A Complete Timeline of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Relationship

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have a romantic tale that extends over several decades.

Kelso Michael and Burkhart Jackie, who originated as characters on the show ‘That ’70s Show’, returned to the screen in Netflix’s spin-off where they finally got the chance to be together in real life after almost 25 years. Despite being a beloved pair on the set of ‘That ’70s Show’ when they first met as a couple in 1998.

Now, the duo is happily married with two kids, continuing to expand their successful acting careers as Kutcher and Kunis met again and eventually ended up together.

Within the screenplay, upon discovering their embrace, Kunis confessed to People magazine in 2001 that she found Kutcher quite attractive and became slightly overwhelmed. However, they shared a strong connection, engaging in an intermittent romantic relationship while portraying their respective characters in the series.

She described, “I was thinking, ‘Wow, he’s incredibly attractive, he’s the Calvin Klein model!'” “I had an intense infatuation for him.” I felt extremely anxious and uneasy. “Then I thought to myself, ‘Do I really have to kiss him?'”

Kutcher was also quite worried, and mentioned that he had no clue Kunis was concerned.

He expressed, “It was extremely anxiety-inducing. I had to engage in a kiss with her and there was this young girl present, I mean, I was the one feeling extremely anxious.” He mentioned, “She appeared as if she had experienced it countless times. She portrayed herself as calm. I was extremely jittery.”

The latest episode was televised in 2006, but Kutcher had already chosen a different course.

2005: Kutcher weds actress Demi Moore.

The relationship between them seemed largely functional until allegations of cheating came. Then, the 40-year-old actress moved in with Willis, helping her co-parent with her teens, and Kutcher, 25 years old, married Moore, whom he shared three daughters with. Much was made over his relationship with Moore, as he had been married to Bruce Willis before.

“Matrimony is one of the most challenging aspects of life, and regrettably, occasionally they do not succeed,” wrote Kutcher about it during that period. They opted for a divorce after being married for six years in 2011.

In this spirit, I have chosen to move forward with my life, and there are certain vows and values that I hold sacred as a wife and mother. It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I have decided to end my six-year marriage to Ashton, as stated in her divorce statement.

Kunis has spoken with respect about Kutcher’s prior marriage.

On an episode of the WTF With Marc Maron podcast, it was stated that “They had, like, an ordinary, genuine relationship.” “They had three children they were nurturing. It was, like, a typical existence.”

January 2012: Ashton and Mila reconcile at an awards ceremony.

Initially, Kunis caught sight of him. She and Kutcher coincidentally encountered each other at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. In the meantime, Kunis had just ended her relationship with someone too: actor Macaulay Culkin.

Maron told her, “I had always known that someone was checking this guy out and it was the weirdest thing I thought.” “Oh my god, it’s Kutch,” I exclaimed and then he turned around and I literally thought, “Oh, he’s kinda hot.” There was really a beautiful man there and I was looking around.

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Things started off informally initially.

She expressed, “We connected for a period of three months. Alright, fantastic. Neither of us desired any stress. We both have faith in one another. We are both unattached. Let’s enjoy ourselves. Let’s simply connect. We were thinking, ‘Let’s just connect. Let’s have a good time. We are both unattached. We both have faith in one another. Everything is splendid.'”

Kutcher revealed the details of their initial genuine smooch during his appearance on The Howard Stern Show. Kutcher extended an invitation to Kunis for his housewarming gathering at his residence in the Hollywood Hills approximately one week after.

He said, “‘Okay,’ I replied, and I could inhale it so she wanted me to inhale cigarette smoke quickly, she said, and she had stopped smoking. And I was still a smoker and I was smoking cigarettes at that moment, I believe. Events were unfolding, it was quite evident.” As the night progressed, it approached nearer and nearer and nearer…

“That didn’t occur and he had a companion he desired to arrange a meeting for me, thus he said ‘come over’ and I discovered in the future that my spouse was attempting to arrange a blind date for me with one of his companions on that particular evening,” Kunis provided an alternative perspective on that night while speaking on The Late Late Show.

After dating for a few months together, Kunis found out that Kutcher was seeing someone else at the same time she realized her feelings had evolved.

She expressed, “I experienced the sensation of being struck forcefully in the abdomen, quite suddenly.” “And my immediate reaction was … ‘Oh, my goodness. I am deeply fond of this gentleman, and I must distance myself due to the fact that this is not the arrangement we previously agreed upon. Therefore, I will assert myself,'” he conveyed.

He also didn’t want to release her.

April 2012: The situation intensifies.

Kunis states that she made the choice to be honest about her emotions and leave if he couldn’t return the same feelings.

She stated, “prior to it becoming overwhelming, I am simply going to depart so as to not disrupt anything. You know what, I genuinely value you, I was similar to.”

