30 Amazon Travel Must Haves For Your Next Trip

Whether you’re boarding a plane or embarking on a road journey, these travel items from Amazon will assist you in remaining well-ordered.

If you are an extremely organized person who is always looking for new travel products and packing hacks, or perhaps if you are naturally disorganized like me, you will find the best travel products and reading materials on Amazon.

Additionally, if you enjoy capturing photos while traveling, take a look at my compilation of top camera bags designed for women.

30 Essential Travel Items for Amazon.

1. Organizer for Cables and Electronic Devices

This organizer is for your small electronics and cords, and it goes with me everywhere. It easily fits into the pocket of a car or plane seat in front of you. Plus, it’s easy to pop into your backpack or handbag when you’re on the go. It’s made of water-resistant material and is lightweight.

It conveniently accommodates my iPhone charger along with my camera, additional memory cards, AirFly, AirPods, backup battery pack for my phone, wall charger adapter, and various cables.

I chose pink, but it is available in a wide variety of colors.


2. Jewelry Case for Travel

This travel jewelry box is one of my favorite Amazon travel must haves. It keeps your earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces organized.

My favorite Amazon travel find, the suitcase, has been a savior for keeping my beloved necklaces safe and untangled. The necklace hooks ensure that your favorite necklaces remain free from any damage while you’re on the go.


3. Travel Toiletry Organizer

This hanging toiletry bag solves the problem of limited counter space in your hotel bathroom, allowing you to hang it up and save space. It’s large enough to fit all the toiletries you need for your trip, which is especially helpful in small and usually tiny hotel bathrooms.

This hanging toiletry bag has clear interior compartments. So, you’ll easily be able to find the toiletries you need during your trip.

I can’t praise this toiletry bag highly enough. It’s one of my favorite must-haves for travel on Amazon!


4. Travel Organizers

I didn’t understand the hype around packing cubes until I tried them myself. Packing cubes make the process of packing this set of cubes much easier.

Rather than disorganizing your entire suitcase in search of that t-shirt, you can simply retrieve your packing cube containing all your tees. This eliminates the need to repeatedly unpack and repack your suitcase whenever you need a specific item, such as your beloved t-shirt. These cubes assist in maximizing suitcase space and ensuring efficient organization.

They have really helped me stop overpacking because I’m more aware of what I’m putting in my suitcase. Additionally, packing cubes can also help you pack more mindfully.


5. Shoe Organizer for Traveling

This travel shoe organizer is essentially a packing cube for your shoes, keeping your dirty shoes from touching your clean clothes. However, it doesn’t just keep your shoes organized in your suitcase.

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6. Travel Bottles that are Resistant to Leaks and can be Refilled

You can save a lot of money by purchasing small bottles of your favorite toiletries instead of buying overpriced tiny versions. You can refill these reusable bottles with your favorite face cleanser, body wash, conditioner, shampoo, and more. These travel bottles are BPA-free and leak-proof.

These refillable toiletry bottles are 3 ounces each, meaning they are TSA 3-1-1 compliant and can go in your carry on bag.


7 Travel-friendly Cream Jars that are Resistant to Leaks

These leak-proof refillable jars are another favorite of mine on Amazon. They are perfect for packing your favorite lotions, creams, and other skincare products when you travel, and you don’t have to worry about lugging around heavy and annoying full-size versions. Plus, these jars are BPA-free and travel-friendly.

These refillable, compact, and lightweight products definitely prove to be useful. I have a lot of heavy and big packaging and bottles for those products, and my skincare routine involves a multi-step process.


8. Reusable Compact Travel Spray Bottles

Your carry-on bag can also be small enough and compliant with the 3-1-1 TSA regulations. You can fill them with bug repellent, glasses cleaner, hand sanitizer, and hairspray. These portable spray bottles are also great for travel and can be refilled.


9. Apple AirTags

If you’ve ever been stressed about the location of your bags, you’ll never have to worry again. Hide an AirTag in your carry-on bag and suitcase. Apple AirTags are a brilliant way to track your travel bags, especially if you’ve seen how many bags have been lost by airlines and how chaotic travel has been lately.

You can also purchase a set of 4 AirTags to share with your travel companion.


