigation, could not provide any update as of now. Andrew Tate has denied the assault and rape allegations of 2015 through a statement from his legal counsel.

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Sally and Helen, both women, expressed strong criticism towards the police who dealt with their case and took four years to hand it over to the Crown Prosecution Service in 2019. The Crown Prosecution Service, in turn, declined to pursue the case further, citing supposed “evidential issues.” According to the Crown Prosecution Service, they thoroughly examined all the evidence provided by the police regarding each complainant and determined that it did not meet the necessary legal requirements, therefore making a conviction unlikely. Both former employees of Tate claimed to have witnessed him assaulting other women, with Sally specifically alleging that she saw him rape Helen.

The authorities in Bucharest suspect Tristan, his brother, and Tate of running a human trafficking organization, using the so-called “loverboy method” to coerce women into working as adult performers in their webcam studio. They are also alleged to have openly turned girlfriends into performers, hinting at the possibility of a romantic relationship before luring them into their property. The “pimp” lifestyle has long been extolled by them.

The prevalence of hate speech on prominent social media platforms is concerning, especially considering the fact that Tate has gained popularity as a harmful figure for men worldwide. This issue is particularly distressing to Helen and Sally, who have been closely following Tate’s actions since his arrest and subsequent release during the ongoing investigation on Big Brother.

On December 29th, shortly before his detainment in Romania, the first attempt by a troll to mock Greta Thunberg in a tweet, ranking it as the most-liked tweet of all time, prompted Elon Musk to reinstate his permanent suspension. This troll had embarked upon a war with the teenage climate activist, attempting to mock her by boasting about the emissions produced by his extensive collection of luxury cars.

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Romanian police have now confiscated 11 of those vehicles, as Ramona Bolla, an official from the country’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), informed Insider. The seized cars, which include a Rolls-Royce and an Aston Martin, are expected to contribute to covering the expenses of the investigation and potentially provide compensation to the alleged victims of trafficking, further compounding the harm caused.

The prosecutors’ request to extend the 30-day window was granted, allowing the lawyer of the accused to appeal their decision. The two Romanian brothers, along with their suspects, were previously scheduled to be detained for 24 days following their arrest in Bucharest.

Despite Tate’s next move, his prospects appear bleak. However, it is a completely different challenge to successfully free oneself from prison and convince vulnerable young individuals on the concept of “breaking free from societal constraints.”

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