‘Across the Spider-Verse’ Birthed a Controversial Trans Icon

Since the release of Spider-Verse in June 2, fans have presented evidence to support the theory that Gwen is a transwoman, although her identity is not explicitly stated. However, it is common conception that the character of Gwen Stacy is a cisgender woman, as seen in other iterations of the character.

Stacy Gwen is undoubtedly the person who agrees that it may not be easy to break down all the facts. Those theories may not be valid. Many theorists have deleted their tweets due to receiving threats from other users regarding Gwen’s gender identity argument.

Gwen’s Spider-Woman costume prominently features the colors of the trans flag. These colors are especially noticeable in her room, both when she is being her true self and when she is swinging through the sky. The trans flag colors, consisting of blue, pink, and white, are present wherever she goes. Spider-Verse effectively utilizes color, including Captain Stacy’s unique addition of a handmade trans flag on his police jacket, distinguishing him from other officers in the film. Inside Gwen’s room, there is a trans flag with the message “Protect Trans Kids” written on it. While the film does not explicitly state Gwen’s gender identity, there are symbolic elements that could imply she is transgender.

For instance, in the comic, the first Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, wore red, yellow, and black suits with different color schemes. We have seen previous Spider-Women make their own costumes, as we often see with other superheroes. Superhero costumes are not randomly assigned. Let’s address this common retort. But before we dive deeper into how Gwen Stacy’s identity is possibly trans, let’s consider the evidence of her identity. You may say in response to this that the colors of her suit are just that, nothing more.

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Stacy has deliberately chosen to use the trans flag colors in her Captain Gwen Spider-Verse uniform. It’s not a coincidence that the shades of pink and blue she uses on her costumes are the same as those on the trans flag. And it’s not just in one universe, but in every other universe where Gwen Stacy falls for Spider-Man. She tells us that in every other universe, Gwen Stacy falls for Spider-Man. She has no desire to be like the other typical Spider-Women in terms of costume colors.

Self-acceptance of her quest continues as she embraces different colors in Gwen’s costume, perhaps finding a version of herself later on. Expressing herself in small doses, the use of specific colors in Gwen’s costume makes her feel fulfilled and empowered. It’s just a part of her; it doesn’t define Gwen’s transness. Placing the trans flag colors under her hood is a perfect way for her to negotiate her identity. While the majority of Gwen’s costume is actually black, the pink on her sleeves and inside her hood, as well as the blue relegated to her shoes, stand out. These colors don’t dominate Gwen’s costume, notably. Output: The ongoing journey of self-acceptance she embarks on is reflected in Gwen’s costume, where she may discover different aspects of herself later on. Expressing herself through carefully chosen colors in Gwen’s outfit allows her to feel a sense of fulfillment and strength. It is merely a part of who she is; it doesn’t solely define Gwen’s transgender identity. However, Gwen cleverly represents her transness by placing the colors of the trans flag under her hood. Although black is the predominant color of Gwen’s costume, the pink on her sleeves and inside her hood, along with the blue on her shoes, add a distinctive touch. These colors, notably, do not overpower Gwen’s costume.

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The film starts with Gwen’s perspective and her positive relationship with her father, but she is on tenterhooks because she discovers that Spider-Woman, who has been accused of killing Peter’s best friend, Captain Stacy, is actually Gwen’s friend. The storyline revolves around her fear of connecting with them and struggling to connect with her bandmates.

It can be particularly brutal for a teenager, but it’s daunting for anyone, to be open about the choice to keep a hidden part of yourself or risk losing a relationship. When you meet a new person, the conversation comes up again and again throughout life. Coming out is not a one-time thing. Gwen is familiar with the sense of self-protection.

It is doubly devastating for any queer young person, especially a teenager, to have their secret identity as Spider-Woman exposed again. In the film, Gwen has already come out as trans, as evidenced by the flag on her uniform. Towards the end of the film, she explains to him the torment she lives with, saying, “They can only know half of who I am, my secret superhero identity.”

That the film color palette drenches her in pink, white, and blue when Gwen utters this heart-wrenching statement to her father.

It’s a chance for your true, unfiltered self to be told, but it comes with enormous risk. It’s about exploring previously untapped potential and the euphoria that comes with it, whether it’s strange superpowers like teleportation, invisibility, or swinging from webs. But there’s another facet to those who are discovering themselves as heroes – almost every instance of them being a hidden hero is kept from everyone else. It involves tapping into another side, a side that almost all superhero stories have said to be something of queerness.

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The beautiful thing about art is that it’s an interpretation, open to those who have walked a similar path in their lives, reflecting Gwen’s journey in Spider-Verse. Many queer youths have a great care to take on the unmistakable identity that is beyond the surface.

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