10. Mobile Power Bank for Your Smartphone

It’s incredibly convenient to easily pop your iPhone into your tote or handbag the day before exploring. This lightweight portable charging bank holds about 2.25 full charges for your phone. Having a fully charged phone is crucial when traveling to unfamiliar places, especially when you’re taking hundreds (or even thousands) of vacation videos or photos and it’s easy for your phone’s battery to deplete.


11. Travel-friendly Suitcase Weighing Device

I’m a recovering over-packer, so when I travel, I like to shop for Amazon travel essentials, one of which is a portable luggage scale. I particularly enjoy browsing for home goods and art.

Make sure to never be flustered at the airport again when repacking your suitcase. This compact luggage scale makes it easy to weigh your suitcase at home, ensuring that it’s not too heavy.

To ensure that your suitcase is not too heavy, you can weigh it before your return flight if you go shopping during your trip. This allows you to conveniently pack your portable luggage scale inside your suitcase as well.


12. Travel Power Adapter for Worldwide Use

When preparing for your journey, it is often overlooked that your regular electronic devices and chargers may not be compatible with the outlets in numerous countries. However, this versatile travel power adapter is designed to function in more than 150 countries, encompassing European countries, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, China, Japan, and many others.

It can be challenging to find destination travel adaptors on the ground once you’re at your departing airport, and they can be overpriced. I have learned the hard way that power adaptors are difficult to find in that manner.

This small and easily transportable power adapter is a necessary item for any world traveler and one of my most commonly utilized findings on Amazon for trips.

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13. Foldable Water Bottle

I suggest using a foldable water container for your travels. It’s always beneficial to lessen your consumption of disposable plastics. The most overpriced item at airports is bottled water.

Instead of spending $5 for a small water bottle at the airport, you have the option to refill it for free at a water fountain and carry it empty through airport security. Ultimately, this will help you save a significant amount of money. A conventional water bottle occupies considerably less room compared to this collapsible water bottle.

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14. AirFly Adapter for Onboard Entertainment

This is one of my most recent Amazon travel finds, and I’m obsessed with it. The AirFly system allows you to use wireless headphones or AirPods with your plane’s in-flight entertainment.

Following your flight, the headphones prove to be unhelpful and of abysmal caliber, which, undoubtedly, the airlines require you to buy. If you are traveling with a budget airline or on a domestic flight, the airlines oblige you to purchase their headphones. The majority of airplanes still possess outdated in-flight entertainment systems that solely function with wired headphones accompanied by an auxiliary cable.

The AirFly is an adapter in the in-flight entertainment system that allows you to plug in your own wireless headphones, so you can watch shows and movies on your flight.


15. Smartphone Holder

Did you know that a lot of budget airlines, especially airlines that don’t have in-flight entertainment systems, don’t even have a screen at your seat? With this inexpensive phone mount, you can comfortably watch shows and movies on the plane, even if you don’t have a screen. This mount perfectly fits on your in-flight table tray.


16. Waist Pack

A great way to travel is by keeping your passport and wallet safe with a bag belt. This bag belt from Amazon is not tacky and gives off functional, stylish vibes. It looks a lot like a pricey bag from Lululemon and also comes in more than 30 colors.


17. Travel Throw (That Also Functions as a Travel Cushion)

When you travel with Amazon, especially for domestic flights, you must have a travel blanket as flights offered by airlines may not provide one. This travel blanket from Amazon is a cozy and soft way to stay warm on the plane. Airplanes are always freezing.

I would rather bring my own blanket for travel now. I spent the entire flight with a runny nose and itchy, red eyes. It must have been covered in pet hair and not properly cleaned before I used it. Because I had an allergic reaction on one flight, I have even stopped using airline blankets when they are offered.

This travel blanket also serves as a comfortable travel pillow when it is folded into its bag or case.


18. Neck Pillow for Travel

A comfortable travel pillow is a great choice for long flights, especially if you don’t want to end up with a stiff neck at your destination. This memory foam pillow compresses down to half its size, making it easy to toss in your carry-on bag.


19. Eye Mask for Sleeping

I dozed off on a long-haul flight from Thailand, which took about 18 hours. One of my biggest secrets for arriving well-rested is my favorite sleep mask, which I always order from Amazon.

