6 of The Best Craft Beer in South Africa

Here is a compilation of the finest artisanal beer in South Africa.

Woodstock Beer Company

Woodstock Brewery is one of the most prominent craft breweries in South Africa, still operated as a family-run business, with a focus on serving the local community’s needs rather than expanding beyond their means.

However, it is a colossal endeavor with the finest craft beer in South Africa.

Additionally, it has ample outdoor seating on both the upper and main levels, and the dining area is divided with a wide open space.

Aejir Initiative

While on a trip down south in South Africa, start trying the best craft beer samples from Project Aegir.

It is feasible to merge a visit to the Noordhoek taproom of the Aegir Project with an excursion to the Uitsig vineyard in Constantia.

Traditional varieties (such as key lime pie and pina colada) as well as ingredients that are in season make use of them, and sour flavors are strong and vibrant. Among the beers on tap, the IPA Giant is known for its abundance of hop flavors.

It’s no surprise that UnTappd has ranked it as one of Cape Town’s top craft breweries.

Banana Preserve Bistro

Banana Jam Cafe, located close to Kenilworth and about a half-hour drive from downtown Cape Town, showcases a local microbrewery with an Afro-Caribbean atmosphere.

In this Caribbean establishment, unwind with Jamaican-inspired cuisine, refreshing tropical beverages, and complementary shots of rum. Feel free to explore the middle-class community without hesitation.

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Beloved Brew

Woodstock Exchange in South Africa has a brewery and a restaurant called Darling. It’s the best place to go for craft beer sampling while driving all the way there.

Darling Brew, which is carbon-neutral and eco-friendly, takes immense pride in their range of beers. They offer maltier options like IPA and double IPA, as well as a lighter and more enjoyable choice called Bonecrusher Witbier.

However, try to find the marula fruit-fermented edition when it is available.

Darling Brew, the expansive contemporary brewpub and the delectably uncomplicated cuisine, is a perfect destination to explore. Alongside its wide-ranging selection of beers, it is an essential stopover when journeying through the West Coast of South Africa.

Brewing Company of Devil’s Peak

At Table Mountain, a formation known as Devil’s Peak provides a panoramic view of the Epping brewery.

However, their brewery is situated in Salt River. You can’t overlook it, but it’s on the second level of this establishment.

In addition to a handful of featured guest taps, you have the opportunity to taste the flagship and seasonal brews, which include the finest artisanal beer in South Africa, within a cozy and inviting environment.

The brewer also has some standout stout pastries called “doughssant.” It offers a solid core of ales to enjoy on a regular basis, like a tiny version of the local craft beer scene.

On the contrary, the Brew Hopper in Franschhoek is a robust craft beer establishment. In the wine-producing areas of Cape Town, the jump-on, jump-off wine trains are quite significant.

The ticket price includes three beverages at each of the specified breweries, three samplings of Stillman Distillery’s alcoholic beverages, as well as transportation to and from all of these establishments and Franschhoek town.

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The garden is a fantastic place to hang out. All three beers have a unique flavor. It is especially enjoyable when the weather is nice outside.

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