10 Beaches In Ho Chi Minh City To Visit In Vietnam On A Trip In 2023

  • Vung Tau: The Nearest Beach To Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • Long Hai: Offering an incredible panoramic view and lively beaches.
  • Ho Tram: Renowned For Coastal Trails And Camping.
  • Ho Coc Beach: Decorated With Stunning Landscape.
  • Doi Duong: Exploring Sand Dunes And the Beautiful Azure Sea.
  • Mui Ne: To Revitalize the Mind and Body.
  • Nha Trang: A Vibrant Coastline.
  • Phú Quốc: Unspoiled Beaches in Close Proximity to the City.
  • Con Dao: Scenic Coastlines.
  • Can Gio: Unique Black Sand Beaches.
  • 1. Vung Tau – The Closest Beach To Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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    This beach is known as Cap Saint-Jacques, and it is one of the best beaches in Ho Chi Minh City. Locals and tourists flock to this place for day trips and picnics, especially during weekends. The beach has shops, shacks, and cafes along the waterfront promenade, where you can rent kayaks, umbrellas, and loungers. It is the closest beach to Ho Chi Minh City and can be reached with a short and scenic 2-hour drive to Vung Tau.

    Distance from Ho Chi Minh City: 96 kilometers.

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    2. Long Hai – For An Incredible Vista And Buzzing Shores

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    Many famous restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City are located nearby. Numerous beach resorts, across all budgets, cater to travelers of all kinds near Ho Chi Minh City in Long Hai. This beach is one of the Ho Chi Minh City beaches that offers water sports facilities and is bustling with shacks, cafes, and hippie bars. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with its serene atmosphere and breathtaking views of the azure water and golden sand. After Vung Tau, the closest beach to Ho Chi Minh City is Long Hai, which is approximately 12 kms away from Vung Tau beach.

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    Distance from Ho Chi Minh City: 99 kilometers.

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    3. Ho Tram – Famous For Beach Trails And Camping

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    There are many resorts on the beach and beachfront where you can enjoy the beauty to the fullest and stay if you wish, but not many people generally plan day excursions to Tram Ho beach due to the distance between Ho Chi Minh City and Ho Chi Minh City. This beach has a nearby fishing village where people visit for sightseeing and trekking; Tram Ho is undoubtedly one of the most mesmerizing beaches in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, ideal for water sports like sunbathing, surfing, and swimming, with its azure sea, palm plantations, and sparkling white sand.

    Distance from Ho Chi Minh City: 113 kilometers.

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    4. Ho Coc Beach – Adorned With Picture-perfect Scenery

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    Swimming in deep-sea and participating in water sports at times when the sea is rough is not recommended. However, one can enjoy kayaking, sunbathing, and tasting the street food and cuisine of Vietnam at the local shacks on the beach. This beach, with its sparkling white sand, is labeled as one of the best beaches near Ho Chi Minh City and is considered another gem along the coastline of Ho Chi Minh City. It is known for its beautiful location, serenity, and quaint scenery.

    Distance from Ho Chi Minh City: 120 kilometers.

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    5. Doi Duong – Of Sand Dunes And Azure Sea

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    Situated adjacent to the shoreline, Doi Duong additionally showcases an Ocean Dunes Golf Course, accompanied by sand hills in the background. Rendering it a noteworthy destination, the journey from the urban center to this location is exceedingly picturesque and pleasurable. Therefore, taking the distance into account, this might not be the optimal beach option in close proximity to Ho Chi Minh City. Doi Duong serves as an exquisite beach retreat, bordering Phan Thiet- a stunning coastal town in Vietnam.

    Distance from Ho Chi Minh City: 192 kilometers.

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    6. Mui Ne – To Rejuvenate The Mind And Body

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    Are you planning a visit to Nha Trang, one of the best beaches near Ho Chi Minh City, for a relaxing and fun-filled weekend getaway? You can stay in any of the luxurious resorts and enjoy reading your favorite book, relaxing in the loungers, or engaging in thrilling water sports. You can also enjoy the photogenic sunset views and the beautiful surroundings of the beach.

    Distance from Ho Chi Minh City: 222 kilometers.

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    7. Nha Trang – A Buzzing Shore

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    Offering a plethora of water sports and beautiful beaches, Nha Trang never lets you feel bored. When you arrive here in the bustling coastline of City Minh Chi Ho, you will find numerous resorts, pubs, and shacks, making it a tough competition among other beaches in the city. Nha Trang is known as one of the most stunning beaches near City Minh Chi Ho, often referred to as the South China Sea Riviera.

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    8. Phú Quốc – Untouched Beaches Near The City

    Image Source…….If you’re looking for the best beaches near Ho Chi Minh City, then the Phu Quoc island is where you should be heading. Just a flight away from Ho Chi Minh, this island has some of the most splendid and untouched beaches in Vietnam. And you’ll find a range of activities to keep you busy at these beaches. From sipping pina coladas at lavish beach resorts on one beach to engaging in water sports in another, Phu Quoc will make you wish you could stay here forever!

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    The distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is 381 km.

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    9. Con Dao – Picturesque Shores

    Image Source…….Con Dao Islands may not be that close to Ho Chi Minh City in terms of distance, but they still are some of the most incredible beaches near Ho Chi Minh City. Constituting 16 uninhabited islets just off the southern coast of Vietnam, Con Dao is home to expansive shores dotted with evergreen trees. The main island on Con Dao was once the site of a French-run prison where Vietnamese locals involved in the independence movement were kept as prisoners. Today, however, these shores are famous for water sports like snorkelling, swimming, and diving. Some of Con Dao’s remote beaches around Ho Chi Minh also serve as turtle breeding sites.

    The distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is 230 kilometers.

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    10. Can Gio – Unusual Black Sand Beaches

    Image Source…….Con Gio is another low, palm-fringed island off Vietnam’s coast that has some of the best beaches close to Ho Chi Minh. It is famous for its extensive mangrove forest originating from the mouth of the Saigon River. Since the beaches have been formed with the thick black silt that washed downstream from this river, the islands here do not bear any white-sand beaches, but they are gorgeous all the same and visiting these will make up for some of the most offbeat and interesting things to do in Ho Chi Minh City. There are a few resorts that have sprung up along these murky shorelines and have already started receiving guests in large numbers.

    Distance from Ho Chi Minh City: 79 kilometers.

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    Today, consider organizing a journey to Vietnam! It must have sparked your interest in selecting Ho Chi Minh as your upcoming vacation spot, and we are confident that being aware of these shorelines within the metropolis. Exploring this seaside haven will elevate your trip to a whole new standard; the coastlines in Ho Chi Minh City are stunning, charming, and tranquil.

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