Dimming the light in the aircraft cabin makes it much more convenient to doze off during your flight.


20. Set of Passport Cover and Luggage Tag

It is crucial to keep your passport protected. When claiming baggage, it is important to distinguish your suitcase from others. This stylish luggage set includes both a travel buddy and a passport case tag.


21. Travel Purse

If you want something more vibrant than classic black, it also comes in 38 different colors. Even in the case that you need to fill out immigration and customs paperwork, it has a pen holder and a key ring. This travel wallet keeps your passport, cash, and cards organized.


22. Travel Steamer with Dual Voltage

Bring along this convenient garment steamer when you embark on your vacation to prevent creased clothing. This versatile travel steamer with adjustable voltage is among my preferred travel discoveries on Amazon.

It can be used worldwide without requiring a voltage converter, making it dual voltage. If you are traveling to a country in North America that uses American plugs, you can use it with your universal adapter plug, and you won’t have to worry about shorting it out because the voltage is 220 in that country.


23. Hair Dryer with Dual Voltage

While you are traveling, you won’t have to worry about stress caused by drying your hair because this dual voltage hairdryer is perfect for packing. Hairdryers in hotels are usually terrible, so it’s best to not rely on them and instead bring your own, especially when staying in AirBnbs and hostels.

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If you’re traveling to a nation that doesn’t utilize plugs common in North America, you can utilize your versatile plug adapter. This adapter is designed to work globally without requiring a voltage converter, thanks to its dual voltage capability and foldable handle. Additionally, it is conveniently portable.

You don’t want to use a regular North American hair dryer (which uses 110 voltage) in a country that uses a 220 voltage system, as it will likely overheat and burn out the hairdryer, even with the use of an adaptor plug.


24. Portable Illuminated Folding Travel Mirror

Using a compact mirrored bag, you can do your makeup on a tiny desk. If you end up doing your makeup in a hotel bathroom with limited counter space and terrible lighting, this portable folding travel mirror can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re sharing a bathroom with a bunch of family members or friends in an Airbnb or hotel.

It’s easy and lightweight to slip your carry-on or suitcase into. This travel mirror has built-in LED lights, so you can do your makeup even in the dimmest hotel room.


25. Travel Rucksack

This travel backpack is stylish and comes in multiple colors. It’s also a great weekend bag. It has a lot of pockets and a laptop compartment. You can bring it as your carry-on on the plane, so you can have your hands free at the airport.


26. Travel Duffle Bag

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27. Set of Luggage with Rolling Suitcases

This 3-piece luggage set is one of the top-rated options on Amazon, with over 18,000 reviews. It includes a 28-inch large checked bag, a 24-inch medium sized checked bag, and a 20-inch carry-on bag. This set of rolling suitcases is a must-have for any traveler.

These suitcases are light and can be stacked inside one another, if you have limited storage room.


If you’re looking for a carry-on suitcase, instead of a set of luggage, my favorite is this 22-inch rolling suitcase. It’s the largest carry-on rolling suitcase you can bring on domestic flights in the U.S. Plus, it’s durable and lightweight.


28. Travel-Friendly Door Lock + Door Stopper Alarm

Because you might never really know who has a key to your room, it’s a good idea to add an extra layer of security when staying at an AirBnb or hotel. This portable door lock and alarm is a must-have for any solo female traveler.

Hopefully, making a loud noise will scare them off and open the door to manage someone if you know you’re letting them in. The portable door alarm stopper will help prevent unauthorized entry into your hotel room.


29. Portable Umbrella

Every year, I must visit England with my family to go on those rainy trips. If you are traveling to a rainy place, a lightweight and small travel umbrella is definitely a lifesaver.


30. Compact Apple Watch Charger

Are you able to use your Apple Watch charger to keep your Apple Watch charged while you go sightseeing and track your steps using its portable and lightweight design?

It’s perfect to find a free outlet anywhere basically – whether you’re at an airport or a coffee shop – to charge your Apple Watch.


That concludes this compilation of 30 essential travel items available on Amazon that you must have for your upcoming journey. These discoveries on Amazon will greatly simplify the process of packing for your next trip!

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