32-year-old woman faces charges after allegedly posing as high school student

A 32-year-old woman from Boston is facing criminal charges for allegedly posing as a high school student and enrolling in three schools in Boston.

As per a police incident report, Shelby Hewitt, hailing from Canton, Massachusetts, allegedly went by the alias Ellie and had freshly registered at English High School until school authorities discovered complications with her enrollment documentation in the middle of June.

According to the report, the administrators expressed their worries about a potential custodial problem with the parents as they found it unusual that she had enrolled just a week before. The police report indicates that the administrators initiated an investigation when a man, who identified himself as Ellie’s father, stated that he was withdrawing her because of bullying.

The school administrators uncovered that the worker’s social was not listed on the enrollment paperwork, and she did not appear to exist according to the reported 911 call.

According to the report, numerous counterfeit papers were purportedly discovered in Hewitt’s bedroom, including some originating from the Department of Children and Families. The report indicated that investigators suspect she deceitfully portrayed herself as someone else in order to “acquire services from the Boston Public Schools” at three secondary schools from September 7, 2022, to June 14, 2023.

On Tuesday, Hewitt was accused of six crimes, including forgery and identity theft, in the Boston Municipal Court.

According to the Boston police, she has not been officially detained as of Wednesday afternoon.

If it is unclear whether she has an attorney who can speak on her behalf, the woman’s father told WCVB, an ABC Boston affiliate, that she is receiving mental health treatment.

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The school district alerted families to the incident last week amid the criminal investigation. In a letter to families on June 20, Superintendent Mary Skipper of Boston Public Schools said an adult woman used falsified paperwork and identification to register as a student for this academic year.

The captain mentioned that the grown-up lady was “released” and is being instructed to keep her distance from BPS establishments.

Skipper said, “Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, this individual attended multiple high schools, including Brighton High School, Burke E. Jeremiah High School, and the English High School, utilizing pseudonyms under the process of enrolling and transferring as a student at various points.”

“Skipper stated, ‘At this time, school personnel and investigators are reaching out directly to the families of students who may have had contact with this person. While the investigation is still in its early stages and ongoing, school officials have not yet identified any instances of harm to students or staff.'”

Earlier this month, Skipper, a staff member praised by the district, reported irregularities in enrollment and identified the students responsible, according to a statement from the Boston police.

Skipper remarked, “It seems like we have encountered a situation of highly advanced deception.” “I am profoundly concerned that a grown-up would violate the confidence of our educational communities by pretending to be a student.”

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu told reporters following the discovery that there did not appear to be any “harm or risk” to students.

Wu stated, “You believe you have witnessed it all.” “We are investigating to ensure that we uncover all the specifics regarding the incident and ascertain the potential motives.”

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