He requested her to relocate and it marked the commencement of their formal partnership.

February 2014: Kunis and Kutcher become betrothed.

Kunis’ dad surprisingly asked for his blessing before Ashton Kutcher proposed to Kunis, and it turns out that the popping of the question was quite traditional. Now, Kunis wears a ring from Etsy worth $90 on a daily basis and keeps it in a vault, although she was proposed to by Kutcher with a diamond ring valued at $260,000 from Tiffany’s. This happened almost two years later.

Kunis expressed, “The most remarkable day of my life thus far was the proposal. I teared up. I was a wreck. However, this partnership is distinct, without undermining any previous relationships.”

Australia ELLE informed her, “My engagement ring is in a safety deposit box. I can’t wear it because I might accidentally chop off someone’s hand, like ‘I’m

“Ashton’s cost $100, thus his wedding ring was slightly pricier.” I visited Etsy and thought, ‘$90? Purchase immediately!’ Consequently, I exclaimed, ‘They’re priced at what? This is exorbitant!’ My preference was for the thinnest platinum band attainable. Consequently, we opted to have our wedding rings crafted on Etsy, with the intention of them being marvelous, exquisite, and uncomplicated. She elucidated this while appearing on the Conan O’Brien show.”

October 2014: The couple greets their inaugural offspring.

On the 1st of October, 2014, they joyfully received their newborn daughter, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, and Kunis disclosed her pregnancy on The Ellen DeGeneres Show shortly after their promise to marry.

As a result, their children are kept a secret, as the couple is well-known for valuing their privacy. Kutcher expressed on his website, posting pictures of several infants and inviting followers to identify Wyatt, “Mila and I want to introduce Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher to the world. May your existence be filled with awe, affection, joy, well-being, bliss, inquisitiveness, and seclusion.”

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July 2015: They finally get married.

As reported by People, Kunis and Kutcher were legally wed during the weekend of July 4th in 2015, exchanging vows in an intimate event at the Secret Garden located at Parrish Ranch in Oak Glen, California. In line with their commitment to privacy, only limited information was made public.

Kutcher expressed, “The event was a stealthy endeavor.” “During our wedding, we genuinely didn’t desire helicopters, and it’s a valid worry.”

A campsite for adults was created with numerous outdoor pursuits and tents, and the premises were transformed into “Camp Kuku,” a clever play on their surnames, according to an informant. Their 9-month-old baby girl “likewise donned a white gown” to complement the occasion, while Kunis “donned a white gown with her hair elegantly styled,” as stated by a source present at the gathering.

2016: They greet their second child with joy.

Dimitri quickly became beloved by his older sister. The name Kutcher reveals was selected by his spouse during an appearance on The Ellen DeGenres Show. The pair joyfully welcomed their second child, a son named Dimitri Portwood Kutcher, on November 30, 2016.

He said, “Honey, Lenny is afraid that you’re going to squeeze off baby’s head, like she’s afraid I am. I love you and want to hold you and love you, just like she does. She loves the baby so much. I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m going to have to at some point. Wyatt thinks that the baby is really hers, but it’s not.”

“Hello!” He exclaims as Wyatt approaches him…He resembles Kung Fu Panda. He’s fearful that she will harm him. Whenever someone approaches him, Kutcher stated about Dimitri, ‘He adores everyone. However, when Wyatt is in proximity, he adores everyone. I experienced a period where I had to ensure Wyatt’s survival, and then I went through a period where I had to prevent her from harming herself, and now I am going through a phase where I must prevent her from harming the other infant.”

“She has a deep affection for this baby–possibly even more than me,” he added in a more earnest manner, “It’s, like, teetering on the edge.”

December 2017: Kunis and Kutcher make a public appearance on the red carpet.

After many years, the pair of two children made their first appearance together on the red carpet at the Breakthrough Prize Awards held at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.

February 2021: Kunis and Kutcher reunite on screen once more.

In 2021, the Super Bowl commercial for Cheetos featured the duo and musician Shaggy, marking their long-awaited reunion on the screen after several years.

Kunis quipped to Entertainment Tonight that they desired to have a respite from childcare amidst the quarantine.

Kunis expressed, “And I dislike uttering this, but we were similar to, ‘Liberty!'”. Consequently, we accomplished it. And I thought to myself, ‘A couple of days, darling! Two days of rest!’ In all honesty, we were like, ‘Yes, alright, let’s proceed.’ It happened during the quarantine period when we were confined with our kids for either nine or twelve months.”

2022: The duo prepares for the spin-off of That ’70s Show, That ’90s Show.

