5 canciones esenciales de ‘Misión Cumplida’ de Jenni Rivera

Mission Accomplished, which was released on Friday (June 30) by Sony Music Latin, features 16 tracks with the signature sound of La Gran Señora in regional Mexican music. Songs such as “Q.T.M.L. (El Corrido de la Diva)” demonstrate the passion that made her one-of-a-kind, while “El que hoy está en tu lugar” highlights her incredible vocal abilities and “Pedacito de mí”, a heartfelt dedication to her children, deeply moves the audience. Additionally, there are new renditions of “Engañémoslo” and “Aparentemente bien”.

Ocampo, the main producer of Banda MS, was selected to effectively finish the recordings that Rivera didn’t finish and provide the suitable sound to others with the assistance of Sergio Lizárraga and the deceased Diva de la Banda’s offspring.

Ocampo told Billboard Español that “The challenge was to make Jenni sound like Jenni.” This allowed for very good results, explaining that they had to “clean” out background noise of people talking and others to rescue the voice of the iconic singer. We worked together with Sony Music, Jenicka, Johnny, Jacqie, and Chiquis.

In 2012, at the age of 43, Rivera died in an airplane accident on December 9. Rivera, who would have turned 54 this Saturday (July 1), arrives just in time to celebrate the birth of “Misión Cumplida.” “Dos botellas de mezcal” and “De contrabando” both topped the Billboard charts as number one hits for the singer.

Next, Ocampo breaks down five essential songs from Jenni Rivera’s album Misión Cumplida.

“Misión Cumplida”.

Johnny sugirió que le diera un toque especial a ese fragmento de piano. Además, el título dice muchas cosas. Fue impactante escuchar a Jenni cantando 10 años después. No era una grabación en estudio, sino cómo se creaba. Era un audio de 30 minutos que mostraba el proceso creativo. ‘Misión cumplida’ es mi canción favorita porque representa la manera en que encontraron la satisfacción.

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“Q.T.M.L. (The Ballad of the Diva)”.

“‘Would Like to Have My Place’ (Q.T.M.L.) I believe that it is a song that embodies her, her aesthetic, her mindset, and her personality: a woman with firm beliefs. In this regard, her approach to writing and arranging was honored. As previously mentioned, it is very much her, beginning with the title.”

“Piece of me”.

“We appreciated the creative ideas and work she put into those audios she sent us. We also wanted to respect her idea and her love for music, as it is something she truly loves. The connection between her and her children, and especially the special theme it represents, is very unique. She did not finish the theme, but those audios were not designed to be a part of it. Jenni also wrote ‘Piece of Me’.”

“Aparentemente bien”.

In 2019, the Rivera family had already raised the issue of ‘Aparentemente bien’ and requested us to create a fresh rendition. I believe this new version captures more of Jenni’s true essence. The previous one sounds excellent, but I consider this particular one to be a challenge due to its prior existence. Our aim was to infuse the song with Jenni’s persona, and accomplishing that was incredibly gratifying.

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