14 of the Best Serena and Lily Dupes

I can’t afford to have a lot of pieces of Lily & Serena at home, but I love every single piece and often rely on Lily & Serena dupes to give me a similar look! And look, today I’m sharing what I’m best at: finding dupes for Lily & Serena!

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Lily & Serena is a popular brand that embodies the aesthetic of laid-back California. Their style is coastal and casual, with pieces that have a sense of sophistication and relaxation. They offer a beautiful selection of furniture and home decor, reflecting their lifestyle brand.

And everything is stunning.

And each item is worth splurging on.

But unfortunately, their items aren’t always within our financial means.

Welcome, the duplicates.

Browse and purchase these Serena and Lily alternatives by clicking on the images provided below.

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1. Baxson Studio Karis Armchair

This rattan armchair is a remarkable replica of the Serena & Lily Balboa armchair.

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They are very similar chairs in every way except their price tag. The Serena & Lily chair is over twice as much!

I absolutely adore the way these chairs at the end of the dining table look! They also have a fantastic size that can be used as a desk chair.

2. Bornova Coffee Table

If you are searching for a coastal appearance, you should ask me for the perfect coffee table. That coffee table, named Bamileke Lilly & Serena Table Coffee, offers significant savings compared to others, saving you over 1,000 dollars. Additionally, this dupe coffee table has the same size as the one mentioned above.

3. Berea Armchair

The beautiful Lily and Serena start their journey at Chair House Beach with a price of $3,000. These two chairs have a similar style but cost thousands of dollars. However, there is an option to save money by choosing the Slouchy Berea Lounge Chair at Target, which is priced under $400.

I adore the Target choice for a living area, nook of a home workspace, or bedroom.

4. Pendant Made of Bamboo Weaving

This Serena & Lily bell pendant is an excellent alternative for the World Market pendant, and its size is ideal for hanging above an island or a small table.

To purchase the Serena & Lily knockoffs showcased in this post, simply click on the images below.

5. Lynwood Cushioned Cube

It is perfect for providing extra seating in an entryway or living room, next to a bed or under a console table or dresser! I love the Lynwood Target Cube Upholstered Square shown above and have saved it.

A cube $700 save to one non-swiveling take I but doesn’t, mine which swivels obviously Cube Swivel Harrison Lily & Serena The.

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6. Sorbaria Synthetic Leather Stool

If you go with the Amazon faux leather version, you can save $550 per stool compared to the original Lily & Serena dupe. This may be the best dupe of Lily & Serena on the list. Okay.

These stools are an ideal fit for storage underneath a console table. Additionally, in a living room, I appreciate them as additional seating. Moreover, when placed at the end of a bed, these stools make a perfect combination.

7. Sofia Barstool

You will save hundreds of dollars by comparing each stool on the Riviera Lily & Serena counter stool! This counter stool dupe is available from both Walmart and Home Depot.

I adore this chair for adding dimension to a kitchen counter.

8. Hofdeco Striped Cushion

Looking for an affordable option? The Amazon pillow cover, available in various colors, is priced below $25. If you’re interested in a cost-effective solution, consider Serena and Lily’s Surf Stripe Pillow. You can achieve a beachy vibe for your sofa or bed without breaking the bank, as it costs less than $100 per pillow cover.

Match the pillowcase with this cushion.

9. Safavieh Barstool

In comparison to the Serena and Lily Balboa Stool, the Amazon stool mentioned above is approximately $200 more affordable at the moment. Additionally, it is currently available in three different colors, which is a great alternative!

10. Oversized Seagrass Hanging Light

In my dining space, I have a pendant hanging above the dining nook, which I love. If there is anything I want to share with people, I can ask them where the pendant is from. I purchased the pendant from Target and it is shown in the picture above.

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It is unimaginable that the price of this pendant is significantly lower compared to the Palma Pendant from Serena & Lily.

11. Seagrass Basket with Lid

This is a dupe of the same size basket as Lily & Serena’s small size version, but at a fraction of the price.

You can find here the best storage baskets for stuffed animals. I have a complete roundup of baskets that are perfect for storing stuffed animals, in this way.

12. Checkered Pillow Case

If you’re looking to save some money, the Amazon version of the pillow cover is a more affordable option compared to the Serena and Lily one. Not only do you get two pillow covers for just over $100, but the Serena and Lily gingham pillow cover is also incredibly charming.

P.S. I adore these Amazon cushion inserts. Purchase a larger size for the insert!

13. Victor Necklace

I absolutely adore the Pendant Florentine loved by Lily and Serena. It would look absolutely perfect hanging above my island, and it is truly amazing. I can’t express enough how much I am willing to spend almost $1,000 on this pendant because it represents love to me.

The Chris Loves Julia Victor Pendant will save you over $600 a fixture! And, it comes in several color options. I’m sold!

14. Modway Circular Dining Table

It is a more affordable option compared to the Dining Table from Lakehouse & Lily Serena, which costs thousands of dollars! I love the dining nook in my home, and I have the 59″ version of the dining table shown above, which helps me save money.


You can purchase the picture of my dining area here, or by clicking the image below.


Review of the PB Comfort Sectional at Pottery Barn.

Discover the Campaign Desk and other furniture treasures under $400 at World Market.

The Top Jute Rug.

Browse the Serena and Lily knock-offs by clicking on the images below.

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