Akshata Murty net worth: how much is Rishi Sunak’s wife worth following £200m loss?

Don’t fret! Similar to ourselves, the wealthy inhabitants of No 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his spouse, Akshata Murty, have experienced a substantial decrease of around £200 million in their overall wealth recently.

According to the Sunday Times Rich List, the couple’s wealth has declined over the past year, with a daily rate exceeding five hundred thousand pounds. Murty’s shares in Infosys, her father’s company, have significantly decreased in value, resulting in a considerable decrease in their net worth. Although Murty, aged 43, and Sunak, aged 42, are among Britain’s wealthiest individuals, this information was disclosed earlier this week.

The value of the couple’s stake in Infosys has now been estimated to be worth around £529 million, which is a decrease of almost 30 percent. However, since Murty entered the Sunday Times Rich List in 2022, their combined estimated wealth with an estimated £730 million is still significant, even though Chancellor Sunak was still in office.


  • Akshata Murty net worth | Evening Standard Tech Rich ListAkshata Murty net worth | Evening Standard Tech Rich List
  • Here’s the lowdown on her family wealth. However, what is Murty’s true net worth, and how did she amass such a fortune? Nevertheless, the couple is not exactly facing financial difficulties – they remain the most affluent pair to have ever resided in Downing Street, mostly due to Murty’s technology company-generated wealth.

    Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murty.

    / Simon Walker/No 10 Downing Street

    The majority of Akshata Murty’s net worth, which is valued around £51 billion, comes from her family’s tech company, Infosys.

    In 1981, Narayana NR Murthy, the father of Murty, co-founded Infosys. As per the Sunday Times Rich List 2022, it is estimated that Murty’s stake in the Bangalore-based group was worth around £690 million, which accounts for just over 0.9 percent since 2015.

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    The list’s compilers estimated that a total payout of £6.7 million was announced last month, which includes £11 million in 2021 and a minimum of £54 million in dividends over the seven and a half years leading up to the publishing date of the list (August 2022).

    However, the value of shares in Infosys has experienced a decline of approximately 25 percent, amounting to a decrease of £208.8 million last year, bringing it down to £481.2 million at the time of compilation. As a result, Murty’s stake of 0.93 percent is now worth significantly less.

    Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murty.have a combined wealth of about £530 million

    / PA Wire

    In addition to the advantages gained from her father’s business, Murty is also a shrewd businesswoman in her own capacity.

    The future-wearing Prada minister met a certain woman, who then took a break to complete her MBA at Stanford University. After attending college at Claremont McKenna College, a private liberal arts college in California, she started working for Unilever and Deloitte.

    Despite working as a marketing director in San Francisco for three years and not finding success, she quickly left the company to start her own fashion label, Designs Akshata. Meanwhile, during 2007, she joined a clean technology incubator fund called “Dutch Murty” and got married to her partner within four years.

    Akshata Murty on the initial day of the G7 conference in Hiroshima.

    / Alice Hodgson/No 10 Downing St

    In 2015, upon becoming the MP for Richmond, Sunak had to transfer ownership of his shares to his wife, despite the fact that the company was significantly more prosperous than Akshata Designs. With the assistance of Mr Rishi Sunak, she assumed the role of director at Catamaran Ventures, a venture capital fund, and aided in the establishment of its London division a year later, in 2013.

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    In addition to Ventures Catamaran and its Infosys riches, Murty holds ownership stakes in at least six other companies, which encompass Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria, Bloom & Wild, Wendy’s restaurants in India, and New & Lingwood, a clothing store for men that specializes in tailcoats and silk dressing gowns, catering to Etonians.

    Rishi Sunak accompanied by Akshata Murty at a gathering to commemorate the British Asian Trust at the British Museum in London.

    / Pool/AFP via Getty Images

    In addition to being the leader of the government, the prime minister is also wealthier than Elton John. Sunak has earned over $6 million in the past three years and made £1.97 million last year alone. His annual salary amounts to £156,000, which was disclosed in March.

    The couple, Monica and Santa, have an estimated worth of $18.3 million and own four homes across the UK, including a 19th century-listed mansion in North Yorkshire and an oceanfront penthouse in California.

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