2022 Rockefeller Christmas Tree: Cutdown Date, Lighting Info and More Fun Facts

The 2022 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be raised and brought to the plaza on Saturday, Nov. 12. It will journey approximately 200 miles south to Manhattan and be felled from its Queensbury residence on Thursday, Nov. 10.

You can tune in to NBC to witness the magnificent spectacle through a live transmission. The illumination of the tree is scheduled to commence at 7 p.M. ET on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

The Norway Spruce tree, approximately 90 to 85 years old, was donated by the Leibowitz family of Glens Falls, New York. It stands approximately 82 feet tall and 50 feet wide in Queensbury.

What about the Glamour?

Over approximately 5 miles of wire, more than 50,000 diverse LEDs will be hung to decorate the tree in the year 2022.

The star’s diameter measures 9 feet and 4 inches. The star showcases 70 spikes adorned with 3 million crystals and has a weight of approximately 900 pounds. Architect Daniel Libeskind created the three-dimensional Swarovski star in 2018.

What Occurs After the Holiday Season?

The timber will be processed into timber for Habitat for Humanity.

What is the Duration of Our Continued Efforts?

Below are a few significant historical events.

  • In 1931, construction workers erecting Rockefeller Center erected a Christmas tree, marking the inaugural Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.
  • The Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony, held in 1933, adorned the front of the RCA Building with 700 lights.
  • The Illumination Ceremony featured a figure skating showcase on the recently unveiled Rockefeller Plaza Outdoor Ice Skating Pond for the inaugural occasion. Two trees, standing at a height of 70 feet (21.3 m) each, were raised in 1936.
  • In 1942, amid World War II, three trees were positioned on Rockefeller Plaza, with one adorned in crimson, another in ivory, and the last one in azure, symbolizing solidarity and backing for our brave servicemen.
  • In 1949, the tree was coated with silver paint to resemble snow.
  • In 1951, the first lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree took place on national television during the Kate Smith Show.
  • Rockefeller Center has journeyed to the utmost extent a tree has ever traveled. This is in commemoration of Canada’s Centennial, as it was bestowed by the Confederation. The United States erected it from a tree sourced externally in 1966.
  • Bob Hope took part in the illumination. In 1980, a towering 70-foot (21.3 m) Norway Spruce was sourced from the premises of the Immaculate Conception Seminary of Mahwah, N.J. For the golden anniversary tree lighting.
  • In 1999, the tallest tree ever recorded in the history of Rockefeller Center, measuring 100 feet in height, originated from Killingworth, Connecticut.
  • In 2004, the star designed by Swarovski became the biggest star to ever adorn the tree.
  • The latest LEDs are fueled by numerous solar panels on the roof of a Rockefeller Center building. They conserve the same amount of energy as a household would consume in a month in a 2,000-square-foot residence, decreasing energy usage from 3,510 kwH to 1,297 kwH per day. The tree was illuminated with energy-saving LEDs for the initial time in 2007. They utilize only a portion of the energy that had traditionally been necessary for the tree.
  • 2021 – Maryland is the source of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree for the first time.
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