Andrew Tate released from house arrest by Bucharest court

The court has ordered the release of Tate Andrew, a self-proclaimed misogynist, from house arrest while he awaits trial on charges of human trafficking.

The judiciary has imposed judicial control on Tate, a social media influencer recognized for articulating misogynistic opinions, as a less stringent measure.

The Bucharest court of appeals stated in a written ruling that it “substitutes the house arrest measure with judicial control for a duration of 60 days” from August 4 to October 2.

The accused individuals have refuted the accusations. June, together with two Romanian women suspected of engaging in human trafficking, sexual assault, and organizing a criminal group for the purpose of exploiting women, pressed charges against Tate and his brother Tristan, who hold citizenship in both the United States and Britain.

The four individuals are permitted to exit the residence, except for Bucharest and the neighboring Ilfov county, in accordance with the recent regulation. They are required to regularly report to the authorities. It is also forbidden for them to make any attempts to contact the presumed victims.

Speaking from his residence in Bucharest on Friday, Tate, 36, informed journalists that he and his sibling had not committed any wrongdoing.

He said, “I have absolute faith in the Romanian judicial system, finally making the right decision to free us, and since the beginning of this, we have been completely innocent.”

I’m certain that we will be completely exonerated in the end, as everyone who was pushing these lies and repeating things without any substantial evidence to back them up, and trying to analyze why they themselves destroy and decide purely on lives, will have no substantial evidence to support their views.

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In a statement via their attorney, the Tate siblings expressed their gratitude to their supporters for demonstrating “remarkable fortitude and endurance”.

Romania’s anti-organised crime agency alleged that the four accused individuals established an illicit syndicate in 2021 with the intention of engaging in the illegal act of trafficking humans, both within Romania and across the United States and Britain.

As per the declaration, a single defendant is charged with sexually assaulting a woman on two separate occasions in March 2022. The purported victims were brought to structures in Ilfov county, where the prosecution claims they were sexually exploited and subjected to physical abuse by the criminal group. The organization asserts that a total of seven female victims were deceived and transported to Romania, including individuals who were lured in through deceitful promises of matrimony and affection.

Tate, the brother who has been living in Romania since 2017, has denied all allegations and is willing to go through a fair trial.

Tate, the brother of the woman from Florida, launched a lawsuit against her, accusing her of falsely imprisoning him and leading to his arrest for trafficking humans in Romania.

The brothers are seeking at least $5 million in the lawsuit filed against the woman by another woman who lived with her at the Bucharest Tates’ estate and was a male friend of the woman’s parents in Palm Beach County.

They said that proceedings are commencing against him with the intention to allege that he physically and sexually assaulted victims. Four British women have joined a civil claim for damages against Tate.

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