5 Ways Your Business Can Support National Hydration Day

We will explain the significance of this holiday and how it can promote good habits for your business, such as the importance of staying hydrated and educating employees on the significance of drinking water. National Hydration Day also provides an opportunity for businesses to promote the importance of staying hydrated and educate employees on the significance of drinking water.

Since its creation in 2016, National Hydration Day has become recognized as a holiday that helps educate people about making better choices concerning drinking water and promoting hydration. In honor of the memory of Victor Hawkins, a mouth guard that releases electrolytes to improve hydration and contribute greatly to the safety and health of athletes was invented, benefiting many athletes.

Why is Staying Well-Hydrated Important?

Daily water intake plays a crucial role in various aspects of one’s well-being, including overall health, the surrounding environment, and physical activity. Adequate water consumption is essential for supplying nutrients to cells, maintaining lubricated joints, and regulating body temperature. The optimal functioning of every cell and organ in the body relies on sufficient water, and approximately half to three-fourths of the human body is composed of water.

The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine advise that males and females should ideally consume 15.5 cups and 11.5 cups of liquid per day, correspondingly. A study conducted in the United States revealed that only 22% of Americans manage to drink a minimum of ten glasses of water daily. Several participants in the study mentioned being too occupied or simply neglecting to consume an adequate amount of water.

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Are you aware that dehydration is the most frequent reason for midday tiredness?

Keeping your employees properly hydrated can create a more productive and healthier workplace, reducing cognitive issues, fatigue, and suffering from other productivity-reducing factors. It’s easy to forget to drink enough water during a busy workday, but ensuring that your employees remember to stay hydrated will make them happier and more productive.

Ways for Businesses to Get Involved in National Hydration Day

There are numerous ways in which businesses can participate in various initiatives to ensure that employees stay hydrated and healthy. One idea is to establish good water-drinking habits among employees by rethinking the list of ways to celebrate this holiday. This could include sponsoring educational and engaging events to encourage employees to stay hydrated and make use of the water cooler in your office.

1. Support enjoyable activities on National Hydration Day.

You can create an entire day at your business centered on educating employees about the importance of hydration by encouraging them to drink more water. Many employees may not realize how it affects their job performance and health if they are dehydrated. Engage and have fun by sponsoring a company-wide event that raises awareness about staying healthy and drinking water.

Some of the activities you can include in a celebration for National Hydration Day at your workplace are:

  • To maximize productivity, you can either establish objectives for the entire office or create teams amongst the employees. To encourage proper hydration, consider incentivizing those who consume the suggested quantity of water throughout the day. It would be most effective to document the amount of water consumed by utilizing various measurements such as cups or ounces, and request that individuals maintain a record. Transform the process into a friendly competition by motivating everyone to track and compare their water intake. Establishing specific targets for water consumption within your workplace can be highly beneficial.
  • Throughout the day, team members can expand the idea of making the workplace more conscious of how much water they drink by reminding people to stay hydrated through email, intercom announcements, and making use of timers and apps dedicated to drinking water.
  • When your team members have all the facts and information about water, they will feel inspired to drink more water in the office and stay hydrated. Place signage around the office with facts about hydration and water to encourage them to drink more water.
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    2. Offer complimentary, eco-friendly water bottles.

    Promotes positive water consumption routines by distributing complimentary eco-friendly water containers to staff members during National Hydration Day. Employees are more inclined to maintain hydration when equipped with the necessary resources for maintaining good health. By incorporating your company logo, you have the option to personalize the water bottles offered to team members.

    3. Motivate staff to maintain proper hydration levels.

    Encourage employees to meet their hydration and fitness goals by providing prizes and tracking their progress. Create monthly hydration goals for employees and hold competitions to promote water-drinking. Extend the campaign beyond one day and involve your HR department to create a National Hydration Day employee wellness campaign throughout the year.

    4. Prepare delicious flavored water at your workplace.

    Promotes the importance of maintaining hydration by introducing flavored water options in the workplace. People often find it difficult to drink plain water because they don’t enjoy its taste, which is why many individuals say they don’t consume enough water. To provide employees with access to refreshing flavored water, ingredients such as mint, cucumber, lemons, and limes can be used to create a pleasant experience in cafeteria or break rooms.

    Employees will adore over 12 flavor combinations provided by Bevi flavored and effervescent water dispensers from Quench, which offer office water cooler solutions for flavored water whenever needed.

    5. Purchase a water dispenser without bottles.

    State-of-the-art purification offered by refreshing, delicious water will assist workers in maintaining hydration. The water that originates from your water dispenser is disliked by certain employees, hence they may not consume sufficient water throughout their work shift.

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    The use of advanced filtration technology improves the quality and flavor of water in stainless steel tubing-grade food and tanks. Bottleless water coolers utilize purification and filtration technologies that eliminate odors and off-tastes, providing refreshing drinking water.

    Quench, a water alkaline dispenser, not only hydrates employees for a longer period of time, but it also provides great taste. It uses a 5-filter system, certified by NSF and FDA, to remove contaminants and add minerals and electrolytes to the water. Additionally, Quench employs a reverse osmosis system to ensure that the water is easily absorbed by the body.

    Explore the potential savings and find the suitable bottleless water dispenser for your business by utilizing a bottleless water cooler. Enhance the well-being, satisfaction, and hydration of your employees by offering instant access to refreshing drinking water through a Quench bottleless water cooler.

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