In 1995, the first episode of the show ’90s That takes place, and a couple has signed up for it so far. The main character is Leia Forman, and the main characters of the original show, Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti, have a daughter named Grace Topher. Laura Prepon plays the role of Laura Prepon. She heads to her grandparents’ home for the summer, where shenanigans ensue.

“Kutcher informed Variety,” It was truly nostalgic to return to the set. “It was quite strange,” hence That ’70s Show featured all the identical individuals.

They were uncertain about returning, but it ultimately felt appropriate.

Kutcher expressed, “If it were Mila and I who were considering it.” “We pondered, ‘Hey, we’re in the current situation solely due to that show, so why not return and give it a shot? We had a week of enjoyable and spontaneous experiences. We simply went back and had a great time.”

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January 2023: Kutcher makes a comeback to the movie industry.

Kutcher was interviewed about his film “Esquire” by a man leading a rom-com called “Mine or Place Your” on Netflix. They discussed how the production of the film could potentially take place in Los Angeles instead of Georgia, ahead of its release in January. Kutcher shared an expansive story about his family, expressing his desire to be close to them and giving them money.

“I have young children, and I adore my kids,” he clarified. “I enjoy spending quality time with them.”

Kutcher made a deal with Netflix to take extra production costs from his salary for shooting in Los Angeles, so Georgia offers tax breaks to Hollywood productions.

“Regarding her co-star, Witherspoon expressed, “He adores his family immensely and truly is an extraordinary father who consistently supports his children.” “There is no facade. He is simply at ease with himself. And did I point out that he is extremely amusing?”

Kutcher mentioned that those compliments were not always relevant during the interview. According to his wife, she informed him that he had been “unpleasant” when they first reconnected.

“Was I…?” Kutcher asked her at the time.Output: “Did I…?” Kutcher inquired of her at that moment.

“Yeah, you were a jerk for a solid two years,” she replied.

Evidently, this was the incentive he required to enhance, as he values his spouse’s viewpoint.

“But I was aware that she didn’t require my presence. And she was aware that I didn’t require her presence,” Kutcher disclosed to Esquire. “Her abilities, her expertise, her talents. The aspect of Mila that expedited our relationship was that I had perpetually respected her.”

He included, “We were already acquainted with all of each other’s secrets….My wife is much more impressive than me.”

Kunis is of Jewish descent, however, he was brought up in the Catholic faith, clarifying that the only other brief insight he provided into their family dynamics revolved around festive commemorations.

“But we also do Easter…But then we do Passover…And then we do Christmas…And we do Hannukah,” Kutcher said. “So we do Shabbat.”

“We must rejoice,” he concluded.

February 2023: Kunis mocks Kutcher’s romantic comedy promotional images.

It appears that Kunis and Kutcher, who were promoting their Netflix rom-com “Mine or Place Your” at a red carpet event, jokingly acknowledged the awkward distance between them and the supposed lack of chemistry between the romantic leads. Fans noticed the awkwardness and immediately tried to warn them about it.

He excessively corrected, but Kutcher made an appearance on the Chicks in the Office podcast, stating that he didn’t wish to initiate rumors of infidelity with intimate pictures.

He stated, “My spouse contacted me. She messaged Reese and I simultaneously and she’s saying, ‘Folks, you must behave as if you enjoy each other.’ And I’m pondering, ‘What is happening?'”

“I don’t need to justify that. We have a strong bond! Reese and I are very close pals. The gossip suggests that we have a negative opinion of each other. When I stand beside her, I make sure to keep my hands in my pockets to eliminate any possibility of such speculation. In other words, people might start spreading rumors about us having an affair if I were to show affection by putting my arm around Reese.”

Witherspoon validated the narrative to some extent during her appearance on Today With Hoda & Jenna.

Witherspoon expressed, “I have a stronger bond with Mila as we have been acquainted for an extensive duration.” The aspect of romantic involvement was never problematic in that scenario, and she had the opportunity to become more acquainted with Kutcher while working together.

She remarked, “He is extremely adept at his job.” “He is the most humorous individual. I mean, he embodies silliness. We had an absolute blast, and whenever he would don a comical ensemble, I would message Mila. I would inquire, ‘What attire has he chosen?'”

And then she received the message regarding the press photographs.

Concluded Witherspoon, “I loved her for such a long time because it was just so much fun to get to know her, especially because I wanted to get to know her other significant aspects.

June 2023: Kutcher claims he’s the “most fortunate individual alive.”

On June 23, Kutcher shared a rare photo of Kunis on his timeline. The backdrop was a beautiful ocean with a full rainbow in the sky. Kunis had her eyes closed and arms outstretched, standing in a black tank top and delicate necklace, with her hair flowing down her back.

“I am the most fortunate man alive. #Gratitude,” Kutcher wrote as the caption for the post.

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