5 Best Ken Halloween Costumes That Give Total Kenergy

Oh, how we can’t forget the fabulous outfits seen throughout the film, as well as the wonderful wardrobe inspired by Margot Robbie’s iconic array of Barbie costumes. Speaking of which, this Halloween, the most popular and correct choice might just be to embody the dashing Ken from Casa Dojo Mojo’s Barbie ensemble. Barbie needs her strapping sidekick, and Ken might just be the one. You can be the doll sans Barbie and know that you can also be seen in disco groovy attire or a chic cowgirl getup, just like the collectible Barbie dolls.

The number dance and song are both worthy of their own number, with its luscious blonde hair and winning smile included!

Perhaps the most classic costume of Ken, the famous sidekick of Barbie, is his beachwear. Known famously for his job at the beach, all apart from being Barbie’s sidekick, he is just the beachwear doll costume. Though when you throw on Ken’s matching striped shirt and shorts, it doesn’t matter what your plans are, you’ll succeed. No matter if it’s a “party” or “candy” job, your October job will just be a beach. We have found pieces that are nearly identical to Gosling’s film attire. Instead of lugging around his big blue surfboard, you could grab a smaller bodyboard or make your own with paint and cardboard.

Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken Outfit

: “Just remember, Ken, you’ll need a pair of square sunglasses, a big old horseshoe necklace, and either two pairs of fingerless leather gloves or a black bandana. Don’t forget the details, like an eye-catching faux fur coat paired with black pants and sneakers. And don’t worry, I won’t hurt the iconic outfit by breaking the rule of not transforming into Barbie from Kendom, I promise. This costume is specifically for you, Ken.”

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Western Ken Outfit

Get ready to wrangle some fun this Halloween by grabbing Ken and Barbie in this cowboy getup from a convenience store near Mattel headquarters in California. Luckily, we found a costume shirt that looks just like the real thing, complete with a pink bandana on top. You’ll just need black jeans, a big western belt, a white cowboy hat, and white cowboy boots to complete the look. “Anyway, I wasn’t interested in horses, so I didn’t mind losing the patriarchy,” proclaims Ken later, even though he found the fringe finery worth copying.

Ken Costume for Rollerblading

If you want to make a great couples costume, you can copy it by buying a few similar items like a neon pink tank top, bright shorts, and a matching visor and vest, just like Malibu Barbie. The retro look of the Land Barbie as seen in the real world is complete with plenty of radical patterns and neon colors. With this funky ‘fit, Ken’s motto might be to go bold or go home.

Ken Costume made of Denim

Do you want to complete the denim suit by peeking out your own DIY jeans and grabbing some fabric markers? Of course, you probably already have most of these pieces in your closet, including personalized boxers. Bonus! Get ready for the party and throw on some white sneakers. Just unbutton that denim vest and look cool in the same shade as your jeans. Look no further for a super cool head-to-toe denim ensemble. If you’re looking for a costume, you’re totally Ken!

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